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USS Gorkon officially declared lost with all hands

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MENTHAR CORRIDOR — Starfleet has called off the search for the USS Gorkon, missing since earlier this year.

After vanishing without a trace, the USS Gorkon, a Sovereign class starship assigned to patrol the Menthar Corridor, has officially been declared lost with all hands. The Gorkon, commanded by Captain Quinn Reynolds, disappeared with no apparent signs of trouble or debris to be found.

“It is a sad day for all of us here at Starfleet Command, and one we all hoped would never come,” said Commodore Nathaniel Sanderson of the Starfleet communications department during his daily briefing yesterday. “But after weeks of searching and finding nothing, we have been left with no other alternative. The Gorkon has been declared lost.”

First Officer’s Personal Log, Stardate 239304.30

I thought I knew what frustration was, but our recent experience with this Ferengi ship and her captain have proven that thought wrong.

After our encounter with the Dominion fleet and the subsequent destruction of the USS Triumphant, we were able to track down this spacefaring casino called the Helase. In what I consider a brilliant moment of thought, Captain Reynolds reached out to the captain of the Helase and managed to arrange shore leave for our crew aboard the vessel, while at the same time managing to arrange a few meetings with the casino’s proprietor in an effort to trade for the components we need to fully repair the Gorkon.

That’s where the frustration is coming from. I’ve recently learned that there is a reason Ferengi are so good in business matters: they never give in. The captain’s talks with this Mot fellow have all come up short, he simply wants us to give up too much to get what we need. At this rate, things seem like we will be better off finding components on our own aboard some derelict ship or station somewhere.

Aboard the ship things are a little better. The integration of the Triumphant’s crew with our own has begun. While they claim to be Starfleet officers, they are a little rough around the edges for my own taste. But I guess that’s what so many years being out on your own will get you. I guess we will just have to learn to work together for however long they stay with us.

Maybe some of these social gatherings that have been happening, like the one over in the casino the other day, will do us all good and we can start to form better interpersonal skills with our alternate universe selves. Maybe.

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