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  1. (( Hangar, Deck 32, Athena )) :: After checking in the rest of his gear, Amuro decided to pay a visit to the hanger area where the Marines’ heavier equipment were stored, their fighters and other armored vehicles that he would have liked to have during the last mission. :: :: Looking over the hanger, he took a chance to take in the air, recycled be it, and found himself at home as he walked around. He then noticed Cranford working on her fighter and decided to walk over, fixing his uniform a bit. It was slightly out of regs and he was purposefully not wearing it correctly. :: McKnight: Usually most pilots would leave the maintenance work to the grease monkeys. :: Kary heard the man from behind her, she glanced over her shoulder before continuing to fine tune her engine. The handling of the controls were slightly off, something only someone sensitive to these things would notice. :: Cranford: You sound surprised. McKnight: Nothing wrong with a hands on approach to your stuff.A good Marine takes care of their stuff. Cranford: Any respectable pilot treats their craft as an extension of themselves. If not, you end up with glitches that you don't need when out there. When you are out there, the enemy provides enough surprises without your fighter or shuttle working against you. McKnight: Could've used you in the last bout, but the skipper or whoever was on the bridge didn’t think we needed air support other than a shuttle. :: Rumors had spread through the ship, and she had come into the shuttle bay not too long after, and there were still "grease monkeys" pawing over the USS Heraclius. There was a good bit of cursing over the parts that needed to be replaced, whoever was behind the helm did damage. :: Cranford: The shuttle did come back with a few lumps of her own... who was flying the thing? McKnight: oO Lumps? More like burns Oo I was, on the way back. I’d like to think I’m a good pilot. Some...security guy who took control earlier wasn’t so much. Cranford: That's why you should always have a dedicated pilot, instead of some sort of hybrid position. You said you needed air support? What were they armed with? :: Kary didn't understand why when she went places people acted like she was deaf as well as klutzy, but in addition to her hearing the cruelest things people said about her, it allowed her to hear things going on through the grapevine. With what she heard of the mission from both the engineers on the shuttle, but those who knew people who went to the planet, it was majorly FUBAR'ed. :: McKnight: Unknown at first. Mostly small arms but a shuttle is only meant for transportation and basic defense. It’s not a support vehicle. I needed big guns from above where it can see everything and lay down the hurt when needed. The security guy crashed the shuttle and barely kept it flying, not for lack of trying. They left the guy piloting with another team doing explosive work so no one qualify was actually able to man the shuttle. Cranford: Sounds like you had things under control though. :: She paused a moment, and put down the tool she was working with. :: Mind handing me the hyper spanner? ::Amuro turned took a glance at the table and picked up the tool, passing it to Cranford.:: McKnight: Thankfully, the hostiles were only lightly armed. Didn’t stand a chance against shuttle phasers but then again, we had no dedicated pilot and no real air support. We had to make due, but that’s what Marines are given. We make due. We don’t have time to complain until after it’s passed. Cranford: Yeah, my baby here :: she patted her fighter :: would have put a hefty amount of fear in anyone attacking our people. :: The fighter packed enough heat to be able to assist with the take down of a Borg cube, but not enough to take on it, or another any other adequately armed vessel by itself. But it sure would make ground personnel pee their pants. :: McKnight: I read your file. Hopefully the next time when I requested air support, they send you. :: Kary stopped what she was doing, and turned completely to face the Lieutenant. :: Cranford: You read my file? Interesting. McKnight: I read up on everyone I’m in charge of even those who technically outrank me. :: While she probably could have looked her file over, she was sure there were things that those who were in charge had access to that she didn't. Details of performance ratings, all the specifics of any altercations she was involved in, or were directed at her. :: Cranford: Does my file also refer to me as "Captain Klutz" or are those just the idiots in the corridors? ::Amuro walked over to the fighter to get a closer look. Maybe he should have become a pilot. He’s always loved flying.:: McKnight: It's an official file. I think only code names are put in. If the grunts got a nickname for an officer, I won’t want to hear about it. Cranford: That's something at least, so what caught your eye? McKnight: You like flying...and I have an appreciation for anything that can take you faster than your two legs can carry. It's nice, being a fighter pilot...Just a small bit of metal and glass between you and the endless space as you fly faster than the speed of light. A fighter makes you more intimate to space than inside a big ship. The Athena might as well be a floating city. We can’t even tell we’re moving but a star fighter...it’s like having wings and there’s no limit in where you can go. :: Kary couldn't agree more, the man seemed interested in the flight of the fighters. When she was out in her Valkyrie, she felt one with it, like its movements were an extension of her own. It certainly felt freeing. :: Cranford: There is no feeling like it. Some think space is too vast and scary, but it's peaceful. Flying one of these things lets you just escape all the things holding you down, like nothing is holding you down. The speed, the maneuverability, the size. You can really explore. And with the specialized nano resin, she's hard to see coming. McKnight: To quote Admiral McCoy. Space is disease and danger wrapped in darkness and silence...and that’s what appeals to me about space. The unknown… ::Amuro touched the fighter a bit, feeling the smooth hull on his hand almost like he was trying to read it.:: Cranford: You want to go out sometime? ::Amuro quickly turned around at looked at fighter pilot with a raised eyebrow..:: McKnight: You asking me out on a date, Captain? ::And now he was back to his default, a [...]y smile and all.:: :: Kary's eyes went wide with surprise at the man's assumption. It took her a moment to regain her composure, realizing she set herself up for that comment inadvertently. :: Cranford: Lieutenant, one of us outranks the other... not entirely sure who though... McKnight: I don't see the problem either way. :: She was now a bit flustered, unsure where she was going with the conversation. This was not like her, to be this unsure of herself next to her fighter. :: ::Amuro couldn’t help but continue grinning at her. He found the pilot's embarrassment adorable.:: Cranford: I didn't mean that... McKnight: I wouldn’t mind taking your bird out for a spin. ::Giving Cranford some air.:: Would get me a chance to know you better since you seemed to put your heart into it. Cranford: Flying is my saving grace, if you spend enough time around me you'll see why I enjoy flying so much. :: On her feet she was a mess, except in the presence of her fighter, or really anything that she could fly. But, in the sky, she was the definition of grace. :: McKnight: Wouldn’t mind meeting you for drinks later, either. :: The only person who understood her clumsy moments hadn't talked to her for over a year. He always disappeared for long periods of time, probably his way of showing he was uninterested anymore. She didn't even want to know what he was doing while he was not talking to her, not like she said they were exclusive. :: Cranford: Is that an invitation, Lieutenant? McKnight: You asked first…Captain...::He glanced at her almost casually after giving her fighter a nice pat before letting go.:: :: She was quiet for a moment while she processed the information, likely he would regret the invitation afterwards. Then there was the fact that she didn't know enough about the man to know if she would be the one regretting accepting the invitation later. :: Cranford: Where? McKnight: How about Gardens? Wine and dine? Cranford: I don't dance... :: Kary wanted to get that out there. It wasn't that she didn't dance, she just really needed to trust her partner, and he needed to wear steel-toed boots to avoid damage to their toes. :: ::Amuro then walked closer to her. Not too close to be uncomfortable, but enough to be in her space. He leaned in almost as if to bow and stared right into her eyes..:: McKnight: Neither do I…::He then retracted and walked away, all the while maintaining his grin..:: Carry on...Captain Cranford. 1st Lieutenant Amuro McKnight Marine Strategic Operations Officer USS Athena D239302AM0 & PNPC Captain "Pixie" Cranford Marine Pilot Simmed by: Captain Selene Faranfey Commanding Officer USS Athena, NCC-97780 Academy Commandant - Starbase 118 Academy Executive Council - Captain At Large Writer ID: A239001SF0
  2. Welcome to all New Members and good Luck to those in training! Why did I join this game again? Oh yea lol my older sister is a member too and she talked me into applying. I'm glad I decided to actually listen to her for a change because this is one of the best community games I've ever played and I love it here!
