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MSNPC Lazlo - Lost Luggage


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((Dagorin VI - Underground Bunker))

:: Lazlo sat back in his chair, arms crossed over his chest, and waited impatiently for word from Urian and Gaixor. Their last transmission indicated an encounter with Starfleet, and he was anxious to know if they'd been able to deal with the intruders. ::

Peon: Mister Lazlo, sir!

:: Lazlo spun his seat around, his face a combination of anger at the interruption and relief for a distraction. He eyed the short human. The man's skin looked pale and clammy, and he held the handle of a large metal case resting on the floor. ::

Lazlo: What is it?

Peon: Sir, I brought the package you were expecting.

:: Lazlo shot out of the chair and hoisted the case easily in one hand. :: oO The delivery didn't even register on sensors. Looks like Brenda did well this time. Oo

Peon: ::swaying slightly:: On the way back I was bitten by some kind of weird rabbit thing, sir.

:: Lazlo was faintly aware of some kind of buzzing behind him, but his attention was focused on the case. He nodded absently in vague acknowledgement. ::

Lazlo: Mm hmm.

:: The human looked at the bite marks on his arm, showing angry red with black lines beginning to spider outward. ::

Peon: I think it might be infected.

Lazlo: Good, good.

Peon: I'd like to visit the sick bay, sir.

Lazlo: Glad to hear it.

:: The man shuffled off unnoticed while Lazlo popped the clasps on the case. His anticipatory smile became a frown when he looked inside. ::

((short  timeskip))

Brenda: Totally Legit Business secret lair, how can I...oh, Mister Lazlo! I've been working on my greeting, do you like it?

Lazlo: ::scowling into the communications terminal:: Brenda.

Brenda: Yes sir?

Lazlo: About the clothes you sent me.

Brenda: I sent you the warmest looking thing in your office. Is something wrong?

:: In response Lazlo silently held the open case up to the screen. ::

Brenda: Oh. That's...not what I took from your office.

Lazlo: It certainly is not. Where are my clothes, Brenda?

Brenda: I, uh...there must have been some kind of mix-up.

(( Risa, Taiz Resort, Diva Suite ))

:: D'ghash wouldn't normally wear make-up, but tonight was a special case. Tonight the Klingon woman would accompany Lassk, a member of Saurian royalty, to a one-night-only performance of Saurian opera. Lassk, she had come to find, had very specific tastes when it came to his companions, and D'ghash would have to meet his expectations if she hoped to get close enough to carry out her mission. Now she sat on the bench in front of her room's vanity mirror, rolling her eyes as her date pounded on the door for what had to be the tenth time. ::

Lassk: Are you almost ready my dear?

D'ghash: Almost! You'll just have to be patient!

:: She pursed her lips in disgust at the thought of hanging on the lizard man's arm all night. At least this would be the last time she'd ever have to see him. ::

Lassk: Hurry, my darling! The anticipation is killing me!

D'ghash: ::chuckling:: oO If you only knew. Oo

:: Her makeup perfect, she stood from the table and crossed the room to the garment case on her bed. She carefully opened it and frowned in confusion, lifting the clothing up to examine it. This was certainly not what she had requested. She cursed silently. It was too late to find something else to wear, and if Lassk was displeased it could jeopardize the entire operation. Again came the pounding. ::

Laask: I simply cannot wait any longer! I'm coming in!

:: D'ghash was out of options. She quickly donned the garment from the case. As the door opened she spun to face Laask wearing a heavy dark-green knit sweater with "REPTILIANS DO IT IN COLD BLOOD" emblazoned across the front in white letters. Laask stopped in his tracks and regarded D'ghash with a slack-jawed stare. ::

Laask: Oh, my. How....

:: Just as the Klingon started to think the night was ruined, Laask's mouth curled into a lascivious grin. ::

Laask: ...provocative!

((Dagorin VI - Underground Bunker))

Brenda: ::smiling cheerfully:: On the bright side, that should keep you nice and warm!

Lazlo: Yes. This and my incandescent rage will keep me warm.

Brenda: Good! Is there anything else I can help you with?

:: Lazlo sat in silence for long seconds, his left eye twitching noticeably. ::

Lazlo: No, Brenda.

Brenda: Ok, call if you need anything else!

:: Lazlo sat perfectly still save for his twitching eye for several minutes after the screen went blank. ::

Orion Syndicate Overseer

Lieutenant Jerome Milsap
Assistant Chief Medical Officer
USS Constitution-B

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