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Round 7 PNPC Mark Two - Spooks


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((Space - The Final ... oh you know.))

::There was a static crackle and a burst of white light just before everything went dark.

Very, very dark. 

It was light all light in the universe had turned off.  Dark and silent.  No power, no movement, no sound.

Mark Two let his jaw loll open feeling a shiver run up his holographic spine.  Where was he? 

He waited a few seconds, straining his ears to listen.  Nothing.  He expected Doctor Foster to be barking orders by now, or at the very least someone talking about what was going on.  Maybe they were all waiting for someone else to speak?

He waited... and waited.  He drew in a breath that he didn't need, and finally screwed up the courage to speak::

Mark Two: Hey... guys?


A rush of panic hit Mark square in the chest, radiating out to his fingers and toes.  Were they hurt?  Unconscious?  Dead?::

Mark Two: Doctor Foster?  Doc Milsap?  Mr. Nijil?  ::he called out, voice wavering:: Are you guys OK?


Mark stumbled forward, rushing blindly in the direction he last remembered them, hands out to prevent himself from crashing into anything in his way.

But he hit nothing. 

He waved his hands, searching for the wall he knew was there, the doorframe, the dropped medical supplies.

Nothing.  He couldn't even feel the floor.  How was he standing?  He didn't know.::

Mark Two: ::With a gasp:: I've gone insubstantial!  ::Shouting:: Doctor Foster!  Doctor Milsap!  Doctor Nijil!  Can you hear me?!


Pause.  A gasp in the darkness.::

Mark Two: ::He perked his head up, blue eyes wide.  A tiny glimmer of hope welled in his electronic heart:: Hello?!  CAN YOU HEAR ME?



Voice: ::Tiny:: help me.

::The breath he didn't need caught n his throat - a reaction of memory rather than necessity.::

Mark Two: Where are you?  Are you OK?

Voice: help me.

::Mark whirled around, stumbling sideways, trying to get closer to the sound::

Mark Two:  How do I help you?  Who are you?

Voice: help me.

::No matter which way he went, he couldn't get any closer to it, consistently a whisper on the wind.::

Mark Two: Are you injured?

Voice: help me.

::Mark knit his brows together, thoroughly confused.  It was like talking to a broken record.  He grit his teeth and tried something different.::

Mark Two: The other voice said 'they are coming.'  Are they coming for you?

Voice: ::There was a pause.  no answer.::

Mark Two: Are you scared of them?

::Another pause, this one felt ominous as the air around him grew cold.::

Voice: ::Still tiny:: I am them.

::Mark closed his eyes and frozen in place, silently screaming in the impenetrable dark.::


pNPC Mark Two
Emergency Medical Hologram Mark II
USS Constitution-B
Simmed by: Wyn Foster

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