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Historic USS Venture shines at Khitomer Accords centennial celebration

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KHITOMER — The Federation and Klingon Empire marked the centennial anniversary of the monumental Khitomer Accords with festivities, speeches, and a spectacular parade of ships.

The Khitomer Centennial celebrations took off with a bang, crowds flocking to the relevant viewing docks to score good seats for the ship parade, featuring the Klingon Empire and the Federation’s finest vessels, historical and otherwise, march forward in perfect cohesion. The featured Federation starship at the parade was the original Constitution class USS Venture, which left the Sol system for the first time since she was decommissioned over a hundred years ago.

Under the leadership of Captain Roshanara Rahman and Lieutenant Commander Walker, crews of the Invicta Expedition had worked tirelessly over the last month to get the ship, which had been sitting in orbit of Luna as a museum, ready for departure.

“The crews of the Invicta and the Syracuse have done a fantastic job restoring her,” said Invicta’s first officer Lieutenant Commander Tristam Core. “We had a month to get her together, and with no major disasters, we’re both proud and happy about the outcome. It was a lot of sweat and hard work on everyone’s part.”

With Captain Rahman acting as commanding officer, members of both the Syracuse and Invicta’s senior staves combined to crew the century-old vessel, dressed in era-appropriate uniforms. Despite questions about the Venture’s relevance to the signing of the Khitomer Accords, which occurred in 2293, the Klingon Empire’s representatives had officially requested both restoration of the vessel for the celebrations and Rahman’s presence.

The ceremony closed with rousing speeches from Federation President Narala and Klingon Chancellor Daeshon. With a swig of bloodwine, retired Klingon Ambassador Chatok told an important story of unity between the Federation and Klingons working together – namely with a tale of Rahman’s ancestor and the crew of the USS Venture coming to the aid of a Klingon ship approximately 126 years ago. Despite records stating the Venture was on the other side of the quadrant at the time of the incident, Commander Kinan of Starfleet Administration declined to comment on the matter.

With the festivities almost over, the crew of the Venture will be returning the vessel to her original position back at her museum cradle. Barring any unexpected delays, the Venture Museum should once again be open for crowds within the fortnight.

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