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LtJG Jerome Milsap: You're Serious?

Sal Taybrim

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(Earth, Sarajevo, a house)

:: So, it was decided. The team would need to prevent the Kaiser from attending the parade in order to keep the timeline on track. Everyone agreed a non-lethal solution would be best; the Kaiser needed to die, but not at their hands. To that end, the plan was to drug his food to give him symptoms as though he had a stomach flu.

He was sure both Jalana and Danzia had the knowledge of how to make that happen, but since Jerry was actually carrying the drugs, not to mention the only official medical officer on the team, he decided it was his duty. Although he was happy they wouldn't be causing the Kaiser any permanent harm - at least, not directly - it went against everything Jerry stood for to intentionally make someone sick. Knowing it would eventually lead to one of the bloodiest wars in Earth's history didn't make the prospect any more appealing, but it simply had to be done to prevent irreparable damage to history. The doctor did his best to steel himself and continue planning for the mission. ::

Milsap: Sure, I can handle that. Of course, I'll need to get close to him, and I could always use some help. I don't suppose any of you pretty ladies would care to turn the Kaiser's head while I fix up his drink?

Rajel: You could also try to get to his food in the kitchen, or be the server for it. Of course that could always go wrong and either you don't get to it, or he eats with someone else and they get the dosage. So getting close to the Kaiser himself might be a good idea.

Danzia: Turning people’s heads seems to be my job on this mission.

T'Mar: You have a proven track record at this point..

Rajel: ::chuckling:: Indeed.

Milsap: ::nodding:: I gotta say, you certainly do have the wiles.

Danzia: But I’d need more suitable clothing.

Milsap: ::He looked down at his own outfit.:: Same here, I doubt I'd fit in with the Kaiser's servants looking like this.

T'Mar: That seems to be the issue of the day. Now that Ian is taken care of, let's try on those clothes that we had found. Perhaps the Captain can do some sewing as suggested earlier?

Rajel: Good idea. I think I have seen some sewing tools in the woman's bedroom. Let's go and I'll fix what we need.

Milsap: ::chuckling:: Why am I not surprised you're a seamstress too?


:: Jerry had excused himself to another room while Jalana, T'Mar and Danzia changed their clothes, but now that Jalana was down to some final alterations he joined them again. Now dressed in a freshly tailored set of clothes he stood next to the window overlooking the street below, trying to keep a lookout for the return of the house's occupants while remaining undetected himself. Every once in a while he caught a glimpse of the ghostly reflection of the women in the window's glass. As ridiculous as the clothing of this period might seem, there was a certain charm to it. ::

T'Mar: Was it ever mentioned where the Kaiser was staying? I believe that would be the first place to start.

:: Jalana appeared to be trying to remember something, then slightly shook her head. ::

Rajel: No, he only mentioned that the Kaiser would be there. I do assume though that we can find that information in a gossip column or something like that. Or just listen to the people outside.

:: Jerry talked over his shoulder, reluctant to turn away from the window. Knowing his luck, the house's residents would return the second he took his eyes off the street. ::

Milsap: Something like that definitely oughta make a stir. It doesn't seem like there's much else going on around here.

Danzia: Definitely not. Sarajevo was a little bit of a backwater at the time - a major city, true, but not one in which much actually happened.

T'Mar: If we can find the location, Danzia and Milsap will then need to find their way to the staff. I believe that will be the most challenging aspect of this whole ordeal.

Rajel: ::Nodding:: I agree with that. Though maybe we are lucky and there is so much staff preparing and working that they won't notice the new unknown additions.

Milsap: If they're preparing for a public appearance I would imagine there should be plenty of chaos.

Danzia: And plenty of people that might not know each other.

T'Mar: I believe the we ::looking at Jalana:: should stay close in case something goes wrong.

Rajel: ::nodding:: I would suggest that we would find our way to staff as well. I remember from the banquets my father gave, that the serving staff is usually overlooked, as if they are not important enough to pay attention to, which would be what we need right now.

Milsap: ::chuckling:: This is one time it would be nice to get looked down on.

Danzia: We’d need uniforms.

Rajel: We could of course simply ask. With the festivities tomorrow, there is usually enough to do for everyone and almost always they are understaffed. They might be grateful for the offering.

Milsap: It couldn't hurt to ask. ::He shrugged.:: And if they say no, you can just sneak in like Danzia and me.

Danzia: Good point. Asking might work if you can demonstrate you can do it?

Rajel: ::nodding:: Yes, first find out where we have to go. ::She turned already to head to the door but then stopped and turnd around again to look at the others.:: That reminds me... Now that Ian is gone, we need a new display leader. ::She looked to Jerry.::

:: Jerry turned to face her and scratched his head. He had almost forgotten Ian was the acting team leader, although Jalana was officially still in command of the operation. ::

Milsap: Hadn't thought about that.

Danzia: In this day and time, a woman in charge would be noticed.

Rajel: ::She looked at him in surprise, as if she had not noticed that he was the only man in the team.:: Oh really? Now that poses a little problem.

Milsap: ::He raised an eyebrow questioningly.:: Oh yeah? How's that?

:: She tried hard not to smirk and keep her face straight, though the twinkle in her eyes betrayed her slightly mischievious nature. ::

Rajel: Well look at us Jerry. We are three women of high ranking. We can't be bossed around by a mere Ensign, can we?

:: Jerry's brow furrowed. "A mere ensign"? It wasn't at all like Jalana to belittle someone like that. Besides, Ian was the leader while holding an even lower rank. He had the feeling she was up to something, but darned if he knew what it was. He decided to play along until she played her hand.::

Milsap: ::He stuck his hands in his pockets and nodded.:: Yeah, I can see how that might be a problem.

:: Jalana glanced over to T'Mar, then stepped a little closer to Jerry looking at him with a stern expression. When she reached him she placed a hand on his shoulder. Jerry tensed at first, not expecting the sudden contact, but quickly relaxed again. Turned out he really didn't mind it a bit. ::

Rajel: That is why I am going to promote you to Lieutenant Junior Grade with all rights and responsibilities, and into the Position of Assistant Chief Medical Officer. ::Her firmness broke and she grinned widely up to him.:: Gotcha!

:: Jerry was almost too distracted by Jalana's hand on his shoulder to process her words, so it took a second for his eyes to shoot wide open. His jaw worked silently, waiting for the punchline. When none came he stammered out his incredulous reply. ::

Milsap: You...you're serious?

:: He shifted his gaze to T'mar and Danzia, looking for any clue that this was a put-on, but none came. He grinned widely at Jalana. ::

Milsap: I don't know what to say. Thank you!

Rajel: ::Reaching out her hand to him she shook it.:: Congratulations Jerry.

Danzia: It’ll squeak for a while, then you’ll get used to it.

:: Jerry blushed slightly, unaccustomed to all the attention. ::

Milsap: Thank you, I'll do my best to live up to the rank, and the title. I have to say, you definitely know how to keep a secret. I had no idea that was coming!

Rajel: Well luckily you had forgotten that Ian was a Crewman and still our leader, or I'd been in trouble. ::Chuckling, she stepped back again.:: Now let's get out of here and find the Kaiser.

:: Jerry forced himself to focus his attention on the mission once more. As happy as he was about the promotion, the new rank wouldn't mean much if there wasn't a Starfleet to return to. ::

Milsap: Right. Shall we go mingle with the locals and try to drum up some information?

Danzia: Let’s go.

Lieutenant(jg) Jerome Milsap
Assistant Chief Medical Officer
USS Constitution-B

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