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Kapoor Twins - Captain Warpcore and Frontier Man


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(( OOC: The Apollo has been shaken through by the Ion Storm hitting SB 118, where the ship was docked. While everyone went back to work, the children were brought to the School rooms, from which two children 'escaped'. This is an adventure of these children, through their eyes: The 5 year old Kapoor twins, also known by their hero names Captain Warpcore and Frontier Man. ))

(( Hallways - otherwise known as the transwarp streets of the Galaxy ))

:: Space: the final frontier. These are the voyages of the starship Apollo, manned by the two bravest heroes of the world: Captain Warpcore and Frontier Man. Their mission: to scan the Galaxy, to seek out those in need, and to destroy those that threatened peace. To boldly go where no man has gone before. ::

:: The stars flew by them, looking like long white threads of yarn, as the super-pilot Frontier Man navigated himself and his loyal companion Captain Warpcore through the galaxy in search for the Shake-o-tron. They had felt the shaking several times, quaking the whole galaxy. ::

:: The heroes had agreed that the Shake-o-tron must be a huge monster, holding the galaxy in giant claws, shaking it like a rattle, to hear its sounds, the screams of the inhabitants. But Captain Warpcore and Frontier Man would put this to an end. They had a plan, but for that they had to find their enemy! ::

:: As they rapidly made their way through the transwarp streets of the galaxy, Frontier man heard a noise ahead and fell quickly out of warp and turned to his loyal companion, placing his finger on puckered lips, before he peeked his head around the next big asteroid. ::

:: Two astronauts with gold around their necks floated in space, and Frontier Man immediately noticed their belts, stocked with weapons. One of the astronauts laughed and said something to the other, that he could not hear, and then made a gesture with his hand. Just in that moment the ship shook slightly again. There was no doubt. These Astronauts worked with Shake-o-tron! ::

:: Frontier-Man gasped and the Astronauts apparently had super hearing, because they turned and potted him. Quickly he ducked behind the asteroid again and looked to Captain Warpcore. ::

Frontier Man: We have been spotted by servants of Shake-o-tron!

:: The other's face change to determination and out of his gear belt he pulled a Hyperspanner, holding it in his hand like a sword. ::

Captain Warpcore: We need to fight them!

Frontier Man: ::Nodding determined:: To save the Galaxy!

:: Turning around again, the Astronauts suddenly came around the asteroid, looking down to the heroes. Frontier Man pushed his hands into his hips, straightening his back, his cape flowing in the vacuum of space. ::

Frontier Man: Surrender Servants of Shake-o-tron!

LaFleur: Ah, we meet at last. And what are you two ::she sneered in disgust as she said the word:: HEROES doing in this corridor instead of in class?

:: Captain Warpcore eyed the astronaut suspiciously, this corridor of space was easy to access, they had no problem getting into it just like everyone else using it for their transwarp travel. He just did not know what she meant with class... maybe the ship class? ::

Captain Warpcore: You can't have the galaxy! It is defended!

Dragumov: .. uh and .... and .... by WHO exactly is this galaxy defended?

:: The other Astronaut was a little slow to speak, but after the first Astronaut nudged him, he finally had spoken and Frontier Man pulled back his shoulders and puffed his chest. ::

Frontier Man: By Frontier Man and his loyal companion Captain Warpcore!

Captain Warpcore: ::He stretched out his hand with the spanner in it, pushing the activation button, so whirring sounds announced the deadly rays.:: Take this, evil servants!

LeFleur: You fools! Do you really think your feeble weapons are a match for the minions of Shakeytron? um... I mean... Shake-O-Tron?

:: As the Astronaut used the wrong name, their little dark eyes squinted slightly in suspicion, but she used the correct one quickly and all was good again. Apart from the weapon not having an effect on her. ::

Frontier Man: ::gasping:: It don't work! Do something, quick!

Dragumov: We should get them back to the school, they will be missed.

LeFleur: Are you kidding? I don't know if they were sent back to their parents yet or if they are still gathered in the classrooms, and I'm not missing my afternoon coffee to find out. Lets take them to the office. Whether it was the school or their parents who lost them, they can come pick them up.

:: Once more the Captain squinted his eyes. They were speaking of things that did not fit into the universe and their important task to save the galaxy. Maybe it was a Shake-O-Tron secret language! ::

Captain Warpcore: I don't know this place... what is a school? We are here to save the galaxy!

