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Lt Rennyn - The Strange Case of Ren's Wild Night

Sal Taybrim

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((USS Atlantis - Rennyn’s Quarters))

::Ren Rennyn fell gracefully through the air, high above the village of Arnmere. He could see all the places he loved from here - the old farmhouse he grew up in, the school, the forest, that bend in the creek behind old Uncle Wavern’s fallow field, where an ancient tree bent lovingly to the brook below, where little white paloue blossoms littered the sloping banks. He drew nearer that spot, remembering youthful romps there. Now he was naked, and falling faster. Wind rushed toward him mercilessly. The parachute he was sure he’d been wearing seemed to have disappeared. The field was alarmingly close. A few more moments to impact. Ren breathed his last breath, and he screamed.::

::The scream was real, though the field was not. Instead, his body jerked against the bed where he lay face down, arms and legs spread carelessly at odd, unnatural angles. The dream clung to him, and he was as shocked to find his body unbroken as he was to find himself awake.::

::He was wearing a full-body black spandex suit that may or may not have been a Parrises Squares uniform. His head was throbbing.::

::Rudely, the comm rang out through his quarters, and Ren was sure someone had turned up the volume.::

FOSTER: =/\= Doctor Foster to Lieutenant Rennyn =/\=

RENNYN: =/\= Uhnnn… Doc…. what fresh he--? =/\=

FOSTER: =/\= I didn’t wake you did I? =/\=

RENNYN: =/\= Wyn… =/\= ::He wondered if they’d entered some kind of reality-bending vortex. The pain behind his eyes was unreal. His tongue was dry.:: =/\= …I have no entire clue… =/\=

FOSTER: =/\= Well, just as long as you’re not in some sordid naked tangle with a lover or three. =/\= ::smirk:: =/\= Not that there is anything wrong with sordid naked tangles whatsoever. I just would hate to interrupt one! =/\=

::Entering the world of the living, Ren was becoming aware of his surroundings again. The spandex suit was a size too small, and it really didn’t breathe well. There was half a box of jelly doughnuts in the bed with him. His right arm curled tenderly around a trombone.::

::He sat up a little, and shook his head, trying to make his voice sound less groggy. The shake was a mistake. He looked around, trying to piece together the night before. The last thing he remembered was talking with Mattingly at the reception. All that bathtub gin…::

RENNYN: =/\= Well, I’m not naked. =/\=

::For a strange moment, he peered into the shadows in the corner, looking for spooks. He refrained from looking under the bed.::

RENNYN: =/\= Wyn, you don’t want to know. I also don’t want to know. How about we get down to business? =/\=

FOSTER: =/\= Ah yes, business. I received a curious side mission from Commander West yesterday before the briefing and dinner… he wanted me to look into the scans Sovak and Valis took of the area outside the holodeck, in specific regarding Emerson Ravenscroft’s disappearance.=/\=

RENNYN: =/\= That’s a lot of things. =/\= ::He picked up a doughnut. It couldn’t hurt. He talked with his mouth full of jelly and powder.:: =/\= Are you sure he meant me? Sounds like a mistake. =/\=

FOSTER: =/\= No, he specifically mentioned to work with you. =/\= ::He paused:: =/\= I admit on the medical things I’m ace, but I’m no security junkie. =/\=

RENNYN: =/\= Me neither. But Emerson’s a friend. I mean, we were going to get tattoos together, and that means something. So I’d be glad to help. But I thought the captain declared it a closed case? Emerson left of his own will? =/\=

FOSTER: =/\= Evidence suggests otherwise. Strongly otherwise. Emerson may have left a note threatening to leave, but come on, Ren… we know exactly how likely that is. =/\=

RENNYN: =/\= Maybe we’d better talk about it in person. Hey, Wyn. As a medical professional, how many jelly doughnuts would you say is too many? Because if the facts in this case bear out, I ate nine of them so far. =/\=

FOSTER: =/\= Nine? Well… that’s… pushing it. =/\=

RENNYN: =/\= And what’s the limit on bathtub gin? And should Okoryx be shut down for health code violations? I mean… I don’t even play the trombone! =/\=

FOSTER: =/\= Trombone… please tell me you didn’t eat a trombone… =/\=

RENNYN: =/\= I have a lot of questions. Give me a few minutes. Get me a hangover cure. I’ll see you in your office. =/\=

FOSTER: =/\= Hangover cure. Right. Those seem to be popular lately. I’ll see you soon. =/\=

::The comm closed and Ren forced himself out of bed, delicately climbing over the mysterious trombone. He noticed a piece of material stuffed in its bell, and pulled it out. It was a hot pink ski mask.::

RENNYN: What the h was in that gin?! What kind of promotion ceremony was that?!

::He took the rest of the doughnuts with him and ate them in the shower. Nine had not been enough.::

Lt. Rendal Rennyn
Helm Officer
USS Atlantis

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