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USS Constitution caught in temporal rift

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PITKAR SYSTEM — While attempting to rescues the missing USS Thomas Edison, the USS Constitution crew made some troubling discoveries and found themselves trapped in a temporal rift.

Following the hostage situation on Deep Space 285, the crew of USS Constitution-B was given little time to relax as Starfleet Command informed them that they would be part of a task force that was being sent to the Piktar System to investigate strange happenings with the Prometheus Station and the disappearance of the USS Thomas Edison.

The Constitution sped to the remote system, hoping to offer its assistance. However, upon arrival to the scene, it was determined that the Thomas Edison, and subsequently the Constitution, had become trapped in some sort of temporal rift. The ship wasn’t responsive to hails or communications, but eventually three of the Thomas Edison’s crew – Doctor Lilavati Chandur, Ensign Eleni Kostas and Master-at-Arms Scott Rand – were able to make contact with the Constitution.

Two away teams were sent over, one to rescue the survivors who were holed up in Main Engineering and the other to investigate what had happened to the ship. Upon arrival, the away teams learned that the majority of the Thomas Edison’s crew had become infected with some sort of virus that reverted their DNA back to some pre-evolved state, almost like primates. These infected crew were extremely violent, forcing one away team to seek shelter in Engineering with the Thomas Edison survivors and attacking the other team in the process.

Meanwhile on the Constitution, the effects of the temporal rift became more apparent. Certain members of the crew experienced momentary reversions in their genetic structure. Others had visions of an alternate dimension.

“I saw myself die.” said Chief Petty Officer Aemilia Agrippina. “Let me tell you, no being should see Hades’s will for them before time. Extremely unsettling.”

Commander Faranster worked with his remaining officers to battle these “temporal bubbles” and maintain the stability of the Constitution. When the two away teams were beamed back, the one led by Lieutenant Commander Siris, who was experiencing some sort of several mental degradation, was transported directly to sickbay, while the other team, led by Lieutenant Commander Udas himself, beamed to the science lab, with the Thomas Edison survivors, to begin working on a cure in an attempt to save the failing Thomas Edison. The bridge crew continued to battle the random temporal bubbles bombarding the ship. These temporal shifts caused serious damage to the ships and resulted in the failure of multiple systems.

It was determined that the Thomas Edison had been infected when they encountered a Starfleet officer from an alternate timeline who had been infected by the virus. When the Thomas Edison had rescued the man, he spread the sickness quickly through the ship. While questions remained around the motive for infecting the ship, the Constitution and her crew worked to save the Thomas Edison, but she was sucked back into a separate temporal rift and lost forever.

“The survivors from the USS Thomas Edison are grieving the loss of their colleagues, they are not available for comment. Aside from that, the most interesting thing to hear about down here in sickbay, is an allergic reaction to felines,” said Nurse Philippa Long of the Constitution.

Faranster, seeing the power and unpredictability of these rifts, ordered the Constitution to return to Deep Space 10, bringing the uninfected Thomas Edison crew and a very exhausted, but cohesive, Constitution crew back to safety.

“While we mourn the loss of a ship and crew, we are extremely grateful for the return of whomever could be rescued. We are investigating all of the files and data gathered by both crews, and plan to release more information after we have notified the next of kin,” said Starfleet Public Affairs officer Commander A.J. Ciaravolo in San Francisco.

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