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JP: Cpt Nugra & Lt Cmdr Eerie - Clash of the Titans

Piper Seelie

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((XO’s Office))

::Eerie worked on his part of the mission report. Normally he liked to do it as soon as possible, but this time he had taken a lot of time writing it and was choosing his words carefully as he tried in vain to keep his emotions in check. StarFleet loved dry, boring, analytic reports and he had been pretty good of lulling people asleep while they read his reports. This one was another matter. After each paragraph he found himself going back and having to go back and ‘rephrase’ terms that had emotion couched in the statements. He was tempted to have someone reread them, just in case, but he dismissed it. He wanted to take total and complete credit for this report for good or for bad.::

::Roo was the only one that was fitfully relaxing as Eerie wrote his report. Eerie struggled to put the actions into words. Also the recommendations was having a hard time this time. He had also put his meeting with Lieutenant Sevo in the report. The Captain could accept or reject it as was his right. Eerie frankly didn’t care, he had done what he had thought was right. Not taking the the Captain’s approval for it in consideration was a departure for him as well. Eerie had been bred and trained to keep superiors happy. There was now other influences now exerting a lot of control in his workup. .::

((Captain’s Ready Room - Deck 1 - USS Victory ))

:: The first sign that something was terribly wrong with his mood was the fact that Nugra was pacing back and forth. He continually squeezed his fists, searching in vain for a way to calm himself down. Eerie had insulted him on the bridge of his ship, the Gorn was sure of it. It was not something he could just let go. He slammed his fist on his desk’s communicator button. ::

Nugra: =/\= Eerie. My Office. Now! =/\=

Eerie:=/\= Right away, Sir.=/\=

::Eerie saved the document, and picked up the cat and put Roo into the cat carrier.Then he moved out of his office, briefly onto the bridge and entered the Captain’s office. Eerie didn’t have any expectations for what the Captain wanted. He came to attention on a behavior.::

((Captain’s Ready Room))

::Eerie looked at the Captain.::

Eerie: oO Looks a bit distressed, wonder what is up?Oo::

Eerie: Reporting as requested, Sir.

::Eerie had his emotions in check at least from any outward appearance. He had prepared for the next meeting with the Captain. In fact, he wasn’t going to bring up the entire matter with the Captain. If Nugra, didn’t put any stock in what Eerie wanted to discuss, he wasn’t going to bring it up for another go around. As a security officer, Eerie would only give one warning if warranted before action, in typical Brikar manner. Eerie had already requested once to talk with the Captain and he was left deserted for three hours.::

Nugra: ::Angry:: You want to explain to me why you disobeyed my order? I left you in charge of the bridge for a reason.

::Eerie stood there, while the Captain laid it out to him. Eerie certainly wasn’t happy with the Captain, but he felt like he had followed procedure to the letter. It certainly wasn’t Brikar way and he felt that the Captain was completely out of line in his charge. He however, maintained his posture, but a voice inside of him was screaming in him. In most cases he would of just taken the narrative. In some respects however, the pure Brikar was gone, now a human part of him screamed to let it all hang out. However, the last vestiges of military training kicked in, and he forced a muted response.::

Eerie: Sir. Permission to speak freely. ::He was using the all of his self control to keep his voice level.::

Nugra: Out with it, Commander.

Eerie: Captain. I don’t know what you are referring to, but what you did during the last mission was completely out of line. A first officer should have input to away missions and to just send junior officers on such a dangerous and important mission borders on negligent in my opinion. However, I am willing to hold my official report back until you can give me a compelling reason other that they needed experience or you needed us on the bridge. It makes no sense. You have more combat experience in ship to ship engagements that the rest of us combined, why I or a senior officer wasn’t in charge doesn’t make sense.

::Eerie had no plans on stopping. He took a quick breath and then really got into it.::

Eerie: Add to that to leave an officer, your first officer in your ready room for three hours....it was inexcusable. I expected more from you. Captain Vetri or Captain Herrera never would have done such a thing. That shows a complete lack of respect for one of your officers. It will be duly logged in my official report to starfleet.

:: When it happened, Nugra never realized it. His vision went red for a split second as the inner rage and fury broke through the carefully crafted layer of control and stability. The Gorn’s fist flew towards the Brikar’s face in its full fury. If Eerie had been human, he would have painted the opposite wall. Never in his life since the war had he ever used his full strength against anyone. ::

:: The blow caught the rock straight on and the Gorn could feel the pressure and microfractures shoot through his knuckles. He did not care and the blow had a satisfying crunch to it. Eerie did reel from the unexpected strike. ::

::Eerie was shocked on several levels. First he was threw back in the bulkhead with a deafen crash. He had only been hit before like that on a few occasions. The last time was from a glancing blow from a shuttles phasers that had launched him into the woods and games of the Guess which was a Brikar form of ruby. Eerie felt the bruise to his face and after his impact with bulkhead he crashed on the floor. He picked himself off the floor and looked at the rage of the Captain face. Somehow, Eerie had been released from the normal emotional shackles that kept his emotions in check. His normal expression pose was replaced by him hunching down a bit to take full advantage of a closer center of gravity. A mask of rage was now was on his face. He moved with rapid speed towards the Captain. He stared at the Gorn for a quick moment..::

Nugra: ::seething :: I am DONE with your arrogance, Commander. Who do you think you are telling me how to run my ship. As you said, I have more years running a ship than you do. You better learn to respect that.

