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JP: Lt Alexander Bishop & Ens. Myrta Shirazi : Treading in Unknown

Selene Faranfey

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((Sickbay, USS Doyle))

::It looked like it was still early in Sickbay’s day cycle, that or the whole staff had partied a bit too much the night before to unwind from the mission, and was still recovering, Myrta thought .::

::She had decided to make this her first stop of the day, she wasn’t fonder of physicals than the average fleeter, and hers always tended to run on the long side. :: oO Best get this done and over with, I just hope someone here knows what albinism is Oo

::Hers wasn’t distrust in Bishop’s professionalism. The condition nowadays was rarely seen in children or adults, it was almost invariably discovered through pre-natal diagnosis and corrected in-womb stimulating the production of tyrosinase, which, in turn, caused production of melanin; but during the early stages of her mother’s pregnancy they had been touring some fringe colonies, recently established outposts where such advanced treatments weren’t available. Which also meant that Myrta was mightily tired of having to explain the ins and outs of living with albinism to an ever-changing group of medical professionals. ::

:: After a short wait, she called out, voice pitched to carry but not loud ::

Myrta: Doctor Bishop?

:: Hearing his name, he set the PADD down on his office desk and walked out into Sickbay. He wasn’t expecting anyone this early. ::

Bishop: Hello?

Myrta: It’s Ensign Shirazi, I called yesterday for my physical

Bishop: oO I wasn’t expecting her this early. Oo It’s a pleasure to meet you. If you’ll follow me, we can get this done quickly. I’m certain it will be painless.

::Following the voice she went deeper into sickbay::

:: Alex lead the way to a private room where he could conduct the physical. Although physicals didn’t require to get undressed, he still found that some patients want to talk more privately about anything that they might have medical concerns about, and doing so privately helped to accommodate those conversations, rather than hinder them. ::

Bishop: I’ll just run a quick bio-scan and check against your past medical history, then if you feel you need to bring up any concerns, feel free to do so.

Myrta :: Nodding:: Thank you doctor. oO Is this the grumpy guy I was warned about? Wish all doctors were like this. Oo

:: Alex picked up a nearby scanner and tapped a few buttons on it and moved it over Myrta’s body. Half a minute later, it came back up with no detectable problems. As expected, there were no issues that he could detect, but something was making her feel uneasy. ::

Bishop: Scans show nothing wrong. But I can tell you’re a bit nervous about something. What could be troubling you?

:: Surprised, the pale woman snorted a laugh::

Myrta: It is this evident, is it? It’s nothing, really, doctor, but you are the first medical professional I recall who didn’t bat an eyelid upon seeing me, it’s… a surprise, and a pleasant change. oO Oh boy! I hope it didn’t come out like I was flirting with him Oo

Bishop: Just because it’s something that our species has tried to genetically engineered out of existence, doesn’t mean the condition should be ignored. Do you have any concerns about typical issues that commonly accompany your condition?

Myrta: No. my nystagmus* was corrected surgically when I was little. I have amblyopia*, of course, but I was taught ways to cope with it. ::She paused, she was forgetting something, what was it… :: Ah, yes! I do a full-body sunscreen* treatment every year as well, but the last one was just before I was assigned so I’m set till next year.

Bishop: If there is anything we :: He waved to indicate Sickbay :: can help with, then feel free to let us know. I’m unfamiliar with an annual sunscreen treatment, but if you need I can look up the information. Do you find it a complex treatment?

:: In truth, Alex didn’t really know much about her condition, but he would look up what information he could and become very familiar with it for any future concerns she might have. ::

Myrta: No, ::she smiled:: it simplifies my life. I actually started a few years ago, before the Academy. I love swimming, you see, and I snorkel any chance I get, without the treatment it could have been a problem…

((A few minutes later))

:: Myrta thanked again the CMO and left sickbay, with a spring to her step, she liked how her appointment had gone, how doctor Bishop had asked good questions and listened to the answers, she had also liked his regard for her privacy and his professional manner in general. Yes, she nodded to herself, life on Doyle-A was shaping up to be more pleasant than at the Academy at least on this significant aspect.::

:: After she left, Alex went back to his office and started to bring up any research documents about Albinism he could find, including treating common side effects that were typically associated with it and figured he would spend what time he had over the next few days going over the research notes to become more familiar with the subject. ::

Joint post by:

Lt Alexander Bishop

Chief Medical Officer

USS Doyle-A, NCC-90221-A


Ens. Myrta Shirazi

Science Officer

USS Doyle-A

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