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Dr. Skyfire Talks About the Medical Duty Post Forum

StarBase 118 Staff

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Have you checked out the Duty Posts section of the forums lately? For the past few months we have had some lively conversations for the individual departments. The duty post section of the forum is a great way to interact with fellow players from across the fleet, as well as getting great ideas for how to develop your character and sim your post in a stronger manner.

You don’t need any special requirements to step up and make your duty post a thriving part of our forums. Today we’re chatting with Lieutenant Chythar Skyfire of the USS Garuda, one of the driving forces behind the medical duty post forum which has seen a lot of action lately! From tips on how to train up medical skills while away from the academy to the Dear Doctor medical advice column, let’s see what Dr. Skyfire has to say about his involvement in SB118’s medical lore.

Q: What made you choose to play a medical officer?
Skyfire: Do you ever have one of those concepts that writes itself? I initially thought when I joined up that I would have fun playing a science officer. However, as I went through the application and training for the game, the concept sort of evolved from what I had originally written. He’s a med school graduate in his life before Starfleet, then somewhere along the line he polymorphed in my head from a science cadet into a doctor.

Q: What first drew you to the medical department forums?
Skyfire: I hadn’t seen a moderator for this one since I joined, and at the time the department had a lot of medical personnel on leave of absence for lengths of time that didn’t look like they were returning any time soon. I wanted to be an active presence, take on the role of responsibility. I also saw Fleet Admiral Wolf’s post saying he was looking for a forum moderator.

Q: What are your favorite discussions in the medical forums?
Skyfire: I have a couple. The recent “Dear Doc” column, which is one of my favorites because of all the silly questions that get asked and are fun to answer. Not all of them fall in my realm of seriousness — the ones that require a more comical answer I defer to Dr. Foster. My other favorite discussion in the medical forum is the roll call — it is fun to see new faces and old ones. Being raised on the social butterfly aspect of my real life has its advantages.

Q: What sorts of activities are you planning in the medical forum for the future?
Skyfire: The activities I have planned for the future currently entail a medical conference, a primer for anyone wanting to play a medical officer (which will consist of FAQs and possibly become an expansion on the Medical Duty Post section of the wiki), and a poll that gathers interest for a “Wanna build a Medical Record?” workshop.

Q: How does someone join in the discussion?
Skyfire: Simple. Click the medical duty post forum. If you’re a medical officer, consider becoming an official voice for the “Dear Doc” column as you check in via the Roll Call Thread. I’ll get in contact with you to discuss how that works. If you have a medical question, ask us via the Dear Doc column. If you have a question that doesn’t fit into the medical category, start a new thread. Someone will likely reply within 48 hours, and I am usually a lurker on the forums anyway.

Kat is the writer behind Dr. Chythar Skyfire, Garuda’s assistant chief medical officer. She first joined the fleet in February 2013. She is a web developer and armorsmith in her first life, and serves SB118 as a member of the history team, Featured Bio Committee, and Wiki Ops. She also moderates the medical duty post forum.

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