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SDC Species Spotlight: ZALDAN

StarBase 118 Staff

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“Say what you mean. I do not trust your sugary words.” -Zaldan warning

While they are members of the Federation, this species can be one of the more challenging and interesting species to play. They tend to be physically fit, slightly aggressive, competitive and very blunt. They have no problem telling you if they think you’re an idiot, made a mistake, or find you difficult to deal with. At times they can be very in-your-face, but when you get to know them you learn they will stand by your side until the end of time if they think you’re right or are a friend — and it does not stop them from still telling it like it is.

Zaldans are also one of the few species that are allowed to provide the entire crew for a Starfleet vessel. Two such ships were lost fighting the Borg at the Battle of Wolf 359. Regardless of their tendency to be painfully blunt and truthful they have, and continue to be, strong supporters of the Federation, accepting the fact that most other species lack the ability to be completely truthful. Besides this they also produce a surprising number of professional athletes in just about every know sport in the Federation.

Learn more about Zaldans from their wiki page.

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