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Captain Selene Faranfey - Surprise!

Sabrina Holly

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(( Captain's Ready Room, Deck 1, USS Doyle-A ))
:: After she got off the call with Alex's parents she stood and stretched, and then she paced, trying to figure out what to say to her own. Somehow "Surprise" didn't cut it, and she didn't have time, or the authorization to give them the full story. It would be stupid of her to think they wouldn't recognize her, she was their daughter, biologically, even if she wasn't from this timeline. ::
:: It was about thirty minutes, a broken vase and a fit of hyperventilation later that she sat down at her desk, fixed her hair and decided to just do it. Regardless of how she was going to do it, it wasn't going to get any easier for her. ::
:: She opened the comm channel to her parent's house in Antosia, and waited for what seemed like forever. At one point, she almost hung up, her hand moving to push the button to close the call. But that was when a familiar face came on screen. ::
Faranfey: Yogar!
:: The man on the screen looked at her for a moment, as if he got caught in the middle of trying to say something but changed his mind. He looked closer at the screen. ::
Y Faranster: I just talked to you a month ago, you sure got aged quickly. Are you on a special assignment? I heard sometimes they do that when you are on assignment, change your appearance...
Faranfey: Yogar, is mom or dad around?
:: It was easier to refer to them as such, as that was what they were, and he wouldn't understand him calling them Mindysta and Teem. ::
Y Faranster: Mom is, dad is on a business trip, :: there was a pause :: if it's important enough, he wouldn't mind being patched in for you.
:: As she had been a daddy's little girl as a child, she knew this was true, but would he understand why? He might hang up. He needed prepping, prepping she couldn't do and he wasn't home to hear it with her mom and brother, so he might think it was a joke. ::
Faranfey: It's important, but you might have to prepare him for it. Can you get mom?
:: She watched as he paused again, staring at the screen skeptically, wondering what he would need to prep his father for. Unlike her older brother, she knew he wouldn't take the blame for anything of her doing, so he might decide to patch him in any way. ::
Faranfey: Please. Listen, I am not pregnant, and I am not suddenly married. I have all my limbs, my health is good. So, just get mom already.
:: He disappeared from the screen and she took a few deep breaths, this was the moment. She was finally reuniting with her parents. Or at least one of them, for now. A moment later her brother returned with her mother. ::
M. Faranster: Alright, so what's going on. :: Waving a hand around her face as she spoke the next words. :: And what's up with the new look?
Faranfey: Mom... I don't know how to tell you this. You just don't open with it usually. I suppose I could show you. :: She wondered if patching Sun in would work. :: But I am on the USS Doyle-A, Sundassa is on the USS Constitution-B. I am a Captain, she is still only a Commander. I run this ship, she's still in sickbay.
M. Faranster: Is this for your assignment, Yo told me you were on assignment.
Faranfey: Mom, there's two of us... I am biologically your daughter, I am biologically Sundassa, but I am not Sun. I crossed a barrier and got stuck here. :: That was simplifying things a great deal, hopefully helping her mom understand. :: I am 54, she is 31.
:: Selene was trying to spell it out, Yogar's face showed comprehension and shock, but her mother seemed oblivious as normal. ::
M. Faranster: Nonsense sweetie, I know when I gave birth to you.
:: Her brother turned their mom to face him, this was big news and it was going to be hard to make her mom understand. ::
Y. Faranster: Mom, she's from a different dimension or something. She's not our Sundassa.
M. Faranster: There's two? Two Sundassas? Yo, are you sure? But, I only gave birth to one.
Faranfey: That's the point. I am not Sundassa. I go by Selene, We are different... but Shel told me I should tell you, that I need family, even though not from here.
:: Selene waved around her. She hoped her brother was right, that her mother would find a way to accept her, even though she wasn't from this time. ::
M. Faranster: Shel? Shel knew about this? :: She looked at the screen again, her face registering that her son had kept secrets. :: When will that boy learn not to keep things from me.
Faranfey: It wasn't his to tell you... He kept telling me to tell you, but I had a hard time adjusting, and I am just starting to. Mom... I need you in my life, is there room for both Sundassa and I?
Y. Faranster: More siblings messing up means less time from mom and dad watching my mistakes. I'm for it, mom.
:: Yogar's comment made Selene smile a little, at least her brother was interested in her being involved. It was self-serving, but he was the one stuck there with their parents, so she could give it to him. Her mother however smacked him outside the back of the head for the comment. ::
M. Faranster: Don't think we won't notice when you step out of line, Yo. Even if there are two Suns running around making life interesting for everyone who meets them. :: She then reached up and hugged her son, kissing his cheek. :: There's always time for my children. :: Her eyes went back to the screen as she looked thoughtful for a few minutes while both Selene and Yogar waited quietly. :: Sweetie, this is a lot for me to take in... I don't know what I would do, knowing Sunny was in the same situation and trying to reach out to someone for the caring love that a parent gives, only to be rejected. :: Her eyes welled up, thinking about it. :: Oh, the thought just breaks my heart. I can't let you be by yourself.
Faranfey: Thank you. :: Having gotten this far. :: Mom, would your heart be able to extend be there for two others who are in need too?
Y. Faranster: You said you weren't pregnant.
Faranfey: Yo, I am not, and they aren't my kids... :: Addressing her mom. :: Mom, I found someone, I want to spend my life with. His parents are horrible, they don't care about him or his sister. They disowned him for joining Starfleet, just because he didn't do what they wanted.
:: She knew she was touching tender territory. Her mom didn't disown her for joining Starfleet and not marrying Marseen, but it was known for a long time she wasn't happy with it. Fortunately she seems to have taken Sun's broken engagement to Jaxx a bit better, as there was no mention of that. ::
M. Faranster: Oh that's great! I was just about giving up on being able to see my daughter get married! Has he asked you yet?
Faranfey: He has, and I accepted, but then all sorts of chaos ensued, and I asked him if we could do it again later.
M. Faranster: Sweetie, you can't go breaking a boy's heart like that, saying yes, and then rescheduling the proposal. How do you plan on fixing it?
:: The responsibility fell on her, her brother told her so, and now their mother. Which meant Shel was right. A fact that he would likely gloat on, if she told him. ::
Faranfey: I don't know how to be romantic, but mom, I was hoping that you and Yo could talk to Daddy, and make sure he knows about me... and I could call tonight. And make it official in front of my family?
M. Faranster: Awww, that's so sweet, including us in the proposal. Sweetie, go get something nice to wear. Those uniforms are nice and all... :: She knew her mother's opinion of the uniforms on the men, vs women. :: But, get something that is appealing to your guy's eye. Make yourself smell nice. Get candles, and flowers, lots of them. Yo will talk to father, and we'll make sure we are available.
:: She knew her mother was trying to help, having slipped fully into mother mode, which was a relief. Selene wasn't sure what she had been worried about at that moment. ::
Faranfey: Thank you mom. I'll call again tonight. :: She paused, the words not coming without tears, as if she was saying it across time, as well. :: I love you and miss you.
M. Faranster: We love you too, talk to you then.
:: Her hand went to the screen, closing the call before she erupted into full tears. This was the second time in a day that she was thinking about the loss of Antosia that she hadn't a chance to mourn in her world. By the time she had heard about it, she had been too numbed by the pain of other losses. Now the tears came, both in mourning of the lost world, and the relief that it was still there, with her parents. Parents that were willing to accept her. ::


Captain Selene Faranfey
Commanding Officer
USS Doyle-A, NCC-80221-A
Writer ID: A239001SF0
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