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Round 1 Ensign Riverview - Storms and Potential Damage

Oddas Aria

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((Embassy Grounds, Duronis II))

::Ceilidh looked at the people there. The captain, Allison, Stelin, as well as the Laudean Prime Minister. There was tension in the air, and Ceilidh wasn't too sure what to make of it. Out in space, aboard a Space ship during battle was one thing, but on the ground, that was completely different, and to be quite honest, more terrifying. When Daysa greeted both herself and Allison, there was a sad joy to his voice, as if he was happy to see them, realizing that this was per chance the last time they'd greet each other alive. It was a sorrow that sprank up from deep within, but there was also a hint of determination in that voice, that if at all possible, they'd not allow such a thing to happen.::

Daysa: The Laudean Militia has been taught to face their battles head on, and I feel certain that they will do the same here at the front gate. Before the night is over, your beautiful fountain will flow with their blood.

::The statement still made Ceilidh blanch. Water had always captivated her, ever since she could remember. It's hues of blues and greens evoked fond memories. Yet the idea of the fountain spitting up red water, tinted from blood was not an image she wanted to think about, less see with her own eyes. It seemed that no matter how 'civilized' people got, there was still a barbaric nature hiding deep within, raging to get out at the first opportunity. ::

Daysa: The thing that bothers me is them having vessels in space.

Stelin: If we had another ship, we could coordinate with it in order to keep the ship in orbit busy while we fight the ground troops.

::Samal’s stomach turned. He was right. ::

Frazier: I am sure that is why they are hitting us now. We can only assume they have been watching us a long time and know how we operate.

Stelin: Is there any way to get a message to the Thunder?

Frazier: And Star Base 118 is not able to send any ships to support either.

Allison: They are operating dark, both the Thunder and the Bronwyn...

Riverview: ::Looking at Frazier:: This could be the entire main reason as to why when I first arrived you stated that our ships are all out. This could have been their ploy the entire time, leave us unguarded in the hopes of taking over, without interference from Star Fleet. 

::It was plausible that all the recent activity was to get us vulnerable, so that the Prime Minister could be attacked and Starfleet wouldn't be there to aid, and could then potentially be blamed for not helping in time. Thankfully though, both the Thunder and Bronwyn were just above the planet, operating in darkness, and now just needed to be contacted. Stelin, Allison, and Martinez devised a way to communicate with them so that the Laudean attack force would be unaware of what was taking place. 

Daysa: ::Fielding the oncoming Militia and the arrival of Dr. Peji and the students:: No, they are here. I have an idea that may stop a battle or at least buy us some time.

::Ceilidh watched as Daysa went forward to speak with the others. It saddened her to know that she was right, that it had been someone closest to Daysa who had decided to betray him. What must it feel like to know that someone who you've let into your life, perhaps even your heart betray your trust and wish harm on not only you, but your family as well?:: 

Daysa: ::Raising his hand to quiet everyone:: Please allow me time to be heard. I know that you've come to overthrow the Laudean Government under my direction, and drive the Federation from Til'ahn.

::When Daysa put things into familia terms, it began to become more personal forr all that were there. The facial expressions began to change, and not everyone was as eager now as they were when they first marched up. Whipping up anger among a group is easy and takes rather little effort. But calming such an approaching storm, that was an art form, built on years of learning patience and wisdom.::

Daysa: The Federation have not come to invade us. They've come to preserve our way of life. The people you fight for are the invaders in league with the Romulan Tal' Shair. Surely you remember how our lives were changed under their rule. Our children starved, our women violated, and our Lomales enslaved. Is this the life you want to return? Is it the life you choose for your children and your children's children?

Abasi: That is not the life I want for my people

Daysa: Then lay down your arms and recall the vessels. And let's go home, to a life we can enjoy unfettered. 

Abasi: =/\= All units. This is Submarshal Abasi. Stand down. Return to base. Repeat, return to base.=/\=

:: The troops lowered their weapons and began to climb back into their transports::

Abasi: It is done, Prime Minister. If you wish to arrest me, I will be at my barracks...

::Now was the long road of healing that laid before all parties, and that included the Federation. There might not have been direct involvement in the reasons for the uprising this time, but they were mentioned as a source of resentment by some, and that needed to be resolved. ::

Riverview: ::Looking at Frazier:: If I may sir, I would like to work with Prime Minister Daysa and Submarshal Abasi ::looking at both Daysa and Abasi:: to help understand what lead up to these events, and help on the road to recovery. I believe that the Federation needs to be involved in this process, as we were mentioned as a point of contention. 

Ensign Ceilidh Riverview
Diplomatic Attaché
Duronis II Embassy - USS Thunder-A
ID number: C239209CR0

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