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JP Captains Jalana Rajel & Selene Faranfey - Messages


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(( Jalana’s Quarters - USS Constitution )) 

:: The evening had been enjoyable, as Jalana spent it with her senior officers in SB 11’s own vintage Bowling Alley to celebrate promotions and the handing out of Service Ribbons. She loved that part of her job, it was one of our favourites. To see the smile and pride in people’s eyes the moment she rewarded them for their hard work. She preferred to not do it in ceremonies but in between to make it real surprises, but every now and then a party was just the right place. And seeing T’Mar handing out the Ribbons -as reward for her great work during the mission in Jalana’s absence- made her realize that T’Mar would eventually become her own Captain one day. Though she hoped that to be some time away, just as much as she was excited for her to take that step. :: 

:: Now that the party was over she returned to her quarters, tired but happy. But as life played its cards, the happiness did not last long. As she stepped into the darkness of her room, the memory of her Romulan visit flashed through her mind. A juicy Trill curse left her lips. She hadn’t contacted Selene yet. To be honest she had entirely forgotten about it until now, thanks to the sudden events of her father’s heart attack. :: 

:: Knowing herself, she was aware that if she went to sleep now she’d forget it in the morning, so after turning on the light in the living room she stepped to her desk and plopped down in the chair behind it. Rubbing her eyes she leaned back. :: 

Rajel: Computer. Open connection to Captain Selene Faranfey, USS Doyle. 

(( Captain's Ready Room, Deck 1, USS Doyle-A ))

:: Selene was reeling after the loss of her friend, and now she needed to put in a notification to the next of kin. Not to mention she didn't have a First Officer now, Cody had an emergency that he needed to tend to, and didn't know how long it would take. ::

:: When her screen lit up with an incoming message from the Constitution, specifically from the Captain and her friend, Jalana. The accept button was pressed without much thought. ::

Faranfey: Good evening Jalana.

Rajel: Hey Selene. Looks like you have a lot on your plate. 

Faranfey: Much to the dismay of Alex. I worry he'll forget my face by the time I am done the pile of work on my desk.

:: For a brief second she wondered if Sun had taken Alexander with her, but then she remembered having met Alexander Bishop before. That sounded very much like there was something between Selene and that Alex. She would have to ask about that later. :: 

Rajel: What happened? From what I know you work off your things as they come up. :: As if that was always possible. Jalana herself had a pile to work through left, despite being back all day. That might be because she spent most of that day with Jerry on SB 11 instead of working.. :: 

Faranfey: It all piled up, we ended up forced into a slumber by a non-corporeal entity, and my FO had an emergency, so it's all on me. But it's late, and you called me. What's up?

Rajel: Well first, I have missed that opportunity for a while but congratulations to your new rank. It's good to finally see you receive what you deserve.

Faranfey: Thank you, I guess this is what happens when best friends are Captains, different parts of the galaxy earning our promotions... Congratulations on yours as well, by the way.

Rajel: ::grinning:: Thank you. It's oddly comforting to share that with you. ::chuckling::

Faranfey: You didn't just get notice of my promotion and need to congratulate me, did you? Of course that's not a bad reason for a call though. I know if you hadn't called, I would have contacted you, but you first.

:: The Trill nodded, leaning back slightly. She wondered about where to start. That Romulan she had found in her quarters had been a quite impressionable event, not only because of the mystery how she had found a way to get in, but also because of what she had said. Jalana had even considered that hallucations played tricks on her, but the activity in the log busted that. But nobody could say where it had come from. ::

Rajel: Well you are right. That's not the only reason I called. I had a visitor a few days ago and she asked me to give you a message.

Faranfey: A visitor, with a message for me? That's strange. Who?

Rajel: A Romulan, she didn’t give me her name, but it appears that she comes from your time. 

:: Selene's eyes narrowed, it couldn't be. The only Romulan that came to her mind that knew who she was and was from her time, had died trying to save them. For a moment she thought it wasn't possible, but then she thought about her situation, and that of John Nugra, and took a deep breath. ::

Faranfey: I might know her then, but I'd need more information. What was her message?

Rajel: ::Leaning slightly forward:: Selene, what is the Eye of the Harbinger? 

Faranfey: Wait, what? Repeat that?

:: Selene had to make sure the woman said what she thought she said. If she did, then the message had to have come from Shiarreal, as they had discussed in great detail the Eye, and even chased leads on it for a time. Before survival was the only course of action they could take, and the Eye was moot. ::

Rajel: The Eye of the Harbinger. I have never heard of it but you apparently should know about it. What is it?

Faranfey: It's a way to focus energy between dimensions. Why?

Rajel: The woman didn’t tell me anything, but she said to tell you that it isn’t a myth. It’s real. 

Faranfey: Did she give you any more information?

Rajel: ::Shaking her head.:: No, nothing else. At least not about that. 

:: Getting the information that it was real, in the world the way it was currently, was a bit disturbing to her, but she tried not to let it rattle her. ::

Faranfey: Thank you for the information.

