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Award nominations open for 2014 ceremony

StarBase 118 Staff

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Every year, we take some time to celebrate the contributions and accomplishments of our members. This is a core tradition that was started in 1996, just two years after our group was founded, and has continued every year since then.

The awards process begins with the nomination period, which is open starting today until Sunday, December 7th at midnight Pacific time. Click here to go directly to the Award Nomination Panel, where there’s more information about how to nominate another member for an award.

Over the weeks to come, the nomination that you submit will be split into groups and reviewed by some different groups of people. General category awards are reviewed and approved by your captain, while Special and Duty Post award winners are selected from nominations by a committee of staff. Staff award nominations are reviewed by the Executive Council.

General awards will be announced to each ship, by the captain, in late December. Usually, our group OOC ceremony which lists all Special, Duty Post, Staff, and Length of Service awards, is posted to the fleet around the beginning of the year. (In this case, probably the first week of 2015.) And remember, this year we’ll be awarding 1-year Length of Service awards for the first time!

This is your opportunity to recognize your fellow players and the staff that help make this group an amazing community. Awards are only given if a nomination is received and selected, so don’t hesitate to start nominating those you think deserve an award! When a ship has few award recipients it is a direct result of few nominations from that specific crew.

Keep these things in mind as you begin submitting fellow officers for nominations:

* Duty Post, Special, and Staff awards are given to only one officer per year and are Fleet-wide.
* Only one person per crew can receive each of the General awards.
* You can find a list of past recipients on the wiki. Remember that some awards were created just last year, so there may be no previous recipients.

In closing, remember that you Commanding Officer also does a lot of hard work behind the scenes to keep the fleet and the community running. Our staff are not paid for their work, and it is their endless hours of devotion that keep things going smoothing. Keep this in mind as you are submitting your nominations and consider nominating your Commanding Officer for an award as well!

If you have any questions, feel free to talk to your Commanding Officer or First Officer, or post in the thread on our forums.

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