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USS Doyle leads search, rescue, and relief effort on Bila III

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BILA III – The USS Doyle has arrived in orbit around Bila III to coordinate with another Starfleet Vessel in helping the people of Bila save themselves and their planet.

The crew of the USS Doyle-A, NCC-80221-A, after having a mostly relaxing shore leave, aside from the near assassination of one its intelligence officers, were called together for a senior officer banquet on Deep Space 285. At the banquet, Captain Shelther Faranster awarded earned ribbons to officers and promoted several officers, before allowing everyone to eat and talk amongst themselves.

During the discussions, someone on the base forwarded a news broadcast to the banquet room, showing mass devastation on a planet known as Bila. The planet is experiencing a high number of intense earthquakes, causing dormant volcanoes to erupt, and tsunamis to hit the coastal areas. Due to this, the emergency shelters are filling up faster than they can be opened.

After seeing the broadcast, the Doyle crew determined they were going to go to the planet and help, but they needed a request for aid before they could move. Using their time wisely, they stocked up on what they would need to handle such a situation. And once the planet’s Governor, Odette Mystere, arrived, they launched for the planet.

“Its sad to see people this close to this much destruction,” commented Lt. Commander Sabrina Holly, the acting First Officer of the Doyle-A. “That’s why we’re here. So we can help as many people as possible and hopefully save the people and their planet.”

“Our chief concern right now is obviously that we are able to help the people of Bila,” said Aigle Phos, Chief Science officer of the Doyle-A. “Although, this is a fascinating insight into the geological process of a unique world.”

Now the Doyle is hovering above the planet with a dire situation before them, an unidentified ship nearby and plans to rendezvous with a fellow Starfleet Vessel. The crew of the Doyle is in the process of coming up with evacuation plans and attempting to determine how they can best help the people of Bila. This is in addition to their plans to send down a search and rescue contingent as well as an official away team to aid the relief effort. The Doyle’s end goal at this point is to determine what caused such a situation and do everything they can to save both the people and the planet from total destruction.

Down on the planet the crime syndicate known as the Sisterhood of Chains orchestrates the planet’s demise. The local Chapter Leader, a native to Bila, Klova Novan has set in motion plans that are used as scare tactics to frighten the population into enslavement and destroy the planet. All that stands between the success of her plan and her demise are the two Starfleet Vessels now in orbit above the planet.

“I still have hope that my daughter is out there… somewhere,” reported Tabananica Riordan.

An official from StarFleet had more to say on the matter of the missing girl.

“It has been over two years and StarFleet has decided to call off the search for Makayla Riordan, civilian bartender last seen on the USS Ronin,” said public affairs officer Lieutenant Takonna Qobal. “Our prayers remain with the young girl, but at this point our resources need to be used elsewhere.”

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