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SciWorld 2015: Online Roleplaying Convention

StarBase 118 Staff

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Mark your calendars: SciWorld 2015 is coming up soon!

SciWorld is an online roleplaying convention that brings science fiction and fantasy writers together. Hosted by Ongoing Worlds, this online convention is hosted over dedicated chat rooms and features many different play by post and play by e-mail games coming together and sharing stories and ideas. You can attend sessions to help you become a better writer, join in games, share in open discussions and make new friends.

Featuring many genres and styles of gaming, this convention is a great way to light your creative spark and meet new role players who can inspire you to better posting! StarBase 118 has a strong showing at this convention each year and it features several discussions moderated or led by your fellow captains and crew.

SciWorld will be hosted April 23-25th, and it is absolutely free to attend. You can drop in or out of the chats and events at any time – so make sure you stop by and say hi! Click here for more information.

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