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Invicta crew seek shelter from neutronic storm on moon

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W CYGNI SYSTEM — The crew of the USS Invicta found refuge on an uninhabited moon, waiting out a deadly neutronic storm to pass.

Three weeks after their trip to an alternate universe where the Dominion War had raged on, the Invicta returned to the prime universe and slowly fell back into the routine, surveying a local star cluster. However, when a vast class 12 neutronic storm swept through the region, the crew were forced to leave the Invicta in orbit around the moon of the fifth planet in the W Cygni system, camping out on the moon’s surface.

Given all that the crew had been through the past few months, Captain Kells and his crew used the two weeks spent on the moon as an unexpected but welcome respite. The shore leave began with a more intimate awards ceremony around a campfire for the senior staff, where chief science officer Alora DeVeau and chief of counseling Raissa Moonsong were both promoted to lieutenant commander. First officer Roshanara Rahman then surprised Captain Kells with a promotion of his own from Starfleet Command to Fleet Captain.

The first night was soon interrupted by the arrival of crew members of the recently inactivated USS Avandar, among them the Avandar’s commanding officer—and now once again ambassador—Captain Della Vetri. The two crews slowly began to intermingle, soon to become one united crew once they could return to the Invicta.

Meanwhile, the junior officers, led by nurse Gabrielle Porchevska and operations officer Jess Webber organized a wild toga party, borrowing togas from the Magna Roma diplomatic delegation—and perhaps a few steaks and ale from Chief Reez without proper authorization.

“I’ll tell you one thing,” said Ensign Ulyn Freuf, a geneticist and epigeneticist aboard the Invicta. “That Gabi and Jess are a pretty crazy pair, but those two ladies sure now how to throw a party! Now if you’ll excuse me, I need to find my shirt.”

Not all the time on the moon’s surface was spent partying, though. Crew members also took a moment to further their relationships, from Dr. Saveron and Lt. Cmdr. DeVeau’s budding romance to Ensign Shurimal Vex’s new friendship with Fleet Captain Kells. Lt. Cmdr. Rahman wrestled with Lt. Ki Shandres on how to deal with their new “daughter” Tasnim Shandres, a refugee from the alternate universe that had remained aboard the Invicta after it passed through the quantum fissure but without her mother as intended.

Once the storm passed, Fleet Captain Kells had to leave at once aboard the captain’s yacht due to a personal urgent matter as the rest of the Invicta crew returned to their ship and began the clean up operation to prevent any future inhabitants from discovering evidence of their stay as per the Prime Directive.

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