Rajel: Of course. I’m sorry it took me so long, but I had other things on my mind that suddenly came up. You look tired.

:: Selene nodded, she had almost forgotten that she also had news. She felt like she was in a constant shift, losing one close friend, finding out another was alive. If she dwelled on it, it would be too much. Especially having to deal with the emotions all the time, but she couldn't dwell, and that's why the nightmares came. ::

Faranfey: We lost Colonel Nugra in the line of duty, I still have to notify his next of kin, so it's not public knowledge yet.

:: The words hit Jalana like a fist in the stomach and her mind went blank. She opened her mouth a few times but closed it again as words escaped her every time. :: 

Rajel: That… that is impossible. He was here not that long ago. 

Faranfey: I know, sometimes I feel that way too. I mean I was there with him before it happened, he was fine, his normal protective Gorn self. And then he was gone.

:: Jalana swallowed. She knew how dangerous life in Starfleet could be. But it always hit others, not yourself. Just like illnesses and tragedies. What a silly thought. She knew more than many how untrue that was. Her friend was dead. She tried to take a deep breath, but it came out as a mere shudder. :: 

Rajel: How did it happen? 

Faranfey: That slumber we all took, it was forced upon us by a being who needed help, he was being attacked by memory parasites that were trying to wipe away his existence. In order to conserve his energy, he forced them into a dream state. :: She paused for a moment to take a breath, everything was in a report she could easily forward over to her friend, but reading it from a report was so stale. She sighed before she continued. :: Unfortunately we got too close, and he pulled us all in as well. Once we were in the dream, we were stuck. The being, we called him Lucky, couldn't release us without releasing the parasites and dying. So we need to devise some sort of distraction. There were only two of us with the memories that would be able to distract the parasites.

Rajel: And he was one of the two? 

Faranfey: I had already lived my life, I survived the Hunger, and it was my crew we were trying to save, it seemed appropriate to me. Nugra disagreed. We debated it for as long as we could before the parasites found us in the dream and attacked Lucky again. Nugra leapt into action, and Lucky released his hold on us...

Rajel: But it was a dream.. 

Faranfey: We woke up to find him gone. :: She was still investigating how he had been on the bridge one moment and then dead in the Marine area. :: I was as shocked as you are. :: Selene was leaving out details, like her begging for Lucky to save Nugra, and the alternative Nugra, but they weren't necessary to repeat. ::

::Sighing Jalana ran a hand through her hair. She couldn’t believe that he was gone. :: 

Rajel: Will there be a funeral? 

Faranfey: I believe so, if Nugra's daughter doesn't plan one, I will.

Rajel: ::nodding:: Just let me know when and I’ll see that I come. And… I’m sorry. I know he was a close friend to you. How is Sun taking it?

Faranfey: Oh... I haven't told her yet... That's going to be a tough conversation.

:: Her other self, more sensitive and sweet, but was also close friends with Nugra. While Selene's Nugra was long dead, she had bonded with Sun's Nugra as well, now they were both gone. And even though Selene was envious of how easy the younger self had things, she didn't like the idea of having to relay the news. Her brother would be a more suitable choice, as he catered more to the younger version of her. ::

Rajel: Please tell her I’m sorry. 

Faranfey: :: She looked at her friend, not sure what to say. Finally settling on the easiest. :: I will. :: Selene then turned her thoughts to her curiosity on why Jalana and Sun weren't talking, wondering if something happened. ::

:: There was a silence, filled with thoughts, what-ifs and memories. With the whole talk about death, a fracture of the conversation with the Romulan found its fleeting way back into the Trill’s mind and she just had to ask. :: 

Rajel: The woman, the Romulan… she called me a legend. 

:: It took Selene a moment to adjust to the sudden change of subject, they were now back on the Romulan, and her message. ::

Faranfey: Yes.

Rajel: Do you remember when you told me that I… your Jalana is dead? ::Just talking about it sent chills down her back. She heard once that it meant someone walked over her grave. Maybe there was a bit of truth to that, she wouldn’t know. The thought that she would die somewhere remote without Rajel going to the next host just sat ill with her. :: 

Faranfey: I remember. :: She inhaled deeply, this was not the conversation she wanted to have, thinking about three close friends that she lost. While she still had an alternate version of one of them in front of her, it still pained her to think of Jalana's death. It was another trade for her life, so many traded for her life. ::

Rajel: Well, she said I died trying to get a message out. In the Hokela System. I know you can’t tell me details and with all that has changed with your coming here it might not even happen, but… ::A thought filled pause passed with Jalana lowering her eyes to her hands..:: was that message important? Did it get where it was supposed to arrive? ::Another pause in which she looked up.:: Was it worth it?

Faranfey: It got where it was supposed to go... she saved lives. 

