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USS Apollo-A saves the day and returns home

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EARTH SPACEDOCK — After foiling the plans of Sicarius agents, the crew of the USS Apollo-A head home for much needed shore leave.

After defeating the Sicarius ship and managing to find a way to save the planet, in both universes, the crew of the USS Apollo, NCC 71669-A, under the orders of Fleet Captain Kalianna Nicholotti headed home. Shortly after Nicholotti gave the order to set course for Earth Spacedock at the best possible non-slipstream speed, the crew was dismissed for a much needed period of shore leave.

With the arrival of seven officers from the USS Columbia, Nicholotti saw a need for a party to bring the two crews together, and she put Lieutenant Commanders Alex Blair and Randal Rennyn to the task. The two officers spent the evening planning an elegant formal meet-and-greet party for the senior staff the following evening, which was mandatory for all to attend.

While the party was indeed the most pressing event for the second day of leave, the crew did not waste their day before it began. Several members of the crew met up in a lounge to catch up. When the party finally began it was an elaborate affair. The crew arrived dressed in their finest tailored Starfeet dress uniforms and found an elegant setting in which to get to know one another.

After giving the crew time to begin mingling, Nicholotti arrived, not exactly dressed for the occasion, and immediately called for everyone’s attention. Nicholotti proceeded to handout ribbons to the crew, some of which were being giving to the former Columbia crew from Captain Brek. After Nicholotti finished with the awards she proceeded to call up several members of the crew one at a time. Lieutenant Commander Lan Riel, Lieutenant JG Gina Es-Aleh, and Lieutenant JG Merrick R’Ven were all promoted.

“Thanks to everyone for all that they do to keep this ship going,” said Nicholotti. “And with that, you are all free to return to the party!”

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