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PNPC Lt. Surem - Better This Way

Sedrin Belasi

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((Promenade, back maintenance corridors - StarBase 118 Ops))
::They said that one man's tragedy was another man's opportunity. For Lt. Surem nothing could be more true.
He heard the rumors, the hushed whispers that these terrible riots and all this destruction were caused by the same saboteurs who crashed the Cerberas into the special ops tower. If only the Resiliency had the resources and the capabilities to bring the Federation to its knees this easily! Surem would be thrilled to wield such power. But that was not the case. The timing was a classic case of red herring, where it simply seems like a logical progression from ion storms and crashed ships to a large scale internal takeover.
That didn't mean Surem was going to waste this opportunity. In fact, it was more than he ever could have asked for, all things considered.
True, getting around the riots and the crowds was difficult, But Surem had been studying the station and the back ways of getting to where he wanted to go for the better part of two years. Having no interest in pastimes beyond careful preparations for the downfall of the Federation one millimeter at a time, and having every capability of finishing all of her work in an exceedingly timely manner, he had much time to devote to learning all the intricacies of the station and everything a mole providing information to saboteurs would need to know.
He had made the majority of the trip unhindered, with only the last few meters being a shoving match between him and the packed crowd. He had to nerve pinch two individuals who were quickly swept away and trampled by the crowd. They didn't even have enough of a mind left to scream as a barrage of feet crushed the life from their bodies. Surem wasn't sorry, nor did he dwell on their deaths. There were darker things for him to attend to today.
The quarantine forcefields were up at the security junction, both solid and obviously malfunctioning. The smell of charred flesh hung around them - too much power was being forced through the barrier making it an electrical wall of death. At first Surem thought he would have to hack in and drop them - which might give the station a clue as to his identity and true intentions. But someone had helpfully smashed a hole in the wall some meters down, and while it was disgraceful to wriggle through like a worm, it was also much safer.
Inside the security station, power was completely out. No regular lights, no standard air circulation, no security measures. Only the baleful glow of the orangey emergency lights which cast the whole place in looming infernal shadows.
The forcefield which kept the saboteur, the criminal, the murderer Ry'van Alstred at bay had completely fallen. The only thing keeping the man in place was the fact that he was locked in his own mind, many years and many light years away. Surem scoffed quietly as he stepped over the rubble and approached the man who was curled up, asleep and sucking his thumb like a small child. Alstred was once a good operative, reliable and subtle. Surem didn't know what went wrong on this mission, but he did know that Alstred was now a dangerous liability, especially since he had suffered his telepathic lobotomy. Still, Alstred knew certain things that were of value to the resiliency. He had to die, but not quite yet.
Surem: Rhansu, can you hear me?
Alstred: ::Sleepily:: Vorna, is that you? ::a pause, his eyes fluttered open:: It doesn't sound like you.
Surem: ::he knelt down:: No, it's big brother Surem. You remember me, right?
Alstred: Surem? ::dreamily:: I was supposed to go to a StarBase and meet Surem. I don't like him.
Surem: ::With a faintly sadistic smile:: Don't like him, why?
Alstred: He's cold... ::he shivered:: He's cruel.
Surem: And you're not?
Alstred: If I could, I would have my family back and live in peace.
Surem: ::Gently:: But your family is dead.
Alstred: ::Stubbornly, rising to his knees to blink, unseeing in the darkness:: I will see them again, someday! It will happen.
Surem: It will happen sooner than you think. ::He edged closed, close enough to feel Alstred's hot breath upon his neck:: But I need something from you first.
Alstred: ::Confused, his blurry eyes were searching:: What could you possibly need from me?
::The Vulcan snapped his hands out, striking faster than a cobra. One hand grabbed the back of Alsred's head, while the other glues itself to his face as the Romulan's eyes snapped one in awareness and horror::
Surem: My mind to your mind...
Alstred: ::The words bubbled up in a guttural groan of pain and terror:: NO! NOOOOO!
Surem: ::As calm as a frozen lake in an abandoned town:: My thoughts to your thoughts...
::Alstred's protests rose in a crescendo of agony, all of it drowned out by the horrific din coming from the riot outside. No one would hear him scream. And no one would care how a murderer died.
Green blood started to drain from Alstred's eyes sockets as the Vulcan tore through his mind, sifting out every bit of useful information before dragging him to the security junction and tossing his ragged body against the crackling quarantine field. The smell of charred copped mingled with urine to create the perfect stench of fear and death as Alstred's body jerked and twitched until the last breath left it.
Surem smiled. The man would finally see his sister. It was what he wanted, wasn't it? It was better this way, for everyone.
He crawled through the hole in the wall and rejoined the crowd, slipping back towards the back crawlspaces and fading into the darkness of emergency lights and blaring alarms...::
pNPC Lieutenant Surem
Geochemical Sciences
StarBase 118 Ops

Simmed by LtCmdr Sal Taybrim
FO: StarBase 118 Ops
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