  3. What's on my mind this week? Awards, of course!

  4. (( Captain's Ready Room, Deck 1, USS Doyle-A )) :: After she got off the call with Alex's parents she stood and stretched, and then she paced, trying to figure out what to say to her own. Somehow "Surprise" didn't cut it, and she didn't have time, or the authorization to give them the full story. It would be stupid of her to think they wouldn't recognize her, she was their daughter, biologically, even if she wasn't from this timeline. :: :: It was about thirty minutes, a broken vase and a fit of hyperventilation later that she sat down at her desk, fixed her hair and decided to just do it. Regardless of how she was going to do it, it wasn't going to get any easier for her. :: :: She opened the comm channel to her parent's house in Antosia, and waited for what seemed like forever. At one point, she almost hung up, her hand moving to push the button to close the call. But that was when a familiar face came on screen. :: Faranfey: Yogar! :: The man on the screen looked at her for a moment, as if he got caught in the middle of trying to say something but changed his mind. He looked closer at the screen. :: Y Faranster: I just talked to you a month ago, you sure got aged quickly. Are you on a special assignment? I heard sometimes they do that when you are on assignment, change your appearance... Faranfey: Yogar, is mom or dad around? :: It was easier to refer to them as such, as that was what they were, and he wouldn't understand him calling them Mindysta and Teem. :: Y Faranster: Mom is, dad is on a business trip, :: there was a pause :: if it's important enough, he wouldn't mind being patched in for you. :: As she had been a daddy's little girl as a child, she knew this was true, but would he understand why? He might hang up. He needed prepping, prepping she couldn't do and he wasn't home to hear it with her mom and brother, so he might think it was a joke. :: Faranfey: It's important, but you might have to prepare him for it. Can you get mom? :: She watched as he paused again, staring at the screen skeptically, wondering what he would need to prep his father for. Unlike her older brother, she knew he wouldn't take the blame for anything of her doing, so he might decide to patch him in any way. :: Faranfey: Please. Listen, I am not pregnant, and I am not suddenly married. I have all my limbs, my health is good. So, just get mom already. :: He disappeared from the screen and she took a few deep breaths, this was the moment. She was finally reuniting with her parents. Or at least one of them, for now. A moment later her brother returned with her mother. :: M. Faranster: Alright, so what's going on. :: Waving a hand around her face as she spoke the next words. :: And what's up with the new look? Faranfey: Mom... I don't know how to tell you this. You just don't open with it usually. I suppose I could show you. :: She wondered if patching Sun in would work. :: But I am on the USS Doyle-A, Sundassa is on the USS Constitution-B. I am a Captain, she is still only a Commander. I run this ship, she's still in sickbay. M. Faranster: Is this for your assignment, Yo told me you were on assignment. Faranfey: Mom, there's two of us... I am biologically your daughter, I am biologically Sundassa, but I am not Sun. I crossed a barrier and got stuck here. :: That was simplifying things a great deal, hopefully helping her mom understand. :: I am 54, she is 31. :: Selene was trying to spell it out, Yogar's face showed comprehension and shock, but her mother seemed oblivious as normal. :: M. Faranster: Nonsense sweetie, I know when I gave birth to you. :: Her brother turned their mom to face him, this was big news and it was going to be hard to make her mom understand. :: Y. Faranster: Mom, she's from a different dimension or something. She's not our Sundassa. M. Faranster: There's two? Two Sundassas? Yo, are you sure? But, I only gave birth to one. Faranfey: That's the point. I am not Sundassa. I go by Selene, We are different... but Shel told me I should tell you, that I need family, even though not from here. :: Selene waved around her. She hoped her brother was right, that her mother would find a way to accept her, even though she wasn't from this time. :: M. Faranster: Shel? Shel knew about this? :: She looked at the screen again, her face registering that her son had kept secrets. :: When will that boy learn not to keep things from me. Faranfey: It wasn't his to tell you... He kept telling me to tell you, but I had a hard time adjusting, and I am just starting to. Mom... I need you in my life, is there room for both Sundassa and I? Y. Faranster: More siblings messing up means less time from mom and dad watching my mistakes. I'm for it, mom. :: Yogar's comment made Selene smile a little, at least her brother was interested in her being involved. It was self-serving, but he was the one stuck there with their parents, so she could give it to him. Her mother however smacked him outside the back of the head for the comment. :: M. Faranster: Don't think we won't notice when you step out of line, Yo. Even if there are two Suns running around making life interesting for everyone who meets them. :: She then reached up and hugged her son, kissing his cheek. :: There's always time for my children. :: Her eyes went back to the screen as she looked thoughtful for a few minutes while both Selene and Yogar waited quietly. :: Sweetie, this is a lot for me to take in... I don't know what I would do, knowing Sunny was in the same situation and trying to reach out to someone for the caring love that a parent gives, only to be rejected. :: Her eyes welled up, thinking about it. :: Oh, the thought just breaks my heart. I can't let you be by yourself. Faranfey: Thank you. :: Having gotten this far. :: Mom, would your heart be able to extend be there for two others who are in need too? Y. Faranster: You said you weren't pregnant. Faranfey: Yo, I am not, and they aren't my kids... :: Addressing her mom. :: Mom, I found someone, I want to spend my life with. His parents are horrible, they don't care about him or his sister. They disowned him for joining Starfleet, just because he didn't do what they wanted. :: She knew she was touching tender territory. Her mom didn't disown her for joining Starfleet and not marrying Marseen, but it was known for a long time she wasn't happy with it. Fortunately she seems to have taken Sun's broken engagement to Jaxx a bit better, as there was no mention of that. :: M. Faranster: Oh that's great! I was just about giving up on being able to see my daughter get married! Has he asked you yet? Faranfey: He has, and I accepted, but then all sorts of chaos ensued, and I asked him if we could do it again later. M. Faranster: Sweetie, you can't go breaking a boy's heart like that, saying yes, and then rescheduling the proposal. How do you plan on fixing it? :: The responsibility fell on her, her brother told her so, and now their mother. Which meant Shel was right. A fact