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All eyes on the Starfleet Annual Ball

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DEEP SPACE 285 — The Starfleet Annual Ball on Deep Space 285 was the place to be this month, with the rescued crew of the USS Doyle-A attending as guests of honor.

Hosted by Captain Shelther Faranster, the event celebrated the return of the Doyle crew after being stranded on Pariah. As all uniforms were prohibited, everyone showed up impeccably dressed in fashions from across the Federation and beyond. One standout outfit was a tuxedo kilt worn by Andorian Lt. Commander Tal Tel-ar.

There were many exciting developments at the ball, including two engagements, both from the Doyle’s medical team. Dr. Alexander Bishop proposed to Captain Faranfey, following a year-long romance. Much more surprising was the engagement of Dr. Brandon Craig to Lt. JG Cassandra Ezi. Both proposals were met with much applause and celebration by the other guests. The commanding officer of the Doyle, Captain Selene Faranfey, also gave out awards and promotions to the battered Doyle crew.

On a darker note, it is rumored that a newly promoted Lt. JG Michelle Tonston had her drink tampered with by a spurned ensign. It is believed that in a drugged stupor, Tonston amorously accosted several members of her new crew, including kissing the newly-engaged Dr. Bishop. Thanks to a quick response by both the crew of the Doyle and DS285’s personnel, she was saved and the attacker was captured.

“I’m not going into detail about an ongoing investigation, but our command crew handled the situation extremely well,” said security officer Dana Clair. “The suspect will be dealt with as soon as security finishes their investigation.”

Captain Shelther Faranster was approached about the rumors of people having been drugged at the ball.

“There was an isolated incident, in which the culprit has been apprehended. After an investigation, it was determined there was no further danger to anyone else,” he said.

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