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Round 4 Cpt S. Faranfey & LtCmdr J. Hart: Interview of Rock and Hard Place

Selene Faranfey

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(( Bridge, Deck 1, USS Doyle-A ))

:: As Selene finished up with the new Engineering officer that she had just been assigned. She noticed the medical ship’s former commanding officer. A woman whose paperwork was on Selene’s desk, with a recommendation for her as First Officer. Selene trusted her brother, but she wasn’t entirely sure if she trusted the woman, so she had set out to avoid the prospect of talking to her for as long as she could. Now the woman was approaching. Did Shel send the woman up, or did she come on her own? That was the question Selene had going through her head, but wasn’t going to be vocalized. ::

::Having done all she could have done in preparation for this moment, Joan stood in idle wait for the captain to take note of her presence on the bridge. She far from enjoyed taking a passive role, but there was only so much that could be done in an active manner. Besides, enough time had passed and there would be no doubt that Faranfey had at least taken note of her transfer orders.::

Faranfey: Commander. I assume we have a conversation to have. Follow me.

::A chill ran down Joan’s spine. She couldn’t read the emotions behind the comment, but the words came off as almost dismissive in tone.::

Hart: As you wish Captain.

:: Selene would have to wait to have the conversation with the Intelligence Officer, at least until after this conversation had finished. ::

:: It was only a few steps back to the doors of the ready room, and the doors opened automatically when they stepped in front of them. Like the room was anticipating being a host to whatever conversation happened next. ::

::Stepping inside, the human woman took a second to appraise the surroundings, reflexively noting if there was anything within arms reach that she would need if the “friendly conversation” turned sour. Naturally, this was entirely flawed thinking, but human nature with all of its advances, still fell to the whims of their base emotions, illogical as they were.::

Faranfey: :: Turning around, looking at the woman once they were safely behind closed doors. Her arms folded across her chest. :: My Executive Officer stepped down, and Captain Faranster recommended you as the best replacement. Do you know why that is?

Hart: oO Well… that was sudden… Oo

::It didn’t take much to throw her mind into defensive turmoil. It had been so long since Joan had reported directly to anyone, and this situation was eerily familiar to when she started on her very first vessel more than a decade ago. Unlike before, however, she had more gumption and experience. She couldn’t allow herself to be intimidated in this manner anymore.::

Hart: ::With her arms folded against her back.:: I can only conjecture why your Executive Officer stepped down sir. My information would be vastly limited compared to your own.

::Though she had heard about the ordeal. Since it appeared to be a personal affair, she didn’t look further into the incident, though now she wished she had.::

Faranfey: Can you at least tell me what would make you a good choice as my next Executive Officer?

::The question she was trying to still find an answer to. Racking her brain day and night, there was no gentle way to convey her opinion.::

Hart: ::Taking a deep breath.:: Captain… permission to speak freely?

:: Selene knew how she was coming across, but she needed someone strong, and someone she could trust. Right now she wasn't sure of the officer in front of her, but the fact that she didn't flinch at being asked these questions, least not yet. Was a good sign of her strength. Trust was earned, not given. ::

Faranfey: In this situation, it won't help me if you don't, so permission granted.

::Before the words exited her mouth, Joan once more felt the shame that haunted her until this day. Her removal of command from the USS Sacred Heart those years ago. Unfortunately, she could not wallow in these emotions, she never could if she wanted to save those lives....::

Hart: I can give you a detailed rundown of my history. ::She motioned with her hand.:: My flaws, my strengths, and even psychological reports about my state of being. However, I don’t believe that any of those things will change your mind because these items, much like the bytes of data they are encoded on, are unable to convey real information about how two individuals will work together. Given my last mistake, though I would still do it again, you have a limited notion of who I am and what I am capable of.

Faranfey: You're right, I have a limited notion of who you are. As you have a limited notion of who I am. My crew is my family, and I take care of them. They trust me to do that. In order to do that, I trust them to have my back. It's a delicate dance, a give and take. Your mistake took one of my crew from me, with little explanation of why. Given the situation, I let it go.

::The woman resisted the urge to raise her eyebrow. Such things could hardly be “let go” at the drop of a bat.::

Hart: A trait that is admirable when applied to the correct context…

Faranfey: I fight for my crew, it's what I do. I had a multi-directional battle going on, and you were just as capable of taking care of my officer as my Medical department, so I didn't fight. Doesn't mean I am not irked, doesn't mean I am not suspicious.

::Shaking her head, Joan said nothing. This is what she knew was coming, and she made no effort to change the direction. Completely contrary, she hoped that Faranfey would plow down this path without care of what she may encounter along the way.::

:: Selene knew what was in the files, and the woman said it right, the paper was unable to tell her whether or not she could work with the other woman. The vital information, whether or not the woman would have the best interests of her people at heart. ::

Faranfey: What I need to know, if I take you on as my Executive Officer, and I fight for you, if you will do the same for me and my crew.