that he would likely gloat on, if she told him. :: Faranfey: I don't know how to be romantic, but mom, I was hoping that you and Yo could talk to Daddy, and make sure he knows about me... and I could call tonight. And make it official in front of my family? M. Faranster: Awww, that's so sweet, including us in the proposal. Sweetie, go get something nice to wear. Those uniforms are nice and all... :: She knew her mother's opinion of the uniforms on the men, vs women. :: But, get something that is appealing to your guy's eye. Make yourself smell nice. Get candles, and flowers, lots of them. Yo will talk to father, and we'll make sure we are available. :: She knew her mother was trying to help, having slipped fully into mother mode, which was a relief. Selene wasn't sure what she had been worried about at that moment. :: Faranfey: Thank you mom. I'll call again tonight. :: She paused, the words not coming without tears, as if she was saying it across time, as well. :: I love you and miss you. M. Faranster: We love you too, talk to you then. :: Her hand went to the screen, closing the call before she erupted into full tears. This was the second time in a day that she was thinking about the loss of Antosia that she hadn't a chance to mourn in her world. By the time she had heard about it, she had been too numbed by the pain of other losses. Now the tears came, both in mourning of the lost world, and the relief that it was still there, with her parents. Parents that were willing to accept her. :: Captain Selene Faranfey Commanding Officer USS Doyle-A, NCC-80221-A Writer ID: A239001SF0
  5. (( Captain's Ready Room, Deck 1, USS Doyle-A )) :: Selene had planned on contacting these people after she had some time to process the way she wanted to introduce herself and what she wanted to say. This introduction changed only slightly with her brother's instructions to propose to Alex in front of her parents. Apparently he thought he was being helpful with that suggestion. At this point, she needed to talk to her parents before he did, and told them that she had become feral or some other made up line to get him sympathy. :: :: When she thought about sympathy, her mind went back to Alex and his sister, and her mind got back to the work of protecting them. Short story, Alex had contacted his parents, and she got to be witness to one of the most cold, heartless people she had ever encountered, talking to her children. When he went to take his sister to her quarters, she got on the horn with a contact that she had on Earth, one she knew was about to be discharged, and wouldn't mind doing this for her. Since she had so much to do before the ball, she couldn't put the conversation on her calendar any sooner than the next day, which actually seemed to be good. :: :: She received a message from the officer that they were just waiting for the father to get home. He had informed the mother that they were going to receive a very important call, and that it was best to have both of them present. This was per her orders, as she needed both of them there when she spoke to them. :: :: Finally the commline activated, and she opened her end, so her face and uniform shown through. :: Faranfey: Lieutenant Bailey, are they both there? Bailey: Yes, sir. :: That moment, the uniformed Lieutenant stepped to the side, and let the faces of Alex's parents show on the screen. :: Faranfey: My name is Captain Selene Faranfey... :: She paused for effect. :: This would be easier to do in person, but unfortunately because I am in the Avalon sector, I am unable to be. :: The expression on her face was solemn. :: Sean Bishop: What is this about? Faranfey: I am the captain of the Doyle, and your son's commanding officer. :: A bit of twisted honesty poured out next. :: I really hate these kinds of calls. :: She paused again. :: Unfortunately, something happened... :: She hesitated, again for effect, not letting her anger shine through as she spoke. Something did happen, the call between Alex, his sister and his mom, with her as a witness to the way the woman treated them. And now she was on the other end of the call, reacting to Selene's words. :: Gwen Bishop: In two days? :: She turned to her husband. :: If he just joined the family practice... Sean Bishop: We told him not to join Starfleet, this is not on us. Faranfey: That's normally how I start next of kin notifications. The regrettable news, is that your children seem to have no next of kin. :: The anger started showing in her eyes as she continued speaking to, no at, these two unfit parents. She couldn't understand what would cause a parent to not love their child, but these people had cut both Alex, and now Kaitlyn out, and she wasn't standing by and letting it happen without them getting some words from her. The Lieutenant on the other end was instructed to make sure the call did not terminate before she was ready, which left them forced to endure whatever she had to say. :: Gwen Bishop: What did she just say? Sean Bishop: Excuse me, Miss… Captain or whatever you called yourself, we’re his parents, so that would make us his next of kin. Faranfey: :: She leaned in to the call, waiting for them to finish. :: I was present during your call the other day, and I as you seem uninterested in being part of their lives while they are alive, I thought you might benefit from being removed from their next of kin notification. Sean Bishop: I didn’t speak to him recently… Did you? Gwen Bishop: Wait, why would you remove us from next of kin when you are notifying us… unless... Faranfey: Yes, they are very much alive, just feeling completely abandoned by their parents. Which is really a burden no child should have to endure. Anything can happen out here, that's the way it is, on top of the normal and natural things that can pretty much happy anywhere, we have all sort of exotic dangers, and I find it really hard to believe that you would not want the time you have. There are people out there who have lost parents or children without having a chance to say goodbye or make peace with them. You are the people who brought them into the world, and they look up to you. And when Alex joined Starfleet, you decided that he wasn't good enough to be part of your lives anymore. I can see you starting to do the same thing to Kaitlyn, for just missing him. He's her brother and you are pushing her away because she is the only one in your family that has a heart. Nope. I am not standing for it. :: Her anger had gotten full through to her words and tone. This call was never about a professional courtesy, it was about standing up for Alex and his nearly broken sister, in a way that she felt herself qualified to. Not to mention the way they treated their kids, shutting them out, made her miss her parents. Parents who in her time, she didn't get the opportunity to say goodbye to. The whole world of Antosia was invaded by the Hunger, and she lost both of them before she even knew they were in danger. :: Sean Bishop: Wait a second, woman, he