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Ensign Logan. It's a little dimmer now


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(( Deep Space 6, Deck 21, Corridor ))

:: The procession away from the Function Room after the meeting had been cut short by the recall back to the Darwin was, as Kurt approved, progressing quickly and orderly. Some had 'Enjoyed' themselves more than others, none to any serious degree that would require any medical intervention. ::

Logan oO A few mild stimulants as available from any standard replicator should do the trick Oo

:: Heading back to the Darwin it was appropriate to let the Security Chief know incase anything needed to be put in place ::

Logan oO An early divert to a Transporter room or to a particular docking port could save any confusion and wasted time later on, especially considering the time pressure for launch Oo

:: Activating his Comm badge Kurt spoke up as the humanoid snake wound itself through the station ::

Logan: =/\= Ensign Logan to Lieutenant Noros =/\=

Noros: =/\= Tanna here. Hi, Kurt. =/\=

Logan oO Tanna.... Kurt... Really, I know we had dinner but .... Oo :: He did wonder if he had just woken her up :: oO She doesn't sound groggy Oo :: putting that to one side Kurt started on the reason he had contacted her :: =/\= The Staff meeting is over, everyone has been recalled to the Darwin for ship launch. I'm following the last of the crew now. Once aboard Ma'am there's some things is like to run by you if possible =/\=

Noros: =/\= I'm afraid that won't be possible, Kurt. You see, I'm leaving. In fact, I'm disembarking the ship as we speak. =/\=

Logan: =/\= Ma'am ?=/\= oO Why is she leaving .... and with us about to launch ... Oo :: It was the last thing Kurt expected to hear, even more than that wanted to hear. The two missions they had been involved with showed they could work well together, and while she did have the annoying habit of ignoring you and interrupting when she felt like it, the Lieutenant was a good officer. As he was trying to process this piece of sudden information a different thought jumped up and started waving frantically ::

Logan =/\= Ma'am ... Who's Security chief ?? Were also down a Tactical Officer Ma'am who do I goto =/\= :: He half knew the answer to his questions :: oO Follow the chain of command Oo

Noros: =/\= With Jellico on leave, I would imagine they would get a duty officer to cover the department, such as Cmdr Icavoc. Otherwise, you would probably have to take any concerns straight to the captain. =/\=

Logan: =/\= I understand Ma'am =/\= :: Talk about bad timing though we launching and the Security wing is missing some flight feathers.... :: oO We've had some new transfers aboard and move a couple of people around like Ensign...... Sherwood from Security to Tactical he's a good officer... But Oo

Noros: =/\= Oh, and one more thing, Kurt. I really enjoyed our meal together. Thank you for being a good colleague. I don't say goodbye, but how about, "see you later"? =/\=

Logan:: Kurt's response caught making him pause for a second, since the conversation started he'd been thinking purely at the logistic problem, who's to report to who tacking Tactical :: oO But it's not logistical is it, it's personnel ... Oo :: He had no thought or expectation that their dinner date was anything more than it was, two officers paying up a bet. But he wasn't just loosing a Department Chief .... he was loosing oO A friend ....Oo :: Commander Thomas's words about getting to know people came back to him :: oO That hasn't helped me in this case sir Oo =/\= Thank you for the meal Tanna, and for being a good colleague to me =/\= :: Adding a smile to his face to lighten what was the ending of the conversation :: =/\= It's always see you later =/\= :: But seriousness crept back in :: =/\= Don't be a stranger and if you need anything .. I'm sure you can find me =/\=

:: The signal terminated, leaving him still following the human snake but wondering if the lights had become just a little dimmer ::


Ensign Kurt Logan - Security Officer
USS Darwin,NCC-99312-A

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