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MSNPCs Kai'la and Herolt - With Eyes Skyward


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((Capitol City Heralokk, Mercadia III))

::The cool night air swirled around her as she walked further away from the lights of the city with the rest of the group. Members of her family, along with other people from around the grouping who had come to Heralokk for the launch, moved further from the few lights that were left on so that their view of the sky would be better. Above them, the stars twinkled in the clear protective layer of their atmosphere.::

::And all around, wonder danced from young to old. It was the dawn of the space age here on Le'wei; no one was willing to miss out on the fun. As the crowd slowed, a voice filtered back from the front of the group.::

Voice: Here is good. Looking up, you'll want to find the drawing of Malak, the Guardian of Le'wei. The stars of his sash will point the way to where our hero will fly by.

::A small capsule housing only one man had been sent to the heavens. It was only the fifth launch of the current era, but in such a small amount of time they had come such a distance. The moons were closer to them than ever before. Plans were already in the works for visits there, and to the other planets of their space system. Every bit of creative energy was being put into the program and the whole of the population ran rampant with excitement.::

::The future was out there. All they had to do now was grab it.::

Kai'la: One day I'll be up there.

::It was a statement whispered to her twin brother who nodded in return. He was well aware of the newfound obsession his sister had for the space program.::

Herolt: We know Kai.

::He grinned and found a place on the cool grass to lay back and look upwards. Kai dropped beside him and into a similar position. Together,
they found themselves transfixed on the sky above them. In the distance, she could hear the voice of the one who had lead the out here, but she
already knew most of what he was saying so she tuned it out. Instead, he leaned her head a bit closer to her brother and whispered again.::

Kai'la: I wonder what's out there.

::It was a statement more than a question. She did wonder, but she also knew that in her not far off future, she planned to find out.::

Herolt: I guess you'll have to just wait.

::He knew the time would be problematic for her, as she always was one to just jump in with two feet, but he didn't know how to pass it along faster. Instead he'd chosen just to pick on her instead.::

Herolt: Besides, it's probably some big scary space monster playing with marbles or something.

::His sister snorted, having fielded a number of his crazy space and universe origin theories.::

Kai'la: Well then one day I will play with him.

::The teenager grinned, never taking her eyes from the stars above. This was magical, and it was something she swore she'd be a part of.::


Kai'la and Herolt
Civilian Citizens of Le'wei (Mercadia III)

As simmed by

Fleet Captain Kalianna Nicholotti
Commanding Officer
USS Excalibur A

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