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Fleet News Service Now On the Wiki

StarBase 118 Staff

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The fleet’s wiki has a new addition, thanks to Lt. Commander Roshanara Rahman (a.k.a. Rich). In the “Browse 118 Wiki” section just underneath all the fleet’s ships on the main page, you will find the heading “FNS Headlines.” FNS = Fleet News Service.

On the FNS page you will find the latest headlines in Breaking News, Politics & Current Affairs, Trade & Business, Arts & Culture, Science & Tech, Sports, Travel, and Editorials. The FNS provides the fleet with universal IC (In-Character) information for a fuller picture of our universe and an opportunity for continuity throughout the fleet.

Some people have already begun to add to the headlines and I predict that the FNS will be a huge hit! I recommend that you make looking over the headlines a part of your weekly Starbase 118 routine. There’s no doubt that knowing what’s going on around the rest of the galaxy will help bridge the gap between ships and make for better overall storytelling.

Check out the FNS for yourself here: Fleet News Service. To learn more about  how you can contribute to the FNS, check out the “For Aspiring Reporters” page.

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