LeFleur: But of course you don't, you good-for-nothing heroes just fly around trying to ruin all our evil plans! But it will not work this time, we will finally capture these enemies of our lord Shake-O-Tron! He will be so pleased we might even get promoted to ARCH-MINIONS!

Frontier Man: Never!

Captain Warpcore: We will never suc...sur... bow down!

LeFleur: Ensign Crankypants! Seize the armed one! The other is clearly a master of martial arts just as I, Ensign Wing Chun am !

:: Frontier Man put one foot forward and put his arms in a chop chop position, squinting his eyes at the Astronaut. ::

Frontier Man: I have the darkest belt! You don't have a chance evil Servant!

:: Moving his arm, Captain Warpcore now held his weapon in direction of the male Astronaut and made little steps backwards. ::

Captain Warpcore: You will never take us!

Dragumov: ... Ensign Crankypants? Really?

LeFleur: Make haste you fool! Before they escape our capture!

Dragumov: ::defeatedly:: Alright Frontier Man, lets see what you are made of.

Captain Warpcore: Hahaa you wish you had Frontier Man in front of you!

Dragumov: ::sighing:: my mistake. Captain Warpcore than.

:: Captain Warpcore kept holding out his hyperspanner weapon and tried his best evasive maneuvers as the big hand tried to grab him, but the Astronaut was too big, and without too much effort had grabbed the hero and slung him over his shoulder. With wiggling and drumming on the back of the bigger Astronaut he tried to free himself. ::

Captain Warpcore: Frontier Man! Fight for the good of the galaxy!

:: The other Astronaut and Frontier Man floated around themselves in the vaccum of space, that of course did not harm the heroes, because they were heroes and the galaxy was thankful for their deeds. But the servant of Shake-o-tron had special powers and while Frontier Man gave all he could, he was soon captured as well. Both looked at eath other, while they were carried by the servants and then smiled. They had just turned this turn of events into their own advantage. They would not give up! ::

(( Security Department - Evil Shake-o-tron's headquarters ))

:: The Astronauts had somehow managed to overwhelm the heroes, but they did not give up. They still tried to use their hyperspanner and flight powers to free themselves from their grips, but then had decided to take this chance. As the astronauts were servants of Shake-o-tron, they would bring them to their evil overlord and that would mean, that they could rescue the ship and the galaxy one and for all. ::

:: A black haired woman looked up from her - undoubtedly - evil controls as they entered the headquarters and looked down to the heroes who where dragged in by the Astronauts. ::

Severina: Right. What is all this about and who exactly are you?

:: Inside the Headquarters, a space station that allowed them to now stand on the ground, well the Astronauts, since the heroes were still on their shoulders. There were more servants, as one would expect in the headquarters and they watched. Captain Warpcore had no doubt, that they were shaking in fear now that their enemies were here. ::

Amelie: Ensign Wing Chun your evilness.

Dragumov: Hello, I'm Ensign Dragumov. Welcome to the Apollo ....

:: Again the big man started to talk about things that did not belong into their little superhero world, so the hero twins raised their little voices so they could not be overheard. ::

Frontier Man: We are superheroes!

Captain Warpcore: We save the galaxy from evil!

Dragumov: ... and this is Ensign Amelie LeFleur....

Severina: Oh really? You look more like two children to me.

Dragumov: A common mistake I think, when encountering superheros.

LeFleur: AND they have discovered our secret plan to... shake things... your evilness!

:: Captain Warpcore once again held out his deadly weapon, the hyperspanner, this time towards the black haired woman and pressed the button. The weapon made whirring sounds and its lights flashed, sending out its death rays towards her. ::

Captain Warpcore: You will surrender!

Severina: I will do nothing of the sort.

LeFleur: Dont worry Shake-O-Tron, we will protect you.

:: The Twin Heroes looked at each other with big eyes, the black haired woman was Shake-O-Tron itself! The Astronaut had just said it. Now they only need a way to use their hero powers against her and the Galaxy would be safe. Since they could not move away, they began to look around the Headquarters from their spots, they had to find something they could turn into their tool of freedom. ::

Severina: So where did you find....them? And did you manage to get names - I mean their real names, not whatever it is they seem to think they are?

Dragumov: We found them wandering in deck 41, I think they are supposed to be in the classrooms still but we weren't sure...

