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USS Constitution-B finds itself stuck in Earth’s past

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EARTH, 1914 — After traveling back in time, the crew of the USS Constitution-B worked to restore the timeline and find a way back home.

After falling through a temporal rift, the crew of the USS Constitution, NCC-9023-B, discovered that they had in fact traveled to Earth in the year 1914. The Constitution had been performing a routine sector sweep in the Talos system when the rift formed and pulled them through. The damage was severe and the Constitution was running on limited power reserves. With no alternatives, Cmdr. Jalana Rajel ordered two teams down to the surface of the planet to find food and supplies. The two teams were instructed to minimize the impact on the timeline and therefore were dressed in period clothing and were surgically altered to appear human.

Shortly after beaming down to the surface, Rajel and her team realized that they had not ended up in Berlin as expected, but rather in Sarajevo. To make things worse, they were there the day before the assassination of Archduke Franz Ferdinand and had accidentally injured his would-be assassin. It was also discovered that Germany’s Kaiser was in Sarajevo for the parade, despite historical records showing that he was not in attendance. Realizing that Earth’s timeline had been altered, Rajel and her team worked to devise a plan to repair the damage they had done.

Meanwhile, in Shanghai, LtCmdr. Sinda Essen led the other team on the search for supplies that Engineering required to repair the engines. When they stopped to get a bite to eat, the police arrived and a large fight separated members of the team. Sinda worked quickly to reunite the team and they managed to have a run in with a group of pirates. Having obtained the resources they were searching for in Shanghai, the team made their way to a new location to avoid being arrested.

As the two teams worked to repair the timeline and get the Constitution safely back home in the right timeline, Starfleet continued its search unaware of the events that were unfolding on Earth in the past.

“Right now, we have been unable to locate the Constitution, but we will not lose hope that they will be safely returned to us!” a spokesperson for Starfleet stated in a press release.

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