Hart: ::Without missing a beat.:: I will, as long as I receive the same trust in return.

Faranfey: I'm listening.

::Joan relaxed her pose slightly, to increase the flow of blood into her arms that had remained still this entire time. She was well experienced in being dressed down, though it never made the experience any easier.::

Hart: I promise to give you my all, but it will come with you trusting my own judgement. I find it insulting when another officer grovels for favours and promotion, as such, I will not play to your emotions since your opinion of me shouldn't matter. I am here to support you in all areas, and I will not pull out any blows if I feel there is a danger to the ship or her crew.

:: Selene would have likely thought she was weak if she grovelled. Strength was a quality she needed, the ability to speak up when necessary, regardless of the consequences. Selene had a tendency to get a bit snappy with those who questioned her, so she needed someone who could handle that. But she still had the concern on the trust situation. ::

Faranfey: Trust is a two way street, and it's earned. You started with a deficit, but I am willing to give you a shot. You have an opening to earn my trust. :: She paused for a moment. :: Liking me isn't a requirement, taking care of the crew and having my back, is. Respecting each other, is. If I ever forget my duty to the ship or her crew, I -expect- someone to speak up.

::The woman’s face was stoic and calm. What did she have to lose? Her position? Her rank? These things were already taken from her once… The only person she could rely on was herself… or…:::

Hart: The offer is a recommendation only… ::She paused.:: Though, don’t get me wrong, I no longer play the political game.

Faranfey: That's good, that means you can't be bought for favors and power.

::A compliment, well, maybe not quite. However, it was a fair assessment. Of course it came with a cost…::

Hart: ::Caught off guard.:: I… ::Regaining her cool.:: Would aim to meet the expectations.

Faranfey: I do want to know though, do you have any diplomacy skills?

::That was a hard question. The truth? Yes. In practice though… she tended to be more abrasive since it usually landed her better results.::

Hart: I can sir, though I would have to admit it is something of an art that will take some time to be reaquianted with…. oO For obvious reasons. Oo Why do you ask?

:: Selene leaned against her desk while she listened. When the other woman asked why, she took a moment to make sure that the woman knew what was at stake. ::

Faranfey: There are times when a diplomatic response is not only recommended but necessary. In those instances it would be good to have someone who can take a soft approach.

Hart: :: Lowering her voice.:: I see….

Faranfey: It's apparent you have a quick mind, or least quick enough to respond to me. The conversation immediately put you on the defensive, I told you that I don't trust you, I questioned your ability, and you haven't cracked or told me where to shove it. So I can tell you respect the command structure. But, this is the way I am, I can force diplomacy, but I will need you to take out your diplomacy skills, dust them off, and practice them.

::Taking a moment, Joan made the opportunity to phrase her words correctly. Words, were in essence weapons. While a hammer could be applied to many a situation, sometimes a scalpel would provide better results.::

Hart: ::Biting her lower lip.:: I am here to support you after all.

:: She turned around enough to grab a PADD off her desk, she was glad for the conversation, it gave her enough reassurance that her brother wasn't trying to saddle her with someone who was going to make her wish she was back in 2414 dealing with the hunger. ::

Faranfey: Then, the job is yours, for as long as I can trust you, or until you can no longer deal with my style of running things. :: She extended the PADD to the woman with her new assignment, crew quarters and clearance codes on it. ::

::Clasping the device gently, Joan nodded her head.::

Hart: Both fair and honest points. ::She forced a smile.:: Captain. I will… enjoy the challenge of working with you.

::The words were honest. Certainly more honest than she generally could be. Perhaps this would be her final hurrah before…::

Faranfey: I can say that is probably an adequate way of putting our working together, or at least the beginning of our working relationship. There will be a lot of work, especially your predecessor having stepped down so abruptly.

Hart: I will take my leave then to appraise myself of the Doyle and her crew. ::Beat.:: Enjoy the rest of your few days off, and although I wasn’t able to say it before. Congratulations on the promotion.

:: Selene pushed herself off her desk so she was fully standing again. When she leaned against the desk, she stood shorter than her new Executive Officer, however when standing, she was a good half a foot taller. ::

Faranfey: Thank you, Commander. It was quite a surprise to me. :: She paused. :: We both have work to do, and since yours involves you getting acquainted with the ship before we are sent on our next mission, you should get on it.

::Turning her back, Joan left the Captain’s ready room. Her hands slowly relaxing as soon as she entered the hallway. However, she knew the hardest part was still yet to come…:::

Lieutenant Commander Joan Hart
Executive Officer
USS Doyle-A


Captain Selene Faranfey
Commanding Officer
USS Doyle-A, NCC-80221-A

Writer ID: A239001SF0

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