was supposed to join my practice. We supported and encouraged him through medical school so that we could work together as a family. Then he goes on about needing his own path for himself, that we are too controlling. Gwen Bishop: Just because you overheard one conversation between my children and I, you presume to know our relationship. How dare you. Who are you to judge us? Faranfey: That's a good question, who exactly am I to call you out on this. I love your son, and he has asked me to marry him, and I am going to.. That's who I am. The daughter-in-law who is certain she doesn't want anything to do with parents that don't want to be part of their children's lives. Gwen Bishop: I can’t imagine what our son sees in you… :: To her husband. :: He joined Starfleet and this is what happens. How do you turn this thing off. Bailey: Sorry, Mrs Bishop, but I cannot permit that. Sean Bishop: What do you mean you can’t, this is our home and we are done talking to this woman. :: Selene could see she was getting under their skin, much in the way Alex’s mother’s words got under Kaitlyn’s skin the other day. :: Faranfey: You can't choose who provides your genetic material, you can choose who you will be. Your children hurt from your abandonment parenting style, you had Kaitlyn crying at your harsh words, Mrs Bishop, but they will heal. My crew are like a family, and treat both of you children with the respect that comes with that. We protect and care for one another, and when one is attacked, we stand up for them. I am only hoping that with Kaitlyn being here, that we can work on the self centered and selfish attitude that your behavior has caused her to develop. Gwen Bishop: So we’re responsible for her attitude as well? She liked to us about where she went, and it’s our fault. They want to be their own people, they can take responsibility for their own actions. Sean Bishop: You’re upsetting my wife, I am not sure why my son is choosing to marry such a cold woman, but I hope you are happy together. Faranfey: I am not cold, I am protective, and I will not let Alex be hurt by you any longer. :: She paused calming down a little bit. :: Now listen, they both love you, and would appreciate an apology from you and knowing you love them, but I am not holding my breath that you will be decent enough. However, if you choose to contact either of them after this, I had better not hear that they have been disrespected in any way. :: She couldn't exactly terminate the call without letting them have an opportunity to redeem themselves. The look on Kaitlyn's face when she spoke to her mom, made Selene see how much damage the conversation did. The girl looked up to her mom and thought she was doing what was best for the family. With what she knew, these people had already disowned Alex, and were working towards either disowning Kaitlyn or pushing her away. :: Gwen Bishop: Is she really giving us terms and conditions on when and how to speak to our children? :: To Selene. :: They are our children, and it is our relationships, not yours. Sean Bishop: It’s alright Gwen. :: He said trying to sooth his wife. :: They are our children, we’ll just tell them how this woman verbally assaulted us with no cause. Faranfey: And before you think about spreading through the rest of their family some sort of lie about Alex or Kaitlyn so they are disowned by the whole family, and not just you. I want you to know that I have a recording of the call that initiated my contact to you today as well as today's, just to set to story straight. Now, if you don't mind, I have to contact my parents, and let them know there has been an addition to the family. Gwen Bishop: I hope… :: cut off in the middle of saying “I hope your mom is proud of you, you horrible woman.” :: :: Both of them spoke at the same time, words getting cut off by Selene terminating the call. :: Sean Bishop: Finally… :: cut off in the middle of saying “Finally, now I can get a drink to calm down.” :: :: As Selene had nothing more to say to these people, she cut the call as they started to talk, not letting them finish. She felt satisfied in having spoken her piece, and making her position clear. It wasn't that she wanted to talk sense into the senseless people, but there was a part of her that hoped that putting the words out there would force them to come to terms with the fact that if they weren't nicer, they would end up alone. :: PNPCs Gwen & Sean BishopAs written (with Alexander Bishop's Permission) by: Captain Selene Faranfey Commanding Officer USS Doyle-A, NCC-80221-A Writer ID: A239001SF0
  6. (( USS Tell )) ::The security officer spoke once more, but not before striking yet another subtle blow.:: Aurora: It feels much too soon before I am reporting to yet another superior. ::She raised her eyebrow.:: Hopefully people you work with are easygoing Commander? ::The words had a tone of sarcasm, but they were masked beneath layers of adhering to archaic protocol. What was said is not necessarily what is meant.:: Atimen: Likewise. ::He stood up as the ship began to dock.:: Tel-ar is a good officer. ::A good officer was indeed possibly, but she didn't care one way or another. She could have been reporting to a block of cheese and she would have been fine. All the Deltan needed was to be left alone... to her own devices.:: Aurora: ::Stiffly.:: One rarely becomes a Lieutenant Commander without being able to follow protocol. ::She rubbed the back of her neck.:: But I digress. New problems await, and its my job to do what I'm told. ::The key was in the words. The best tasks that had to be performed subliminally were usually in plain sight. Be a good officer, not a great one and one was certain to be able to move undetected. As the door opened, Atimen stopped. Turning his head towards Aurora who met his gaze.:: Atimen: Aurora. ::Looking down, the woman saw the hand that was proffered towards her. Ideally, she would have preferred being without the sentiment, not to mention the physical contact. But of course, protocol dictated she accept it in good grace.:: Aurora: Commander Atimen. ::They shook hands a single time as Aurora's heart skipped a beat. She hoped Atimen didn't notice. Unfortunately, memories were a hard thing to repress, and feeling the familiar touch of Atimen was almost enough to have her revert back... back to when...:: oO Lives are at stake. Oo ::The feelings dissipated quickly, as she withdrew the hand, folding both of them behind her back. Despite her comments, she held no ill will towards Atimen. He was just merely a pawn that she would have to play with. Unfortunately, he was still too unwell to partake in the dangerous games that were yet to come. Being assigned to different departments would be a challenge, but had she followed him to engineering, too many flags would have been raised.:: Atimen: I'm glad to have had you in my department; you're a good officer. ::He gave a quick smile.:: See you around. Aurora: ::Nodding her head slightly, the woman accepted the compliment in grace.:: You are too kind Commander. Until next time then. ::Exiting the ship, the two parted ways. She would need to set up an appointment with her superior, but before then she had other plans.:: oO I need to update her... Oo TBC! Ensign Aurora Security Officer USS Doyle-A
