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Lt. (JG) Lyldra, Hars Vlin, & Lt. Brell, “Why are you here?”


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((Deep Space 6 - Deck 20 - Race Spectation Area.))

::She had joined the crowds as captain Harrington took the stage. Her lunch or second lunch as the case was with Walker had been quite enjoyable. She had not expected to open up to her as much as she had wanted Luna to do. She had told her things no one on the ship knew, things that she had not even told her spouses. It had been enjoyable, and she had more in common with Luna than she would have thought. After hearing the crowd praising Ugly Baby she felt a great deal of pride for her crewmates on the winning team. She would give them her personal regards when they were all back on the ship instead of fighting her way through the crowd to congratulate them now. She would take the time to give the Deep Thought team her compliments as well their AI driven ship was quite a curiosity. After getting through the crowd she made her way to where the the food and her Uncle in law would be. Spotting his table she saw he was quite busy when she entered the area. Many people had also found their way over to the buffet tables all stuffed to brim with food from local station eateries. She started to walk up his table from behind when she stopped about ten meters away. She realized one of his assistant chefs at the table looked more familiar than he should. ::

Lyldra: No. It can’t be.

::She looked again at the three figures at the table serving up sandwiches and shimmershell puffs. One was Meko her co-husbands cousin and the largest one in the middle was Garll. The third was not one of Garll’s other two assistants, no it was unmistakably her co-husband Brell. He was in civilian clothing and here on the station serving food she could have been blown over by a feather. She scanned around the room and there she saw Hars sitting at table near by looking dour.::

oO What are they doing here? Oo

::She should have felt happy to see her spouses but she had been avoiding contacting them. She wanted to stay on the Darwin but did not know how to tell them without sounding selfish. Maybe it was selfish they were a month from not just being married but a family of five and she wanted to keep running off on adventures. She wanted more time, she almost turned away to leave and at least she would have until they came looking for her.::

oO Frell, what am I going to do! Oo

::She stood and watched them, Brell was much like his uncle in appearance though Garll was the brother of his co-father. Both men were heavy-set as was common for Bolian males but Garll much more so. Both were chatting it up with the tables patrons and fulfilling another Bolian stereotype of talking too much. Hars was another matter he was tall slim and for a Bolian quiet, he had recently come out of his shell when he moved to Til’ahn to be with her and Brell. There he could not get away with hiding in a lab all the time, though he was still often prone to brooding. Her being pregnant had made him much worse than usual and there was part of her that had been glad she was away and didn't have to deal with it. Even though she knew his overbearing worry was out of love for her, it did not make it any easier to listen too. His face showed it all as he sat there looking at Brell help his uncle. She could see the worry in that furrowed brow and pursed lips she longed for his warm smile to replace it.::

oO If you don’t move soon they will spot you. Oo

::She exhaled and started walking toward the table. It felt to her like each step was taking at least five minutes though time was passing normally. With each of those forever in a moment steps she still had to fight the urge to run off.::

::Hars saw a blue figure through the crowd it was was her … Finally. He stood and went to get Brell he could not tell if she had spotted them there but if she had it was better they both be ready to greet her. After getting his co-husband away from serving food their spouse was now only a few paces away and they started walking towards her. She looked nervous and he wondered if everyone had been right in their warning that she could take them showing up unannounced the wrong way.::

::She was still shaking off the feeling to run away, she had weeks yet she kept telling herself, weeks to figure out how to tell them her desire. Now they were five meters in front of her and walking towards her looking happy as she should be. She did smile as they got closer even unsure as she was she had been missing them dearly. The three reached each other and with out speaking each raised their arms and pressed forelimbs together then embraced. After they parted Lyldra spoke first.::

Lyldra: What are you two doing here?

Brell: Well as you know the last mission at the Embassy had us thrown back in time, and well we saw an altered timeline I can’t say much but there was no federation no anything as we knew it.

Hars: After that we had to see you not after your next mission and what ever convoluted event happens in the galaxy.

::Lyldra let out a little giggle at Hars’ cynical remark. It was just like him to say something like that. Hearing it made her miss statements like that from him even if they usually caused her to roll her eyes at him. She wanted them to be with them so badly, but she was not ready to give up on her new found career in starfleet.::

Lyldra: I can understand that, after my last mission and the effect it has had on the crew I’m glad to see you both as well.

Brell: And look at you you're as big as a shuttlecraft! Are they still doing somersaults in there like you said it felt like?

Lyldra: Yes the one on the right is bouncing about now.

::She guided his hand to that side of her distended belly. Brell almost jumped out of his blue skin when he felt a kick against his hand. It was unlike anything he had ever felt before he had been around plenty of pregnant family members before. But this was his wife and that was their child he had just felt.::

Brell: That is amazing, Hars feel!

::Their slender co-husband placed his own hand beside theirs on her stomach. He first felt a kick on his arm the touching her left side, then from under his hand. It startled him as well and all this became instantly much more real to him. He smiled for the first time since they were here last time all together. He gripped Brell’s shoulder for emotional support.::

Hars: ::Nearly tearing up:: It is amazing.

Lyldra: You got the other one going. We ... we need to talk but can we sit please.

Brell: Of course.

::He took her arm and Hars took the other the three found an open table and there finally she told them of her wishes. Hars’ head did not explode, Brell did not have to choose sides and she didn’t have to restate her words over and over. The dread she had built up over talking about this turned out to be over nothing as they simply and rationally talked about their family's future. Garll joined them after the festivities had nearly ended and they relocated the conversation to his Deli. He made them dinner and offered a few helpful comments. The hour grew quite late and she got them clearance to board the Darwin from it’s nightwatch deck officer so that the three of them could all sleep together in her quarters. They had not come up with a definite plan even after talking all evening but she was amazed in what they were willing to do for her. Never before had she been so sure that she had picked the right partners to share her life with. As the three of them all curled up together in the rather small double bed she felt more at ease than she had since leaving Til’ahn to come here.::


Lieutenant Brell

On Extended LOA


PNPC Hars Vlin

Oceanographic Scientist



Lieutenant (J.G.) Lyldra Diplomatic Officer/Counselor/FDC Attache

Uss Darwin NCC-99312-A

Graphics Team Member



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