Eerie: You don’t deserve respect. CAPTAIN! ::With rage in his voice.::

::Eerie charged like a unbridled bull directly towards the Captain. Raising both arms out at the last moment. Eerie saw a bit of movement from the Gorn, but he was a big target and he connected using all of his strength sending the Gorn reeling into a opposite bulkhead.::

:: When the full weight of the Brikar hit him, it felt as if the Gorn had come in to contact with a duranium wall. The species had power and all he could do with wrap his arms around his foe and hold on until his back slammed into the wall. Eerie threw a punch that struck his face hard bringing tears and blurred vision to his eyes. He hit much harder than a Gorn, but he did not have the flexibility in comparison. Giving Eerie a head butt to create room, the Gorn placed his foot by the side of Eerie’s leg and pushed sending the man crashing over. It did not quite go to plan as the Brikar grabbed a fist full of uniform pulling Nugra with him. The two landed on the ready room table causing it to groan and crack under the weight of the two massive titans. ::

:: Nugra kicked Eerie off, but not before the latter landed a blow straight on the snout. Nugra rolled off the table, tasting blood in his mouth. He spit and one of his teeth fell out. ::

Nugra: ::snarling:: You’ve made a grave mistake, Commander.

Eerie: You have make the the mistake. Gorn!

:: Eerie came at him again and Nugra felt the feral version of himself begin to descend on his mind. No longer was Eerie a comrade, but a target that need to be killed. The Gorn’s mind was calculating and he saw it. The two open points. Landing a blow to the man’s chest and then to the knee cause the Brikar to stumble and growl in pain. He was not down though and was able to throw himself on to the lizard and fasten his hands around Nugra’s neck. Pushing and shoving, the lizard was able to break free sinking his teeth in to the hard skin and locking his jaw. Eerie thrashed to break free and both went flying in opposite directions. ::

::Eerie could feel some pain. Which wasn’t very normal for him. He could feel rawness on his body and his tunic was torn. He looked over at the Captain and his madness was subsiding a bit. He was still angry but the actions were now coming to light. He was sore, and he unsteadily picked himself up. He wasn’t sure if he was really hurt, but he was certainly slow getting up. Watching the Gorn wearily.::

:: The two lay in the opposite corners of the room heaving and gasping. Nugra shifted gently feeling the three broken ribs and bruised body. His right eye had gone fuzzy compared to the other one. ::

Nugra: ::gasping:: The whole point of command, Mister Eerie, is choosing who will die. Space is not safe…::Gasping::...and each and every person you put on an away team has a chance of not coming back….like Talia…::gasping::...That is my decision to make and mine alone.

Eerie: I’m aware of that fact, but your first officer should have input. You know that better that I.:: With a passion that was rare for the Brikar.::

::Eerie had worked up a full head of steam, nothing was going to keep the lid down now.::

Nugra: I….:: was he really saying this?::...forget sometimes. I spent so many years having to make these decisions alone, its...its hard to break.

Eerie: IF you want a first officer I expect to have input into these decisions! Otherwise transfer me, and if you want a lap dog find another, I will not be disrespected again. ::The steam was starting to run dry a bit and Eerie caught himself for a moment::

Eerie: oO What are you doing? You hit the Captain? Oo

::Eerie backed up a bit, realizing what he had just done.::

Eerie: Sorry.....sir.::The tone and volume had dropped somewhat, but his eyes were still burning a bit.::

Nugra: ::standing:: Don’t apologize, Commander, you were defending yourself. I threw the first punch. If it would be alright with you, I’d like to keep this off the records….and...I promise to try harder to make sure you’re included.

::Eerie was a bit confused. He lived by the rules and regulations of Starfleet and his own personal code. Both of them had just evaporated in the heat of rage and anger. Under regulations he should be in the brig waiting for a general court marshal. Now he was being asked to forgot the worst part of it.::

:: Nugra placed a hand on the Brikar’s shoulder. ::

::Eerie gave a small flinch as he felt the hand on his shoulder but he didn’t back off.::

Nugra: In my fleet sometimes leaders get in to it to work out their situations. At times, it's better for the subordinates not to know.

Eerie: In the Brikar world, I wouldn’t expect any explanation, but situations have changed. I have changed.

::Eerie had know for a long time that the Brikar of old, had changed but to publicly voice it was another matter. He had spend over a year trying to suppress that part of his personality. He was a bit confused by the admission. However there was some relief as well.::

Nugra: You think we can still work together? If you want a transfer, I’ll get you any ship you want.

Eerie: Other than my own ship?.::Letting humor drift in the conversation taking the edge off a bit. He relaxed a bit more. He felt the scrape on his face..::No, I’m quite happy here. Nice shot, by the way. Not too many have ‘ever’ knocked me down.

Nugra: There’s an advantage to being a large lizard. ::chuckling:: I suggest we make our way down to sickbay and tell the doctors we had the holodeck settings to high.

Eerie: Sounds like a good idea. Sorry Captain. I was out of line.

::Eerie was not happy with his behavior. He took in a large breath of air.::

Nugra: So was I, Mister Eerie, so was I.

::Eerie put out his three fingered hand to the Captain and they both shook. ::

JP By….


Captain Nugra

Commanding Officer

USS Victory, NCC-362447

FWPA '15 Facilitator



Lt. Commander Eerie

First Officer

USS Victory

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Oh man, this was an epic read. Glad you submitted it!

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