Frontier Man: Heroes only need hero names!

Severina: Refusing to give your real names? Hmmm, perhaps time in the brig will get some answers.

Dragumov: As you command your shaky-ness.

LeFleur : I think I can whip up a truth serum in the Break Room of Doom that will get to the bottom of all this! You will talk heroes!

Captain Warpcore: You will never find out!

(( Secret interrogation chamber, Shake-O-Tron Headquarters ))

:: The heroes that did not seem to be very heroic right now, though of course that was all show and they would seize the moment when it presented itself, were being dragged into the interrogation chamber, and the heroes did not have a doubt on their mind that the servants of Shake-O-Tron would do everything to bring the heroes to spit out their information. Not that they would get it, but they would try. ::

:: They were brought and sat down on a leather couch, as only the villains could have them and the female servant of Shake-O-tron put a large long bowl on the table in front of them. The heroes looked at it with big eyes, almost eating it with their looks. Banana-Split, the most dangerous tool of the villains! ::

LeFleur: Alright heroes! You will consume this truth serum and then tell me everything you know about our evil plan.

Captain Warpcore: We will never eat it!

Frontier Man: No matter how good it looks!

Captain Warpcore: Yes, we don't care, not at all, that it is our favourite ice-cream...

Frontier Man: Exactly! You will not find out anything!

:: The woman left and the heroes now sat alone in the interrogation chamber, alone with their worst enemy... the banana-split truth serum. They looked at each other, with doubtful looks. ::

Frontier Man: ::quietly:: Maybe just a little, they will not find out much if we eat only a little, right?

Captain Warpcore: ::nibbling his lower lip he thought:: Maybe if we get something from the bottom, there won't be truth serum yet!

:: Frontier man slipped his finger into the bowl, along the inside wall and swooped some of the ice-cream on his finger before pulling it out again and with a short glance to the other Hero - and receiving a short nod - he slipped his finger into his mouth and licked the ice cream of it. It was so tasty, but of course they had to test if it had worked. ::

Fontier Man: Ask me something.

Captain Warpcore: Did you break mum's vase?

Frontier Man: ::shaking his head:: No!

:: The both grinned, it was safe! So they began to eat a little nibble her and there, avoiding the truth serum that obviously was in the dark syrup like stuff draped over the banana-split. They each got a few bits, when they heard the door open again, knowing the Astronauts would be back, and quickly pulled back their hands, sat on them and looked like innocence itself, just with a slightly tilted banana-split in front of them. ::

Severina: I have your names now. Young Mister Kapoor and Mister Kapoor, you seem to have caused quite a bit of trouble.

:: The heroes' eyes grew wide, as the evil Shake-O-tron came closer. How did she know their names? Now they had to make sure, that nobody would find out. The heroes always had an every day life name, and a hero name, and they needed to be secret. ::

Frontier Man: We do not know who you mean. I am Frontier Man.

Captain Warpcore: And I am ...

Severina: Oh don't tell me....you are anything but a Kapoor... hmm? Perhaps a Ferengi merchant or an Orion trader...yes, I can see it.

Frontier Man: See? No, Kapoors here, only us.

Captain Warpcore: You try to dis... distruct ...

Frontier Man: ::whispering:: distract

Captain: ... distract us! We will save the galaxy from the evil Shake-o-tron and her servants!

Severina: Or save the galaxy from an excess of banana and syrup perhaps...?

:: The door opened again and in came another astronaut, and he carried someone on his arm, but not in a way the servants had carried the heroes, more like a friend carried his smaller friend. The smaller carried one, they recognized from their non hero life as Henry, raised his arm and said something, that was not easy to understand, but the heroes knew, they had been found by another hero! And now that they realized that, they could also see his green cape. ::

Henry: Then WOOOOAH ::whispers and pointing:: … magic fish is on … the… GROUND!

Torrin: ::urgently:: Quick Captain Warpcore, Frontier Man, we don't have much time, we have come to break you out of here.

:: Frontier Man and Captain Warpcore both jumped off the couch, the leather creaked slightly, hearing the name of their fellow hero and his loyal sidekick, brought new energy into them. This was their secret weapon, so secret that not even they had known about it.::

Captain Warpcore & Frontier Man: ::unison:: Commander Quantum!

Frontier Man: Right on time old friend!

Commander Quantum (Formerly Henry): CAPTURE CANT HORN!