  7. ((Sassi Kax's Quarters, USS Doyle))((Time skip to docking at DS285)) :: Sassi's alarm went off as it always did, and Sassi threw the small retro alarm clock at the wall. Thankfully it was made of plastic and wasn't easily broken, clearly she had forgotten to turn it off the night before. Sassi's head hurt like hell from the killer hangover. Well to be fair, that's what happens when she and Bam Bam drink together. Same things happens with Seff, though the three of them used to drink together. Seff was supposed to be at the drinkfest, but no, she had herself locked up on DS285. :: Kax: Computer how close are we to DS285? Computer: We are docking now. Kax: Good, Bam Bam, wake up! :: Sassi got up off the bed and saw the pink Pelian slowly open her eyes. Bam Bam looked as bad as Sassi did, but that was no surprise. Sassi replicated dug around in a box to find her favorite tshirt and jeans and then went to restroom to change. :: Bam: Bam Bam up already... :: Once Sassi was all dressed she came back out to find Bam Bam on the couch eating a plate of nachos. Sassi looked at Bam Bam and smiled. They were flat out crazy and sorely hungover, but neither of them cared. :: Kax: Enjoying the Nachos? Bam: Bam Bam always enjoys nachos! :: Sassi smiled at Bam Bam. It was highly typical of the pink Pelian to cure a hangover with a plate of overly cheesy tortilla chips. It may seem like a wacko hangover food, but it seemed to work for her, Sassi found herself thinking food might be a good idea, but she needed to get Seff first. :: Kax: Alright, let yourself out, I have to go rescue Seff from my parents. Bam: Bam Bam meet you both at the Wagon Wheel after? :: There it was, the invitation to get food, sounded perfect to Sassi. Sassi couldn't help but smile, that Pelian could cheer up just about anyone if she tried. :: Kax: Sounds good to me Bam Bam. See you then. Bam: Bam Bam see you then! :: With the ship now fully docked, Sassi left Bam Bam alone to finish her Nachos and made her way off the Doyle to DS285's brig. The one place she would be greeted by her parents and Seff. :: -- Lt. Sassi Kax Tactical Officer USS Doyle A NCC-80221-A
  8. (( Corridors outside Bishop's Quarters, Deck 2, USS Doyle-A )) :: Selene knew that Alex had asked her out for drinks, but she needed an adventure. She had a holodeck program that she created when she had time on the Constitution, a mix of adventure and scenery. Relaxing through holodeck programs was the way she destressed, but her choice programs had changed through the years. She hoped he wouldn't mind. :: :: Before she had made her way to his quarters, she dressed in a comfortable sports bra, some capri pants and a pair of ankle high boots with good grip. She had packed a backpack with some rope, climbing equipment, a couple bottles of water and some other refreshments. The program may have been designed by her, but she did have an aversion to replicated foods and drinks, when she could afford to. :: ::Alex was quietly relaxing, listening to some Jazz, very similar to what had been popularized in the mid 1900s on Earth. He found the complexities of the music to be something quite unmatched in almost any other form of music. It was like chaos and order woven together into a tapestry unlike any other. :: :: As she got to his door, she buzzed and waited. :: Bishop: Hello? Who is it? Faranfey: It's Selene. :: Alex was suddenly excited, this was very unexpected. He remembered asking her out, but hadn’t really set a date. In his mind, her remembering and taking initiative was a very promising thing. He quickly stood up from his chair and half ran to the door. :: Bishop: I’ll be right there. :: The doors opened, and she stepped inside. :: Faranfey: I know you planned on getting me drunk on our second date, but if you don't mind, I would prefer to show you a holodeck program. :: Alex looked at the way she was dressed. He tried not to stare, but it was hard not to because of how attracted to her he was. He himself was in a polo style shirt and jeans. He felt almost a little overdressed for whatever she had in mind based on what she was wearing. :: Bishop: You will find, I can be flexible when needed. :: He smiled. :: What did you have in mind? :: She placed the bag down, and opened it, showing him the rope and climbing gear. :: Faranfey: We're going to get a bit sweaty, but the climb will be worth the destination. Bishop: I guess I need to change clothes then. I can’t say I’ve been climbing before, so you might have to help me a little bit. Faranfey: I'll help wherever I can, but make sure your shoes have a grip, you don't want them to slip. :: Alex left the front room of his quarters and into his bedroom where all of his clothes were and found a t-shirt and some hiking boots and quickly changed. :: Bishop: How does this look? :: Alex really hoped he picked appropriate clothing. It’s hard to match up with a sports bra as a guy. :: Faranfey: As long as you can move around. Ideally shorts work better than pants, but, there's the problem of inexperience. Well... If I am honest, experienced climbers can scrape up their knees too, hence my pants go past my knee. :: Pulling the backpack over her shoulder, she stepped towards the door, the journey to the holodeck would take a few minutes, it was on deck five, not too far away from their workplace. :: Bishop: I will just have to make due. I’ll go with the added protection. (( Transit, USS Doyle-A )) :: As they stepped in the turbolift, she called out the deck, before turning her attention back to him. :: Faranfey: What activities do you enjoy in your down time? Bishop: I enjoy jazz and classical music and I read a lot. I also have a few chess games that I play remotely with some friends that I went to medical school with. :: As the words poured out of his mouth, he suddenly seemed dull even to himself. :: But I think that this is something I should definitely try. What about you? Faranfey: When I was younger I enjoyed quite a number of adventurous activities... However, the past twenty years had dulled that for me. This, while considered adventurous, is also meditative. Bishop: Yeah, not so sure about that meditative bit there. Something about falling off of the side of a 2500 foot cliff face doesn’t make me feel that calm… :: Alex was looking forward to spending time with Selene. He had a few misgivings about rock climbing, but there was no reason he couldn’t try something new. After all, it was time he was allowed to spend with her while off duty. :: ((Holodeck 2 - Deck 5)) :: They stood outside of the holodeck and Alex waited for Selene to start up her program. Selene input a few commands into the holodeck computer and the doors opened. :: :: In they stepped, it was twilight, there was