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Welcome to the 2024 Awards Ceremony!


Welcome to the 2024 Awards Ceremony!

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Cardassian Costume


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So, for reasons best know only to my daughters, I'm apparently hosting a "come as your favourite alien" party in July.

Now, my favourite Trek aliens have always been Cardassians and although I can find some decent (but not great) masks I can't find a costume/uniform anywhere.

I have seen some great cosplay stuff, of course, but I think that would be a tad excessive for just one party!

It's either Cardassian or something from Mass Effect, and those costumes are waaaay too expensive.

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What sort of costume are you looking for? I used to go to conventions as a Cardassian frequently, but I had to make all my own costumes. I work in theatre so I know quite a few trick/tips in all budget ranges - but there's a big difference between the black military armor and the more civilian clothing.

Can you provide some pics of what you're looking for? I can provide plenty of tips and tricks for all skill levels, including no-sew.

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Hehehe. That picture is awesome.

I too am a costumer.: )

That make-up appliances is challenging, but if done well, its head turning. I've seen some awesome Cardassians. Pp

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Thanks guys!

As it's only for a one-off party I wouldn't need anything too complicated.

I found some excellent Cardassian head pieces in an American store for $50, but they wanted over $100 to ship to the UK so will have to pass unfortunately. But something like this would be absolutely ideal;


I don't cosplay, but do plenty of LARP so I'm fine with facepaint, latex glue etc.

As for costume, well a military outfit would be perfect! I might be able to cobble something together from random kit I own as I have some chainmail knocking around. As you do.

EDIT - actually, I suppose I could just go alternate universe and wear a Starfleet uniform with it!

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Here is an example of some great looking foam armour that does not look like foam.

Cool huh?

LARPing to me is a type of CosPlay. You have a costume, a character, some friends and having a great time.: -)

Sinda, I can post more examples of how to make foam armour. I just have to dig through my files.

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Saw those foam amrours? Cool huh?: -)

Usually it's that stuff you out on kid's playroom floor. Only you need the thinner width in order to get the found part. A bit of metallic Krylon spray paint and some dry brushing weathering and high lights, you have affordable armour that won't bite you or damage furniture.

Are you going time try foam route? It would be great Drow armour too.

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