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Borg Invasion? Freighter captain loses mind, infects self with Borg na

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TALOS STAR GROUP – Commander Jalana Rajel and the crew of the USS Constitution-B encountered a liberated member of the Borg Collective who attempted to assimilate a rescue team sent to assist the SS Medina Ascending.

A team consisting of Lt. Cmdr. Nathaniel Wilmer, Lt. Cmdr. Foster, Lt. JG Rusty Hael, and Lt. JG Damian Wynter had been sent to the freighter to assess the damage. The captain of the freighter Ras Xanatos began to fear that Wilmer was asking too many questions, and he ordered his wife Abigail Xanatos to imprison Wilmer in their local holding room. Wilmer attempted to talk his way out of his imprisonment, while Rajel, on the Constitution, became suspicious of his sudden disappearance from all sensors. After being informed of Xanatos’ suspicious behavior by his first officer Krim T’Val, Rajel formed a boarding party to rescue Wilmer. The team consisted of herself, Ensigns Anneka Cage and Valoru and confronted Xanatos.

Unbeknownst to Rajel, Captain Xanatos, a liberated member of the Borg Collective, had a backup plan already in the works. Using Bynar technicians, Ferengi technology, and his life savings, he reprogrammed the remaining Borg implants in his body to replicate thousands of nanites, which would spread throughout the ship and infect its visitors. It is unclear at this point if he still has a connection to the Collective.

With the reported suspicions of Krim, and the scientific efforts of Lt. Cmdr. Kalos Fiorr and the crew, attempts were made to locate and identify the nature of the sensor ghost which was previously discovered. After reports from Rajel and much work, it was found to be a Ferengi mind sphere connected to Xanatos, which he used as a communication relay between himself and the nanites. The crew hoped to reprogram the previously cloaked sphere, close to the Medina Ascending. Fiorr also enlisted the assistance of Ferengi bartender Zogi, who worked diligently on the problem.

“Hoah! No! You couldn’t be more wrong. Rule of acquisition number 190 clearly states: Hear all, trust nothing,” said Zogi reportedly to several suggestions offered by the Constitution crew.

Using the threat of mental commands linked by the mind sphere in combination with the massive amount of nanites on board the Medina Ascending, Xanatos would either receive all the repairs, equipment, and food that he demanded, or every Starfleet officer, able bodied crewman, and civilian would become new members of the Xanatos Collective.

After issuing his demands to Rajel, Xanatos then activated the auto-assimilators regardless of the compliance to his threat, attempting to enslave the entire crew to his will. Little did Xanatos know that the nanites were damaged by free floating pockets of gas present throughout the ship. These nanites reverted to their original programming, and infested Xanatos’ body, which then “super Borgified”.

The now completely insane Xanatos attacked Valoru. Had it not been for the quick actions of Rajel, the young ensign could have died. Xanatos was subsequently transported to the Constitution. There the crew attempted to save his life by removing the implants. They also tried to find out more information about his connection to the mind sphere.

The crew is now trying to clean up the damage in the aftermath, wondering how the ship, crew, and deranged Xanatos should be best dealt with, though that did not go over without a hitch either. Just before sending this report, activity of the mind sphere was caught by the Constitution’s sensors, perhaps attempting to call the Collective.

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