light coming from above the fog on the ground. There was a lantern at their feet, showing light a few meters in any direction. The door closed behind them and she wondered momentarily if Alex regretted joining her. But the scenery at the top of mountain, if some people would call it a mountain, was beautiful. That was where they were going, and now she needed to get her bearings. :: Bishop: Impressive. It looks like you have spent some time getting all of the little details done just the way you wanted them. The fog is a nice touch. Faranfey: I use this program to relax, I know you don't think a climb with the possibility of falling, is very relaxing, but it's not the climb, it's the view. :: Selene picked up the lantern, and raised it high, looking for a small faint light that would lead the way. They would need to maneuver past some rock bases, on the way to the mountain, and the path was dimly lit. The lights coming from below would ruin the view from above, so it was just enough light to lead them in the right direction. :: Bishop: Is there anything about the program I should be concerned about? Faranfey: Safeties are on, while there is a possibility of scratching your knees, falling won't hurt you badly. Bishop: Ok, so scratches and bruises, maybe a sprain, but probably no broken bones. Got it. I might need to seek medical attention from a certain doctor when we’re done here though. :: He winked at her as he said the last part. :: :: She reached for Bishop's hand, and followed the dimly lit path, pulling him forward. Their journey weaved through rock formations through the fog, until she stopped at the base of one. Removing her backpack, she grabbed the climbing equipment, and attached a harness to herself, before handing one to Bishop. She attached the lantern to her harness, and put the backpack on her back again. :: Faranfey: The climb isn't straight up, but this is the way to get to the path. :: Alex looked at the harness, and while he could probably figure out how to attach it himself after watching Selene do it, he had a better idea in mind. :: Bishop: You might have to help put this on me. I’ve never worn one of these before and it looks pretty complex. I wouldn’t want to put it on wrong and have you laugh at me. :: Alex was a little impressed with his idea and looked forward to the feel of her hands on him. :: :: Selene rolled her eyes, he had to be goofing with her. There was little complexity to actually putting the harness itself on, it needed to be snug, but it was the connection to the rope that was the more complicated thing. :: Faranfey: Surely you know how to put on a belt? Bishop: I do… But I’ve never put on a harness like this before. What if I do it wrong? :: He grinned. :: :: Selene was sure at this point that he was definitely messing with her, especially given the grin on his face. She hoped he wasn't going to be this difficult the whole way through, as she unbuckled the harness. :: Faranfey: The larger loop goes just above your hips, like so... :: She stretched the loop out and reached behind him with her right hand, holding the harness, and leaned against him for a moment as she wrapped her left arm around him, grabbing the loose end of the loop, before pulling it around. Once both ends were in front, she bent down a little, to make sure she was fastening it securely. :: :: Alex was having a very hard time concentrating on how Selene was attaching the harness. He made a mental note that he hoped he would remember tomorrow morning, to figure out how to do this for the next time she invited him climbing. He was fairly certain she wouldn’t let him get away with this a second time. :: Bishop: Ok… :: It was all he could muster the strength to say without betraying his current thought process. :: Faranfey: The smaller ones go high on your thighs and fasten on the inside. They even have easy to fasten connectors. :: Selene took a step back to let Alex fasten the thigh belts. :: :: Alex recovered enough to take over and fasten the thigh belts like Selene indicated. He probably should have felt a little ashamed at his behaviour during this process, but he had enjoyed it just a little too much. :: Bishop: Any suggestions on how to do this safely? :: Alex was a little less intimidated having seen the actual size of the hill they were climbing. It was more a hill than a mountain. He wasn’t sure why he had initially imagined a sheer cliff face stretching thousands of feet above them. He wasn’t sure why he thought in absolutes when it came to Selene, but when she said it was a bit of a climb and had a backpack full of climbing gear, he expected much worse than what he ended up seeing. :: Faranfey: Just watch me. :: Selene reached for the rope that was anchored at the top, and attached it to her harness before she took hold of the rocks on the hill, and started climbing. Every few steps she would tighten the rope so that if she fell, she wouldn't fall too far. :: :: The climb was rather uneventful, mostly Alex following Selene’s lead on where to grasp and where to step. :: :: Once they reached the top, Selene helped Alex up the last few feet of it before removing her backpack and plopping down on the grass at the very top. While it wasn't a mountain by any definition, the hill wasn't tiny, so it came out of the fog and they could see over it. This was the location Selene wanted to take Alex to see. The light from the double moons above shone down on them and lit up the fog below, which had a purple black hue, and a number of rocks rising from it. Once the fog cleared the view below was spectacular. The light showed the valley below, revealing the rock formations that they weaved through on the way to the hill. Looking further to the east, there was a large clearing not too far from the base of the hillside that housed a lake. :: Bishop: Wow! This is a great view. How often do you come here? :: Leaning back, she looked up at the double moons, they were programmed to be different each time she came in, this time one was full and the other was half. Everything she had programmed had been part of one world that she had been able to explore, briefly, while her ship hid in the a crater of a nearby moon to make repairs. It was a rare beauty that she couldn't recall the location of anymore. :: Faranfey: Whenever I need to reflect on the day, and relax. The climb lets me release any frustrations I might have, and the view fills me with a serene feeling. Bishop: We should go swimming some time. I enjoy that. oO Of course, we didn’t bring swimsuits, but I don’t mind if you don’t. Oo :: Selene looked down at the lake, she used to enjoy the water greatly when she was younger. She hadn't made time to enjoy it as much since then, it was rare when she did. It wasn't the visibility of her battle scars that kept her from the water, she was wearing a sports bra, so a good number of them were visible. It was the just the memories and the loneliness. How could she be afraid of water now, when she wasn't afraid of the