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  1. (( Hangar, Deck 32, Athena )) :: After checking in the rest of his gear, Amuro decided to pay a visit to the hanger area where the Marines’ heavier equipment were stored, their fighters and other armored vehicles that he would have liked to have during the last mission. :: :: Looking over the hanger, he took a chance to take in the air, recycled be it, and found himself at home as he walked around. He then noticed Cranford working on her fighter and decided to walk over, fixing his uniform a bit. It was slightly out of regs and he was purposefully not wearing it correctly
  2. Welcome to all New Members and good Luck to those in training! Why did I join this game again? Oh yea lol my older sister is a member too and she talked me into applying. I'm glad I decided to actually listen to her for a change because this is one of the best community games I've ever played and I love it here!
  3. What's on my mind this week? Awards, of course!

  4. (( Captain's Ready Room, Deck 1, USS Doyle-A )) :: After she got off the call with Alex's parents she stood and stretched, and then she paced, trying to figure out what to say to her own. Somehow "Surprise" didn't cut it, and she didn't have time, or the authorization to give them the full story. It would be stupid of her to think they wouldn't recognize her, she was their daughter, biologically, even if she wasn't from this timeline. :: :: It was about thirty minutes, a broken vase and a fit of hyperventilation later that she sat down at her desk, fixed her hair and decide
  5. (( Captain's Ready Room, Deck 1, USS Doyle-A )) :: Selene had planned on contacting these people after she had some time to process the way she wanted to introduce herself and what she wanted to say. This introduction changed only slightly with her brother's instructions to propose to Alex in front of her parents. Apparently he thought he was being helpful with that suggestion. At this point, she needed to talk to her parents before he did, and told them that she had become feral or some other made up line to get him sympathy. :: :: When she thought about sympathy, her mind went bac
  6. (( USS Tell )) ::The security officer spoke once more, but not before striking yet another subtle blow.:: Aurora: It feels much too soon before I am reporting to yet another superior. ::She raised her eyebrow.:: Hopefully people you work with are easygoing Commander? ::The words had a tone of sarcasm, but they were masked beneath layers of adhering to archaic protocol. What was said is not necessarily what is meant.:: Atimen: Likewise. ::He stood up as the ship began to dock.:: Tel-ar is a good officer. ::A good officer was indeed possibly, but she didn't care one way or another. She c
  7. ((Sassi Kax's Quarters, USS Doyle))((Time skip to docking at DS285)) :: Sassi's alarm went off as it always did, and Sassi threw the small retro alarm clock at the wall. Thankfully it was made of plastic and wasn't easily broken, clearly she had forgotten to turn it off the night before. Sassi's head hurt like hell from the killer hangover. Well to be fair, that's what happens when she and Bam Bam drink together. Same things happens with Seff, though the three of them used to drink together. Seff was supposed to be at the drinkfest, but no, she had herself locked up on DS285. :: Kax: Computer
  8. (( Corridors outside Bishop's Quarters, Deck 2, USS Doyle-A )) :: Selene knew that Alex had asked her out for drinks, but she needed an adventure. She had a holodeck program that she created when she had time on the Constitution, a mix of adventure and scenery. Relaxing through holodeck programs was the way she destressed, but her choice programs had changed through the years. She hoped he wouldn't mind. :: :: Before she had made her way to his quarters, she dressed in a comfortable sports bra, some capri pants and a pair of ankle high boots with good grip. She had packed a backpack with some
  9. (( Classified Location, Alien Planet )) ::Ladon ran his hand over his body, still feeling the strangeness of his skin. Dressed and surgically modified to look like an Orion male, he still felt doubt that he could complete his current assignment. It had been months since he had been able to interact with his fathers back home, or his friends at the starbase.:: oO For the good of the Federation... Oo ::It was almost a mantra. Something that kept him going from day to day. Sitting in his squalid location, he had to keep his allegiances hidden, and he true motives close to home.:: Ethne: ::Und
  10. Tragedy on the USS Atlantis By Ens. Sabrina Holly Stardate 239203.12 PIKTAR SYSTEM — The chief engineer of the USS Atlantis has been killed during a critical mission after an explosion aboard the vessel. The crew of the USS Atlantis has suffered a major setback during their mission to Bravo Outpost responding to the Prometheus crisis. They had sent an away team down to the outpost to deliver biological samples to the scientists and left the rest of the crew on the ship to aid a diplomatic emissary of the Jenataris Cloud Dancers. The Atlantis had been experiencing a series of tremors, the most
  11. “Horrifying Flashback” ((Flashback, Stardate 238301.13)) (New York University, New York, Earth) :: A cold, bitter wind whipped around her, lashing itself against AJ’s exposed skin as she she sat on the bench gazing idly up at the stars. It’d been a long day and a long night, and AJ realized how seriously under dressed she was given the weather and the time of year. AJ was sporting a pink tanktop and a blue denim skirt despite the cold and the snow. A man came out of nowhere from the shadows behind her, scaring her half to death as he clasped a cloth around her nose and mouth, instantly knockin
  12. ((Blueheart’s Quarter’s, USS Atlantis)) ::Despite not having had a good night’s sleep, Emerson swung his legs over the side of the bed, stood up, and stretched to the ceiling with a satisfied sigh. Then he plopped himself back onto the soft, downy bed, a faint smile spreading across his face, as he picked up a PADD from the bedside table and typed a message for Raj: Hey, Hope you’ll be back in time for dinner. I’m cooking. See you soon, baby. XOXO Em He hit the Send button and then flinging the PADD aside, he dropped backwards onto the bed, arms spread out, heaving another sigh of satisfactio
  13. “Arrival at Starbase 118” ((Starbase 118 Hanger)) :: Gwen smiled as she wandered out to the massive starbase. Gwen had never seen one before but she had stared up at the starry night sky from Hong-Kong hoping to one day leave Terra and her parents’ deaths behind her. Gwen checked the time and noted that she was way too early, she was certain she would have time to take a quick look around the base before heading to the holodeck. With that, she adjusted the bag on her shoulder and walked around for a bit. :: :: Gwen wasn’t interested in the people so much as the pieces of architecture and ma
  14. Hi everyone! My name is Emerald and I am currently simming for Cadet Guinevere “Gwen” Gardener. In RL I live in WA State, USA I am originaly from CA, USA and I am currently in school to become an event planner. I look foreward to simming with everyone, this game looks fun! Cadet Guinevere “Gwen” Gardener USS Centris-A
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