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Starfleet captain recovered from clandestine medical research station

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SECTOR ZETA-THREE-GAMMA — Starfleet officer Fleet Captain Aron Kells has been rescued by his crew, who discovered that he had been captured by a rogue commodore conducting illegal experiment.

“I can assure you all that Commodore Chase’s experiments were in no way sanctioned by Starfleet Command or Starfleet Medical,” said Doctor Rajani of Starfleet Medical in San Francisco. “His actions have clearly violated both his oath to the Federation and to his profession as a physician-scientist.”

The crew of the USS Invicta discovered that Commodore Alistair Chase, MD, PhD, had been using his position as director of the Van Gelder Medical Research Station to continue his work in illegal genetic manipulation and engineering of new species. His work had begun during the Dominion War, working along side the Romulan scientist Maiek Khev, who later was branded as the Infernal and a war criminal.

In fact, it was Commodore Chase who had ventured down a darker path with his research, and when he discovered that to unlock the secrets of Khev’s work, he would need Khev’s grandson Aron Kells, the commodore hatched an elaborate plan to fake the fleet captain’s death to capture him.

Fortunately, Khev reached the Invicta in time to warn them about Chase, and along with the new information they had gathered from their investigation on Darvo V and on Syrene Station, the crew tracked Chase back to his remote lair at the Van Gelder Medical Research Station. Once there, they discovered that the energy patterns used to hide scans of the station matched those seen previously on 83 Leonis II during a supervolcanic eruption that had caused a mass extinction on that world. That eruption was found to have been artificially ignited and amplified, and now that the connection between it and Chase were made, acting CO Lt. Commander Roshanara Rahman moved forward to have Chase arrested.

When Chase attempted to escape, a brief firefight ensued on the station between an away team and the station’s own security, but the crew were able to quickly secure the station and bring Chase to justice. Meanwhile, Kells was found to be still alive although badly injured from his ordeal. As shoreleave began, preparations were underway for a celebration of the Trill Festival of Life, a poetic response by the crew to the discovery that their captain was still alive.

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