Hunger, or coming back in time to stop them? :: Faranfey: Maybe... :: She looked at him, the last couple days making her think. :: I am curious why you haven't asked any more about my past. You met Sun, and have had an opportunity to work with her, surely you are curious. Bishop: Well, your situation isn’t something that everyone knows about, so it’s not really a subject I can just casually bring up. The times I have thought about asking you, we were standing in the middle of Sickbay surrounded by people I don’t think know the details. But, since we’re alone. What does Sundassa think? :: At this point, she laid down on the grass and looked at the stars and moons above. She wanted to tell him more about her past, since it was certain to her that he was interested in her. There wasn't much point in holding back information that made her who she was. :: :: Alex laid down in the grass next to Selene. He got pretty close, but not touching. Still unsure just how close he could get. He looked up at the night sky and the moons and tried to see if he could recognize any star clusters to pinpoint the basis for the landscape and correlate that to any planets. Not that he had any real chance of doing that. His astrometrics skills were horrible. :: Faranfey: I am not sure what she thinks of me, but she knows everything. I didn't do her any real favors having come back, and she still is friendly towards me. Bishop: In the brief time I’ve gotten to know Sundassa, it’s no wonder why she is friendly. I think she would be friendly towards anyone that wasn’t in any way trying to keep her from doing her job as a doctor. Why would you think she would be any different? Faranfey: I changed how things were supposed to go, which was the point. The consequences weren't what I expected though, as her relationship with her fiance, fell apart. :: Perhaps it was the differences in how the love was lost. Perhaps, Sun realized it wasn't meant to be if it was ripped away from her such an unnatural way that it would leave her coming back in time to stop it. :: Bishop: Well, I met the guy briefly. I can say I didn’t like him all that much. He seemed very distant and unfriendly. Faranfey: I'm glad I came back, despite that. My crew and I were able to prevent a species from destroying the universe, a species I fought for nearly twenty years, since I suffered a similar loss. Now, I suppose I am getting a chance to live again. :: Selene looked up at Alex, and smiled a rare and genuine smile, before sitting up. She hoped she wasn't being too presumptuous, but it had been something she hadn't done in some time, so she was out of practice when she leaned forward and kissed him. :: :: Alex was still laying in the grass. He wrapped his arms around Selene and pulled her closer as he returned the kiss. He stopped for a moment and put in his thought. :: Bishop: I wouldn’t say “live again”, I would say “continue living”. :: As Alex pulled her close again to continue the kiss, the sensation of his lips against hers sent a tingling reaction through her, something she hadn't felt in a long time. Since her time in this timeline, there was little need for her to be in attack mode, or on edge, and she felt safe on her brother's ship under his command. But this was the first time that she truly let down her defenses. :: TBC ~ Lt Alexander Bishop Chief Medical Officer USS Doyle-A, NCC-90221-A Disclaimer: The views and opinions expressed in this post are those belonging the character, and not the author. (Except maybe this time) & PNPC Lieutenant Selene Faranfey Medical Officer Simmed by: Captain Shelther Faranster Commanding Officer USS Doyle-A, NCC-80221-A Assistant Statistician, Starbase 118 Academy
  9. (( Classified Location, Alien Planet )) ::Ladon ran his hand over his body, still feeling the strangeness of his skin. Dressed and surgically modified to look like an Orion male, he still felt doubt that he could complete his current assignment. It had been months since he had been able to interact with his fathers back home, or his friends at the starbase.:: oO For the good of the Federation... Oo ::It was almost a mantra. Something that kept him going from day to day. Sitting in his squalid location, he had to keep his allegiances hidden, and he true motives close to home.:: Ethne: ::Under his breath.:: One day at a time... ::Sitting down against a wall, Ladon took the opportunity to learn about what was happening in the Federation. News articles were still being delivered to his PADD, but he had to ensure that he read them in private. Looking down at the screen, his eyes grew wide in horror.:: Ethne: This... no... ::Reading the line over and over again, he couldn't help but try to make some sense out of it. Unfortunately, he had to come to terms with what was clearly not modified.:: oO Lieutenant Guinevere Gardener... Deceased.... Oo ::He slammed the PADD against the floor, feeling the shock of it breaking. Tears had begun to stream down his face as he resisted the urge to start crying uncontrollably. Years at the Academy taught him many things, lessons on tactics, knowledge of scenarios of what to expect, but nothing could ever prepare an officer for the death of a good friend.:: oO She... was too young... Oo ::His mind flashed to the last time that he was with her, that he had seen her. The conversations that they had, the people they had interacted with. All of it was gone, completely gone now. Her death was meaningless and just... just senseless.:: Ethne: ::Choking back tears.:: I will never... ::He thought upon his mission. The very mission that kept him away from his friends and family. Some of which he would now never see again. It caused a fire to burn in his heart, a conflagration of rage and despair.:: oO I will never forget you Gwen... Oo ::Getting up, he headed towards the outside. He needed to look outside towards the stars.:: oO May the stars watch upon you for eternity good friend... Oo TBC....? Ensign Ladon Ethne Undercover Unknown Location
  10. Tragedy on the USS Atlantis By Ens. Sabrina Holly Stardate 239203.12 PIKTAR SYSTEM — The chief engineer of the USS Atlantis has been killed during a critical mission after an explosion aboard the vessel. The crew of the USS Atlantis has suffered a major setback during their mission to Bravo Outpost responding to the Prometheus crisis. They had sent an away team down to the outpost to deliver biological samples to the scientists and left the rest of the crew on the ship to aid a diplomatic emissary of the Jenataris Cloud Dancers. The Atlantis had been experiencing a series of tremors, the most severe of which injured a young ensign, however, one of the smaller tremors that was less severe, shorted out and exploded an engineering console, killing the Atlantis's chief engineer, Lt. Guinevere Gardener. More commonly known to her friends as Gwen, she was a person who touched the lives of many, and she will be greatly missed as well as leave the Atlantis critically short handed as it investigates the Bravo Outpost.
