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Spring Graphic Contest Winners Announcement!


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The judging is over and we have our winners!

First allow me to say that all of your entries have been fantastic. It was quite difficult, not to choose everyone as winners. But we had to choose. So here we are!

This time we did not have any entries for the Worldbuilding category, so we chose 2 winners and 2 runner ups from all entries!

Our two winners are: *drumroll*

Tyler Kelly

Talia Kaji

Our runner ups are:

Ayiana Sevo

Nathaniel Wilmer

Congratulations to all of you! And thank you for everyone who entered. :)

You can grab your badges here. The entries will be displayed on the Wiki and on Deviantart very soon and Talia and Tyler will receive a message from me with their special IC surprise.

A huge thank you also to the judges of the Graphic contestNathaniel Wilmer, Shelther Faranster, Maxwell Traenor and Raissa Moonsong!

Edited by Akeelah (Jalana)
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Woo! Can't believe I got it again!

So many awesome entries this round, I can't wait to see what everyone comes up with next time!

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Congrats! I figured you might get it. That comic book cover was awesome.

And congrats to Kaji as well, though IIRC Nugra's wiki right, the lizard is a neat freak. Would he really have a desk that cluttered? Heh.

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