Torrin: We must be quick, Captain Quantum's cloaking powers won't last long, and the evil minions will be able to see us again soon.

LeFleur: ::with dramatic flair:: Where did our prisoners go!? You, Ensign Crankypants! Help me search the lair!

Dragumov: I swear… they were right here a moment ago...

Severina: They - what - Oh yes, that's right, I mean.... oh no they have escaped! We must find them!

:: Captain Warpcore looked to Commander Quantum, who was known for speaking in an alien language to not give away any secrets to the villains. The problem was that most other heroes did not speak it either. But Commander Quantum had thought of that, and brought a translator, who did not only understand the alien language, but knew how to tell them what has been said, without spilling the space beans. ::

Torrin: Whats our next move commander Quantum?

:: The twin heroes kept their eyes on the Commander, wide open and attentive. Again he spoke in his alien language, which to the untrained eye sounded like unrelated words put in a random order and mixed with some brabble and nursery rhymes. But they knew it was the super secret language of the Commander, that only his sidekick could translate. ::

Torrin: Well you heard the Commander, did you bring your weapon Captain? Well activate its self destruct, and we can blow this evil lair up on our way out.

Commander Quantum: And then I was gone boom with it.

Torrin: Thats right. We will have to escape quickly, or we all 'was gone boom with it'.

:: Captain Warpcore's hand wandered to his belt, that once again housed the hyperspanner, or as he also liked to call it the sword of heroic virtue - though he did not know what virtue meant, he had heard the name of the sword in passing - or in their every day life called holo adventure - and he had kept it. Quantum's sidekick had relayed a great idea and Captain Warpcore gave him and Frontier Man a nod, then pulled out the weapon. While he pressed a few buttons he heard whispers between the Astronauts, but did not pay much attention to it, while he fiddled with the sword. ::

Captain Warpcore: ::whispering to Frontier Man:: I am done. :: He crouched down and put the weapon under the table. ::

Torrin: Is it done ?


Severina: Grab them!


:: With dramatic movements and a lot of sounds effects, all four of our heroes fought their way past the Minions that of course protected the evil Shake-O-Tron. But that would not matter, because the sword would soon blow up the Headquarters. Captain Warpcore pulled one of his super tools out of his belt that he had saved until now, a small ball, that he threw into the room. ::

Captain Warpcore: They cannot see us through the smoke!

Torrin: Good thinking captain!

Commander Quantum: and they are with the smoke in their hair because they are… they are…

Frontier Man: Here, I found the exit.

Captain Warpcore: Hurry!

(( Hallways - otherwise known as the transwarp streets of the Galaxy ))

:: Just a moment later they had exited the Headquarters, floating in space again, but this time not alone as hero twins, but with their friends. Using their arms as ores, they floated through space and brought distance between them and the headquarters. ::

Torrin: Good work everybody, now quick...

:: The heroes cheered and clapped, when everything shook again, since the only explanation could be that that was the headquarters being destroyed and with that the evil Shake-O-Tron as well. ::

Captain Warpcore & Frontier Man: ::unison:: We did it!

Frontier Man: Thanks to Commander Quantum and his loyal sidekick!

Torrin: Alright heroes, lets get back to the base.

Captain Warpcore: Yes, Spotty, back home.

:: In a great mood and pleased that their mission had been successful, Captain Warpcore and Frontier man, now left this part of the galaxy together with their hero friend Commander Quantum and his loyal sidekick, that the heroes had fondly named Spotty because of the spots around his face. They had been victorious and everyone was safe from the former evil Shake-O-tron. So they now flew through the transwarp streets towards their own home. ::

:: Until the Galaxy would need them again... ::


Nishikanta Delran Chandni Kapoor (Frontier Man)
Vijanyendra Delran Chandni Kapoor (Captain Warpcore)
USS Apollo

simmed by
LtCmdr Akeelah D'Sena
First Officer
USS Apollo-A

Plus guest appearances of:

Avaris Edral Torrin
Civilian School Headmaster
USS Apollo - A

and his following:
PNPC Artem Dragumov - (Ensign Crankypants)
NPC Amelia LaFleur - (Ensign Wing Chun)
NPC Henry - (Commander Quantum)

and as special Guest Star

Ensign Lydia Severina aka Shake-O-Tron
Security Officer
USS Apollo-A

Edited by Akeelah (Jalana)
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