  11. “Horrifying Flashback” ((Flashback, Stardate 238301.13)) (New York University, New York, Earth) :: A cold, bitter wind whipped around her, lashing itself against AJ’s exposed skin as she she sat on the bench gazing idly up at the stars. It’d been a long day and a long night, and AJ realized how seriously under dressed she was given the weather and the time of year. AJ was sporting a pink tanktop and a blue denim skirt despite the cold and the snow. A man came out of nowhere from the shadows behind her, scaring her half to death as he clasped a cloth around her nose and mouth, instantly knocking her out. This man was large, muscular, and strong. He hoisted AJ up and carried her to his lair...a small underground fortress beneath the school. It wasn’t much, but it was his home. When Aurora woke up she was in what looked to be a locked prison cell. The small cage had iron bars and her wrists were shackled to the wall. The cold room smelled of dirt, grime, and sweat. The man smirked as he came near, he opened the door… he force fed her some bread and cheese with water…. it was all she could do not to choke on it. Then he gagged her. He had no remorse, almost no conscience it would seem, but he was enjoying it. He used whips, chains, and a myriad of other things that led to bruises, broken bones, and cuts all over her torso and inner thighs. He raped her...he tortured her….for seven days and seven nights she endured the same patterns of his malicious intent...then on that eighth day she caught him in his own mistake. He made the mistake of uncuffing her, what he had planned for her, she didn’t know and she didn’t stick around to find out. Aurora in the heat of the moment grabbed the man’s holstered phaser off his hip and shot him with it. It was self defense. She was hurt, violated and hungry, but she made it out alive. That was all that mattered. :: ((End Flashback)) Crewman Third Class, Aurora “AJ” James Counselor USS-Atlantis NCC-74682
  12. ((Blueheart’s Quarter’s, USS Atlantis)) ::Despite not having had a good night’s sleep, Emerson swung his legs over the side of the bed, stood up, and stretched to the ceiling with a satisfied sigh. Then he plopped himself back onto the soft, downy bed, a faint smile spreading across his face, as he picked up a PADD from the bedside table and typed a message for Raj: Hey, Hope you’ll be back in time for dinner. I’m cooking. See you soon, baby. XOXO Em He hit the Send button and then flinging the PADD aside, he dropped backwards onto the bed, arms spread out, heaving another sigh of satisfaction. Seconds later he leaped out of bed, scratched his bare bum, and headed to the replicator to get himself a strong cup of coffee. It was going to be a busy day, he told himself, but a meaningful one too.:: ((Three hours later)) ::Having replicated all the raw ingredients that he would need, including basic cooking utensils, using his very own personal collection of culinary subroutines that counted among some of his most cherished and valuable possessions, it was now time to commence cooking for a boyfriend. He decided to make Escalivada as starters. He placed whole eggplants, sweet red peppers, red tomatoes, sweet onions, beetroots and sweet potatoes on a grill. The trick was to make small, elongated incisions in the vegetables to prevent them from bursting when grilled. Once well cooked, he removed them from the grill and peeled and sliced them into strips, before dousing them with olive oil and a dash of sea salt, roasted mustard seeds roasted minced garlic. To accompany the escalivada, Emerson prepared Escudella. For the rich stew, he brought pasta, cabbage, white beans, chickpeas, turnips, onions and carrots to a slow simmer, and substituted the traditional “feet and bones” with botiffara sausages instead. The escudella would go well when eaten with mollete, he told himself and promptly replicated some of the bread. For the main course, he decided to make a special seafood paella, arroz negro. Replicated squids rarely contained ink, so he replicated the cephalopods and the black ink separately. First he cooked the cut up squids, cuttlefish, shrimp, mussels and fillets of cod in the cephalopod ink in a frying pan before throwing in some bay leaves. In a paella pre-heated beside the pan, he stir-fried some chopped onions and then added the round grain rice and stirred it constantly until it browned, after which he added some parsley, pepper and salt to taste, a half-glass of chardonnay and one liter of fish broth. After about ten minutes, he added the cooked seafood and the remaining broth and allowed it to simmer for ten to fifteen minutes until the rice was done. Next, he prepared the fat-trimmed pork skin strips for the traditional pork rind-style chicharrónes. After having boiled the skin and cooled them down, he rubbed some ground cayenne pepper onto the strips before deep-frying them in oil until they puffed up and started to float to the surface. The chicharrónes would go very well with almogrote, a delicious cheese sauce made with goat cheese, paprika, red chilli pepper, olive oil, garlic and tomatoes. After thinking for a few minutes, Emerson opted to prepare Tarta de Santiago for dessert. After baking the ground-almond pie within the replicator itself (which he modified after learning the trick from one of Discovery’s former engineers), he dusted a generous coating of powdered sugar over a cut-out of St James’ sword. He later removed the piece of cut-out and admired the design it left behind on the pie. He replicated some vanilla ice-cream to go with the pie. He wiped the sweat off his brow and checked the time. Almost six hours had passed. From the store room, he removed a Gran Reserva bottle of Rioja and two wine glasses and brought them out to the dining table which had been draped with a blood red tablecloth with the various dishes laid out on top. Remembering to authorize the computer to turn off the fire alert, Emerson lit two ivory candles and placed them on either side of the central floral arrangement of red roses interrupted by sprigs of lavender. He stepped back to admire the presentation and sighed for the third time that day.:: RAVENSCROFT: Computer, play romantic harp instrumental playlist, Emerson 2T. And dim the lights down two degrees. ::As the computer chirped and complied, the flame-haired linguist almost skipped into the shower to dress for the occasion, humming a cheery tune as the sonic shower came on.:: TBC ==================================== Lt Emerson Ravenscroft Xenolinguist USS Atlantis NCC-74682 as simmed by Commander Raj Blueheart
  13. “Arrival at Starbase 118” ((Starbase 118 Hanger)) :: Gwen smiled as she wandered out to the massive starbase. Gwen had never seen one before but she had stared up at the starry night sky from Hong-Kong hoping to one day leave Terra and her parents’ deaths behind her. Gwen checked the time and noted that she was way too early, she was certain she would have time to take a quick look around the base before heading to the holodeck. With that, she adjusted the bag on her shoulder and walked around for a bit. :: :: Gwen wasn’t interested in the people so much as the pieces of architecture and machines and wondering how she could take them all apart and put them back together better than new. People were never Gwen’s strong suit but she knew that would have to change if she ever wanted to make it to Captain. With stars in her eyes and hope in her heart, she checked the time one last time as she made her way to holodeck three for her training session and she still made it there moments before the others. :: Current signature: Cadet Guinevere “Gwen” Gardener USS Centris-A
  14. Hi everyone! My name is Emerald and I am currently simming for Cadet Guinevere “Gwen” Gardener. In RL I live in WA State, USA I am originaly from CA, USA and I am currently in school to become an event planner. I look foreward to simming with everyone, this game looks fun! Cadet Guinevere “Gwen” Gardener USS Centris-A
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