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Lt JG Asmara - Can't Be Touched


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(( Place: not here not there ))

(( Time: just now and never ))

:: Darkness was everywhere but he could hear treble noises just ahead. The feeling of solitude was present. Dizziness too. But that sound was more powerful. It was attracting him. So… he stood up and started to crawl toward it. But he couldn´t see himself, just feel his movements. There was an energy of joy coming from that sound. People were clapping their hands, whooping. It had become more and more intense at each step he made. The fun, the joy were contaminating him. He was feeling different. He was feeling capable of everything. The sound subsided and a terrific beat remained still. He was now walking completely upright and at each step he regained consciousness of who he was. Then someone with a beautiful and powerful voice began to speak. ::

VOICE: Ladies and gentleman. :: Long pause.:: Welcome… Welcome to a dream!

:: He could hear people getting crazy. Yelling. He could feel the fun and the excitement everywhere, and that feeling was making him more and more strong. It was like if he was returning to life. It was as he was resurrecting. He was returning to some place he cared most. Where he was extremely happy. ::

VOICE: Where we experience a culmination of a long road. That one individual… who dare to dream… who dare to be different… that individual who gave us his art… art we feel… art we can´t get enough of…

:: As he approached the end of tunnel he could see that there were a lot of people in colorful seats close by. They were all stand up dancing with the music. ::

VOICE: This dream is now… the moment is here… where you are no longer a visitor… but simply a part of this dream… :: long pause while the music level is increased. :: Soooo….

:: At the center there was a person, dressed in yellow uniform with blue shorts. He was tall, bald, a little skinned but strong. He was dressing some sports uniform with a number 12 on it. Green colors. He was with his arms crossed in front of his chest and his right foot resting over some spherical thing, made of white and black patterns. He was looking toward the tunnel exit. Waiting for someone. Waiting for him. ::

VOICE: Dear dreamers… I gave you the legend… FALCAO

:: All that beat and music was for him. The light increased and he could see he was inside some beautiful and technological gymnasium. The music was wonderful and he couldn´t resist to it. He started to dance showing his Brazilian swing… following with the beat and vibration. The crowd got even more crazy and happy… that was his show… he was the Falcon. ::

FALCAO: oO I remember now. I am Falcao. But who is that guy over there? Oo

:: As he approached from the court center he could see better the person dressing in yellow. He was wearing his uniform, the canary uniform. He was wearing his t-shirt and his name on it. When the tall person raised his head he got scared. It was… It was Tarsii!!! The beat changed and the Angosian started to sing... the lyrics appeared around the gymnasium and the crowd repeated his words. ::

ASMARA: :: Smiling and pointing both hands toward Falcon :: I got a vision. :: The music filled the air and the Angosian showed the same swing. :: Can´t be touched. Can´t be stopped. Can´t be moved. Can´t be rock.

:: He was connected to the sound which was spread around the entire gymnasium. Everything he spoke was transmitted loud and clear. His voice was increased with special effects on it. He sounded as Rap singers from old times on Earth. It was everything a great and well planned show. ::

ASMARA: Can´t be shook. We hot. When will you learn?

:: The Angosian moved his left foot over the black and white ball and touched it just at the exact point to promote a gentle rolling toward his right foot. Without rest the left foot on the ground he kicked the ball with his opposite foot and raised him up. It had started... the freestyle battle to decide who would be the truly Falcon. ::

FALCON: oO Oh! Impressive. But this is my domain. Oo

:: The music ignited everybody who was clapping in its rhythm. The bald man had impressive skills but he would be match for Falcon. ::

ASMARA: I will say again. Can´t be touched. Can´t stopped. Can´t be moved. Can´t be shook. We hot. When will you learn? :: With that saying, after some kick-ups, he throw the ball toward his opponent. ::

:: Now the other man could be clearly seen. He was much smaller than the Angosian, with short black hair and white skin. He was still wearing the yellow uniform but the letters FALCAO were glittering, as well as the man. He was enveloped in some kind of golden aura. ::

FALCAO: oO I will show you the real Falcao. Oo Came to get crunk. Came to bring life. Came to get it started. Came to get it right.

:: He received the ball on his chest and moved his spine the exact amount to amortize it completely. It was like it had hit a pillow. Then he turned his body back so quickly that the ball was transferred to his nape. He moved his head and threw it to the air. All the spotlights followed the ball in the air and forgot the Falcon for a couple of seconds. When the ball returned to the ground Falcon was sat down and he received it with his shin.

The crowd got crazy again and the music increased the rhythm. The Falcon domain of the ball was fabulous. Even laid on the floor the ball seemed to be attached to him. It was like he was the gravity center of the ball and it always searched for him. He passed the ball several time from one shin to another moving his legs over it so quickly that was almost impossible for the people to believe on those movements. He balanced the ball at his head and slowly stood up without losing it. After that he look to the Angosian and let the ball slipped slowly on his back until he hit it with his right foot from back, throwing it toward his opponent.

The crowd started to cry out his name. FALCAO. FALCAO. FALCAO. The Angosian smiled back. He raised his both arms, and as soon as he did that, the whole court changed and several other players appeared. It was the first time that the lights were completely turned on and it was possible to see the whole gymnasium filled of people. ::

ASMARA: I mean what I speak. I do as I say. I hustle, I grind. Don't get in my way. Cause I ain't gonna budge.

:: The music returned and the challenged changed to a new level. Now a complete futsal squad against Falcon. But he was not alone. Other legends were with him. Players from several eras were there. But the Angosian had the ball and he was thirsty to meet Falcon on the court. ::


((OOC: This are just happening in Tarsii’s dreams, since the opening event of the Tournament didn´t happen. These are the musics I based this sim on:

I am Hardwell Intro – https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GleSC5g6rd0

Can´t be touched https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8R9u2CX0qEs ))


Lieutenant JG Tarsii Asmara

Science Officer

USS Atlantis


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