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Lt. Aria Oddas: Vulcan Calvary


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Lt. Aria Oddas: Vulcan Calvary

(( USS Bronwyn, Bridge ))

oO You? Great, some sort of ship is out there stalking them. Oo

:: It seemed the feeling of unease was justified. ::

T’Mihn: Thank you for the sensor adjustments.  =/\= Thunder, Egon Spangler found a class five floating canine phantasm. =/\=

oO What the heck was all of that about? That can't be an actual sentence. Oo

Turner: =/\=Do what? :: pause ::Say Again! =/\=

Tiran: If it is the Tal Shiar, the speed is a rational choice. They are traveling at a lower warp speed to avoid detection. If we hadn’t made the sensor refinements, they’d be on top of us without us noticing at all.

T’Mihn:  Question is, what or whom is their target ,and were they aware of the other vessels demise. I'm guessing they are aware  and they weren't theirs or they'd be here weapons shooting in revenge.

:: The Commander looked towards the Romulans as if they were going to give some more information. ::

Bridge: Response

:: The Romulans looked uncomfortable and Aria understood it to a point.  There were Bajoran separatists after all and it was never pleasant to talk about them with outsiders.  Bajor, of course, had its own history with the Romulans from the Dominion war.  It wasn't always pretty but it wasn't as hostile as it appeared to be from some people on the bridge. ::

T'Mihn:   If Til'ahn is their target, we give them a new one.

Oddas: Commander, if I may, our previous plan with the Tachyon scan is still queued up and ready to go.  If we were to focus that on the cloaked ships, not only should it knock their weapons offline it should blind their sensors.  We maybe able to deploy sensor buoys and make it appear that there are several other craft in formation with us.

Bridge: Response

T'Mihn:  An idea to increase our numbers.

Oddas:  That's the idea, if the plan succeeds we'd have several minutes before they can cut through the sensor confusion and we'd be able to maneuver and attack at will.

Bridge: Response

:: The bridge erupted in more alerts and sounds, most of them tactical from the sound of it, as if they needed more tactical news to deal with. For not the first time this mission Aria wondered if she should have become something other than an Engineer, something other than the one responsible for just putting the ship back together when everything went to heck.   

She leaned on her station and looked at the screen someone had changed to focus on the new source of the new alerts.  She saw a ship that was vaguely familiar, the way something out of an ancient text or history text was familiar.  She couldn't quite

Oddas: What in the name of the prophets is that? :: she blushed a bit when she realized she was speaking speaking out loud.  Most humans, and other members of the Federation for that matter, spoke well of being accepting of various religious beliefs, but she had found they preferred it when you kept it to yourself. ::

Bridge: Response

oO Since when do Vulcans maintain their own warships? Isn't their official government position one of pacifism? Oo

Oddas: I'm guessing they are on our side? Three to five is a bit better odds than two to five, especially if that thing is armed the way I imagine ....

:: There was a a logic in not sending out a craft like that if you weren't going to arm it to the teeth. Perverse logic, but logic. Oddas had met quite a few Vulcans in her academy classes, it was probably why she was so surprised by the Vulcans she kept running into at the Embassy.  The Vulcans drawn to Engineering seemed to be drawn to the logic of machines and the way they fit together to form a working system.  Vulcans seemed to view machinery as a puzzle that could be solved, much as Aria did.  

Of course, they seemed to differ a lot to when Aria would mash unrelated things together to get something brand new or unexpected, even her logical instructors were sometimes caught off guard during training exercises when they found themselves admitting her way would work, even if it wasn't what they had expected. She had liked her Vulcan peers and instructors, they often forced her to calm down and remember that she was in a position to do things right and the people around her were not there to make her like harder.  Indeed they had often reminded her that the people around her wanted her to succeed.

She knew this new Vulcan ship would be out there and it would be loaded for to help the Bronwyn accomplish its mission,  that would be its logical, driven, purpose. ::

Bridge: Response

Oddas: If we can coordinate our plan with the Vulcan cruiser we potentially have the ability to knock out most of the warbirds, especially if they stay in the sensor shadows.  We can help make sure the rescue team has as clean a getaway as possible.

Bridge: Response


Lieutenant Oddas Aria
Chief Engineering Officer
Duronis II Embassy - USS Thunder-A - 70605-A
ID number: E239305OA0
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