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MSNPC Captain Connor Dreyfus, "A new hope"


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((Bridge, Deck 1, USS Dunbar))

::The Bridge was alive, which was more than Connor could say for himself right now. He had endured some very hard hours and there was little left in his tank for much longer. His officer had been trying to think of ways to free the ship from the anomaly but the Dunbar was simply not equipped with the sensors, or the engines to shake it free. Connor was a little under the pump and he was feeling more than a little overwhelmed. ::

Tansey: Sir, hull stresses are increasing. I’ve attempted to reinforce, but, it’s not having a great deal of effect.

Dreyfus: oO When will I get some good news I wonder. Oo

::The ship had been moving towards the rift at an increasing rate. While Connor wasn’t concerned with hitting it just yet, they were approaching a threshold where their proximity was about to start becoming a problem. ::

::Connor opened his mouth to provide a response, when he noticed the officer jump quite excitedly in front of him.::

Tansey: Sir, we have an incoming transmission, from the USS Darwin.

::The Captain almost fell out of his seat. They had sent out a transmission earlier but had received no return response. It was discussed that perhaps they simply were suffering the extreme effects of the rift and communication never made it out, or couldn’t make it in. Hearing from the Darwin was the answer that Connor was hoping for, but with everything else, wasn’t expecting.::

Dreyfus: Put it through!

Renos: =/\= USS Dunbar, this is Captain Renos of the Federation Starship Darwin, responding to your distress call. What is your status? =/\=

Dreyfus: =/\= Captain good to hear from you. We have been caught in the Anomaly which i’m sure you can see. We have been unable to remove ourselves from it’s grasp, and over the past 24 hours have been accelerating towards it. We have had random and consistent failures across the ship, with no reason that we can identify. We are starting to see some hull stresses across the ship. I’m not sure what your sensors can pick up, but we are running out of time. I could send you Captain, what we have collected her so far. =/\=

::It strangely felt good to get all of that out off of his chest. He already knew it, and so did his crew, but sharing his problems with someone else felt a little like some of them could be shared, that the burden could be someone elses for a moment. As if sharing the situation allowed someone to feel like he did right now. While the list of things he shared weren’t the complete list, he was sure only the essential items were necessary to mention now.::

Renos: =/\= Negative. We cannot accept data transfers at this time due to a weapon called an 'Anoxia field' that the Zalkonians have - have you heard of it?

::Connor had know about the Zalkonians for some time, but they had for the most part ignored his presence in the region. He wasn’t sure why now, they would be interested in what has happening here.::

Dreyfus: =/\= Sadly I am not familiar with that. Are the Zalkonians causing problems? =/\=

Renos: =/\= Since they've been sighted in the region we're taking no chances. My First Officer, Brayden Jorey can fill you in. I'm sending him over with a team right away. =/\=

::They were sending over an away team was a great boost to Connor’s hopes of success. If they could change the tide, and provide some fresh ideas about how to break free, Connor would be forever grateful. He just hoped that they didn’t now become extra prisoners on his ship.::

Dreyfus: =/\= My officers tell me that Transportes won’t work though Captain. Do you have another idea? =/\=

::While his team didn’t have a great need to transport anything, they had discovered the targeting sensors and distortion field, would likely render any rescue via transporters wouldn’t work. ::

Renos: =/\= How full is your cargo hold right now? Could it accommodate a shuttle? =/\=

Dreyfus: =/\= We were on a survey mission, the Cargo bay should be fine to house your shuttle. I’ll have my officers prepare it. =/\=

Renos: =/\= Okay, I'll pass that on to the team. What of your missing engineer, is there any sign of him, or leads surrounding his disappearance? =/\=

:: A man that Connor hadn’t stopped thinking about since he went missing. It was the general theory that the Anomaly had been the cause of his disappearance, but he was still the only officer missing. He had his teams working on ideas on how to find him, but they had so far come up with nothing. The failures had done nothing to improve upon Connor’s mood.::

Dreyfus: =/\= We’ve had some thoughts Captain, but so far nothing we have come up with works. To be honest, the impending proximity to the anomaly has begun to take priority. =/\=

::It sounded harsh even as he was saying it. But it had to be done like that. He could not force his teams to focus on finding the chief when the entire crew’s safety was in jeopardy while they were approaching the anomaly.::

Renos: =/\= I see, well our team will certainly help you figure it out and if we can stabilize your ship and get all systems functioning again I'm sure it'll help. Have there been any other disappearances? =/\=

Dreyfus: =/\= No Captain, the Chief is the only one. =/\=

Renos: =/\= At least that's something. Is there anything else I need to know? =/\=

Dreyfus: =/\=Keeping us from falling apart is probably the priority right now, and my team is struggling with that. =/\=

Renos: =/\= Okay, thanks for that. I'll pass all of that onto the first officer and we'll get them over to you as quickly as possible. Renos out. =/\=

::Knowing they were coming aboard gave Connor a renewed energy. Brought from the brink of despair Connor now felt as though they might get out of this mess after all.::

Dreyfus: Get that Cargo bay ready for their arrival. Summons me as soon as they arrive.

::Connor had some freshening up to do. He wasn’t about to present to them in his current, filthy state. Heading to his now re-lit ready room, Connor freshened up in preparation for the Darwin Crews imminent arrival. He needed to be thinking straight, and to do that, he needed to wake up. He'd spent hours in a lull and it was time now to take action.::

MSNPC Captain Connor Dreyfus
Commanding Officer
USS Dunbar

Simmed by

Lieutenant Commander Kael Thomas - Chief Engineering Officer, USS Darwin NCC-99312-A
Academy Statistician
Contact: azzabax@gmail.com


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