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Would you use a Transporter?


Would you use a Transporter?   

10 members have voted

  1. 1. Would you use a Transporter?

    • Yes, Beam me to wherever I need to go!
    • Umm.. No I don't trust that idea.
    • Yes, If I’m assured It’s me that steps out of the other side.
    • I’d wait a few years for the the device to be proven then consider it then.
    • Another take on how you would react? Tell us below in the comments!

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With recent scientific breakthroughs in particle transportation the Transporter as seen in star trek is closer to reality than ever. If it were perfected in your lifetime would you use it? 

So many questions and implications to consider. What about the Heisenberg uncertainty principle? The computing power and sheer digital storage space required to store every tiny piece of information about whatever or whomever is being transported. Does it kill you and produce a copy of you on the other side? Would you want to wait until it has been in use for some time before you tried it. With all of these of these ethical questions you would be presented with the decision would not be a simple.

So if you were alive to see the use of the Transporter becoming a reality we ask; Would you use it? 

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I'm behind the curve when it comes to technology. It means I never have the top-of-the-line item, but does mean I get to benefit from reviews and updates when I finally get around to catchin up with everyone else!

in this case, all those messy transporter accidents will have been dealt with after a few years and then I'd be happy to try.

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