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SDC Species Spotlight: ZALINIAN

StarBase 118 Staff

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“The awareness of our own strength makes us modest.” -a Zalinian expression.

Governed as a monarchy, backed by a thin layer of old noble families, with the men usually going bare chested and the women wearing wrap-around dresses. They have just achieved warp technology and are fairly new to the universe around them. So far they have had limited contact with most other species but have established regular if sporadic contact with the Laudean people of Duronis II.

A complex mix of barbaric and sophistication, this species benefits from advanced technology in a primitive social setting, which is very rare. They are nonetheless a healthy, active people who are emotional, proud and still slightly ill-at-ease around other species.

Zalinians are a StarBase 118-original species, created by the crew of the Duronis II Embassy. This species is not playable by members, and is in the Forbidden category due to their telekinetic abilities.

Learn more about this species on our wiki page!

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