:: Selene thought about her friend, the one from her future. When she last spoke to Jalana, she told the truth, she had never seen Jalana again, but that didn't mean they didn't keep tabs. Jalana lost Viktor the same way that she lost Andy. She didn't know what happened to her friend's child, it was something that didn't come up in messages between the two of them. It was the last message that her friend wanted to know about. The one that allowed Starbase 118 to try to get civilians out while pulling in reinforcement ships. The one that prevented the battle from being a massacre that only lasted hours, instead the Federation put in a gallant effort that lasted days. The ship Selene was on, USS Victory carried a number of civilians away to safety. It was likely that message that kept Selene alive, instead of fighting on the front line against the monsters, but she didn't have it any easier, having to euthanize several of her crew after finding out they were infected. :: 

:: The knot in her throat did not dissolve, but knowing that she had died saving lives added relief. If Rajel couldn’t be saved, it was a little comfort to know that it had not been in vain. It was strange. Logically she knew that it was a different universe and that things did not necessarily come this way in this one, but it was still her. Jalana sunk back into her chair with a long exhale. :: 

Rajel: That is good. 

:: She did not expect Selene to tell her anything more, just in case it could happen again, so she was surprised when her friend continued. :: 

Faranfey: Remember what I said about the battle of Starbase 118? Remember when you found out about me... I wasn't at the battle, I had to battle hunger infected people on the USS Victory. :: She stopped, her brother's ship was pulled in as reinforcements to the station, something she didn't want to mention to her friend, it wouldn't be fair to lay that burden on her. It was the right decision, no matter how much Selene had hurt because of the loss. ::

Rajel: Yes, I remember. That must have been difficult. 

Faranfey: The Jalana of my future, was important to so many people. Even when things were bleak, she still saved lives. But, even if she hadn't, Jal, she was important to me. :: Her eyes started tearing up, she swallowed and shook her head before continuing. :: You are important to Sundassa and I. Don't doubt yourself.

:: Seeing that look in Selene’s eyes made Jalana’s throat close up. She wanted to be right there in person and hug her, hold her friend and tell her that everything would be alright. But she was many light years away, so that wasn’t possible. She still couldn’t stop her hand from reaching out and touching the screen as she felt the familiar tingle in her nose. :: 

Rajel: You and Sun are very important to me too. WIthout you I wouldn’t be here any more. 

:: There was a moment of silence as Selene tried to think about what that meant. There were a few times that Selene remembered pulling her friend back from the brink before they got separated. ::

Faranfey: Do you mean that time we went through the gate and you were inadvertently poisoned?

Rajel: Sun can tell you the whole story. Things with Viktor went a whole lot different in this universe. 

Faranfey: I remember you told me that much, but it seems like a sore spot.

:: Jalana raised her hand and rubbed over the bridge of her nose, yawning slightly, before blushing. :: 

Rajel: Sorry, it was a long but good day. I should get some sleep. 

:: Selene nodded, she was right, it seemed like the topic touched a nerve. She'd have to look up what happened with Viktor, last time she was too preoccupied with getting back to Alex before he forgot he asked her out. ::

Faranfey: I understand, you get some rest, I still have a lot of work to do. Good thing I am used to long periods of wakefulness. :: She laughed. Long periods of being awake was alright, but avoiding sleep would do her no good. :: After that slumber, I am not exactly anxious to get back to it. Goodnight Jalana.

:: Jalana was about to cut the connection, when something else popped into her mind and she leaned forward. :: 

Rajel: Sun… ::She prefered to call her friend by her real name, even though Selene might be just as real to her as her birth name by now. :: … please be careful. She said that Sentinels have their eye on you. I don’t know who they are but it doesn’t sound safe. 

Faranfey: Sentinels? I'll keep my eyes and ears open. Thank you for the warning.

:: Jalana nodded and placed a hand on the screen. :: 

Rajel: Talk to you soon. 

Faranfey: Of course. Get some sleep, I'll talk to you soon.

(( Jalana’s Quarters - USS Constitution )) 

:: After that the connection ended and the screen changed back to the rotating Starfleet emblem. This conversation had been a rollercoaster, full of ups and downs. The loss of Nugra stung in her chest, but knowing that her friend knew what to look out for and hopefully stay safe was a relief. She also had learned more about her future self, that might never happen. What was meant to be a message for her friend, a quick and simple call had turned out to be more complex.:: 

:: After the long day with her date with Jerry and the bowling evening with her crew, not to forget this call now, she felt tired and pushed herself from the big desk chair. As she passed the living room table on the way to the bedroom, she spotted a few PADDs lying on the ground. Furrowing her brows she bent and picked them up. She could have sworn she’d kept them on her desk before leaving. Well, maybe seeing Jerry at the time had made her careless and she didn’t notice them fall… all the way to the table. :: 

Rajel: Computer, was anyone in my rooms while I was gone?

Computer: Negative.

:: Jalana shrugged slightly and placed the PADDs on the table and headed to the bedroom. She’d better get some sleep. Her mind was clearly playing tricks on her. :: 


Captain Selene Faranfey
Commanding Officer
USS Athena, NCC-97780

Academy Commandant - Starbase 118 Academy
Executive Council - Captain At Large
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Captain Jalana Rajel
Commanding Officer
USS Constitution B

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