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Shi'lar - Fear

Oddas Aria

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((Guest Quarters, USS Thunder-A, Deck 3))

Shi'lar: :: turning to Savan again:: Why would I need such a guard? You should not concern yourself with that duty. They will not kill me.

::Savan was fascinated by her confidence.::

Savan: How can you be sure?

Shi'lar: ::confused again:: I'm not sure how I know that, other than they need me. My captors were told not to harm me. But when I refuse to tell them anything they carried things too far and I almost died until I was rescued.

Savan: Would you have ever told them what they wanted to know?

Shi'lar: Worla! Not until I'm sure . . . Minister Varaal must approve.

Savan: Approve of what?

:: Again she responded that she didn't know. Somehow the reasons behind his questions alluded her. ::

::At that time, Savan’s comm badge went off.::

:: Shi'lar occupied herself, standing in front of the Kol-Ut-Shan, but she listened to the conversation.::

Ryan: :: =/\= Counsellor Ryan to Lt. Savan. =/\=

::Savan recognized the name, though they had not yet met. It was the new Terran counselor who had tried to enter Shi’lar’s room at the medical building, according to the security reports. He raised his eyebrow.::

Savan: =/\= Counselor, this is Lt. Savan… =/\=

Ryan: =/\= Doctor T'Leira and I are wondering if this would be a good time to attend to our guest? =/\=

::Counselors had their way of being insistent. Savan chose to be polite but formal.::

Savan: =/\= I will need to confirm this with Admiral Turner, but I believe so. =/\=

Ryan: =/\= Alright then. Ryan out. =/\=

::Shi’lar seemed concerned.::

Shi’lar: ::staring at him quizzically :: Who was that? 

Savan: That was the ship’s counselor. I believe you may have met him. Do you remember?

Shi’lar: ::pondering the question for a moment:: How many counselors does the ship have?  I met one the day I met you, and later, I met another in sickbay, but Conners and his Marines threw him out of my room for bothering me.

Savan: He and one of the ship’s doctors would like to see how you are doing medically.

::Savan was not certain how Shi’lar felt about this news.::

Shi’lar: Oh, then I will see them. The doctors have treated me very well, and this will give me an opportunity to thank at least one of them them. 

Savan: I will need to check with Admiral Turner to verify they may proceed.

Shi’lar: Why? I have given my permission.

Savan: I prefer to take a conservative approach.

Shi'lar: I see. Okay, if you must. 

::With Shi’lar’s approval, Savan hit his comm badge.::

Savan: =/\= Lt. Savan to Admiral Turner =/\=

::There was no response. Just a quiet static.

Savan: =/\= Admiral Turner, this is Lt. Savan. Please respond. =/\=

::Savan became concerned. He saw that Shi’lar was observing him.::

::Savan quickly went over to the quarter’s terminal.::

Savan: Computer, activate station terminal, clearance Savan-Delta-Five-Three-Tango.

::Instead of activating as usual, the display turned erratic. Shi’lar turned to him.::

Shi’lar: ::hinting her fear:: What's wrong?

Savan: I am not certain. I ran a full set of security protocols beforehand.

Savan: =/\= Lt. Savan to Security =/\=

::Once again, no response. Savan took out his tricorder.

Shi'lar: ::her worry intensifying :: Is this usual?

Savan: I am detecting an odd power signature in a nearby EPS power junction.

Shi’lar: ::Unfamiliar with Starfleet terminology:: What does EPS mean?

Savan: It appears that someone has left a gift for us…

::Savan ran over to an engineering panel. He was a security officer, not an engineer.::

Shi’lar: ::his swiftness alerted her to his concern about the gift. :: What are you doing?

Savan: I am trying to determine if this is a system overload or something else. Unlike most Vulcans, science and engineering is not a favorite subject of mine... I am trying to divert power to another junction.

::Then he heard the door chime going off. Apparently, that system had not been disabled.::

:Shi’lar appeared concerned.::

Shi’lar: Should I answer it? 

Savan: It may be the counselor… or someone else. Shi’lar, please get behind me.

::As Savan drew his phaser, Shi'lar did as he told her. Placing her hands on his sides so he would know where she was.::

Savan: Is that you, Counselor?

::Savan was not certain if the door intercom was working.::

Savan: Counselor Ryan?

::Shi’lar’s face began to grow serious.::

::Savan’s Vulcan hearing allowed him to detect a Terran voice on the other side, a supposition verified by his tricorder. He decided to try his luck and pound on the door. If anything Savan could pull the door apart... or blast it open, though that would be far less elegant..::

Ryan: Lieutenant, ::He leaned and shouted at the door.:: is everything okay? 
MSPNPC Shi'lar
Simmed by
Rear Admiral Toni Turner
Commanding Officer
Embassy Duronis II - USS Thunder NCC - 70605-A

Author ID number: E238209TT0
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