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Mercy mission turns into a three-way standoff

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ZETA PYXIDIS — The USS Za encountered a territorial Klingon ship and a zealous Deep warship during the crew’s mercy mission to cure the Deep’s deadly disease.

The Klingon bird-of-prey Krorgh arrived in the middle of the Za’s first contact with the Deep, an isolationist alien species who had approached the Federation for help with a deadly and incurable disease. However, while the Klingons initially acted hostile, both they and the Deep explained that they, too, had been invited by the Deep to assist with the disease.

A team from the Za, led by First Officer Trellis Vondaryan, accompanied an arbiter of the Deep to the bird-of-prey to pool resources and work as a group to find a cure. Unfortunately, the meeting was tense and outright violent at times and led the Deep’s arbiter to reject the Klingons’ help. This escalated nearly into open hostilities between the Za and the Klingon ship–until a Deep warship arrived.

“I don’t mind saying that I was frightened when that warship showed up,” said Lieutenant JG Seren Solzano, a security officer and the daughter of the Za’s commanding officer. “The Za is a tough ship, and I’ve seen birds-of-prey in action, but this ship was like nothing I’d ever seen.”

The Deep warship threatened both the bird-of-prey and the Za and tried to force both to work more quickly to develop a cure. Fleet Captain Zalea Solzano took a team over to the Deep warship herself to attempt to negotiate, but while it seemed like the team was making progress, the Deep warship fired unexpectedly on the Klingon ship, initiating a firefight between the two vessels.

However, when the Za and the original Deep ship both opposed the Deep warship alongside the Klingons, the warship stood down and allowed for a tense peace to resume. In that time, the bioscience team working on the Za successfully solved the puzzle of the Deep’s disease and produced a cure. With the cure transferred to the Deep from the Za, all parties departed the momentary peace, though not without some looking back over their collective shoulders.

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