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2nd Lt. Cerissa Tyren, MAR 'First Time Into The Breach'

Selene Faranfey

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((Marine Facility, Deck Thirteen, USS Constitution-B))

::Cerissa was stood in front of her unit going over the mission briefing. She felt like she should say that she knew it was their first mission together, that they could get through it if they worked hard and pitched in…but she didn’t. If there was one thing law school had taught her was that the right thing needed to be said at the right time – these people were Starfleet Marines, they didn’t want to see their commander second guessing herself before they had even set foot on the Edison.::

::No, keep it focused on the mission, that was the key…for Cerissa as much as for them.::

Tyren: The virus is apparently spread via contact with bodily fluids so I wanted us equipped for a category four contagion. Also, we will need to go inside the transporter black out zone so everyone make sure you’re wearing two high power emergency transport beacons – one for you and one for our survivors.

Fisher: What’s our triage protocol, Lieutenant?

::Cerissa turned towards the medic.::

Tyren: Ultimately, Corporal, that will be up to Commander Udas but the initial plan is to transfer them to the quarantine unit aboard the Constitution as soon as possible; based on that I don’t foresee the need to move to a disaster plan at this stage.

::It was a frowned upon part search and rescue missions but, sometimes, you only had so much in the way of supplies and you would have to make the choice – use a significant amount to save one person or spread that out to save multiple casualties but let the ‘expectant’ patient die. She didn’t relish the thought of having to make that call.::

Tyren: I’m uploading your ROEs to your combat tricorders now but, broadly, the ‘infected’ are still Starfleet personnel and the Captain hopes we can find a way of reversing its effects - so keep your weapons on heavy stun. That having been said, the priority of this mission is the recovery of the survivors and the safety of our away team so lethal force is authorised.

::She paused while she transferred the mission protocols to the marines tricorders.::

Tyren: One more thing, the Edison is in a state of significant disrepair, particularly in the aft section. We don’t want to compromise the superstructure or systems further with explosions and wayward phaser fire so keep your shots tight.

::She returned the screen to its ready state before addressing the room.::

Tyren: Okay, Gunnery Sergeant Tau, Corporal Fisher, Private McPhail you’re with me, transporter room one in five minutes. The rest of you will remain here on stand-by; Master Sergeant Reichart will be in command. Any questions?

::A selection of shaken heads indicated none were to be forthcoming.::

Tyren: Alright, you have your orders. Dismissed.

::Cerissa left the briefing room and began walking towards the armoury when she heard the footsteps behind her.::

Reichart: Lieutenant, permission to speak freely?

::She turned to face the man known, affectionately or not, as Golem.::

Tyren: Granted, Master Sergeant.

Reichart: Why are you leaving me out of this mission? With respect…

::Cerissa raised a hand.::

Tyren: Don’t…don’t say ‘with respect’ and then proceed to insult me. I have ears and eyes, Clay, and your feelings about me are thinly veiled at best.

Reichart: They’re my team, I should be there.

Tyren: They’re our team; and whether you like that or not doesn’t change the fact. Look, I understand where you’re coming from, I do, and your care for our people is what makes you a good NCO.

::She leaned in closer.::

Tyren: But here’s the thing - they won’t miss me if something bad happens over there…and if something bad does happen over there I need you overhere watching our backs. Is that understood, Master Sergeant Reichart?

::The sergeant held her gaze for what felt like an eternity.::

Reichart: Yes, Ma’am.

Tyren: Good.

((Timeskip - Five minutes later - Deck Twelve, Transporter Room One, USS Constitution-B))

::Udas was already at the transporter when her team arrived.::

Tyren: Commander, allow me to introduce Gunnery Sergeant Tau, Corporal Fisher and Private McPhail here to provide extra protection as well as medical support.

::She saw Li arrive and gave her a nod while she went over last second checks with her marines. Tel-ar close behind.::

Udas: Well, there isn't any time to waste, I'd say. Chief, lock onto the corridor just outside the Edison's Engine Room. Energize when ready.

Tyren: oO Here we go then, Ceri, this is the job you applied for… Oo

Mongiello: Energizing.

::The world glimmered as the transporter activated, sending them across into the unknown of the USS Thomas Edison.::

Second Lieutenant Cerissa Tyren, SFMC
Marine Officer
USS Constitution-B
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