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Ensign Rennyn - Nope


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((Transporter Room 1 - USS Atlantis))


::Ren tried not to whine. How could he not have made it in time for the beamout?::

REN: Can you tell me when the next beamdown is?

TRANSPORTER CHIEF: Nuh uh. Don't know.

::Ren grumbled, but nodded his thanks. Who else would know, or be able to assign him to a landing party?::

((Bridge - USS Atlantis))


::The Bolian helm officer gave Ren a scowl. He kept taking all the good jobs from her, leaving her to stand on the side of the bridge and wait for hours at a time. Such was the fate of a relief officer. Now she huddled protectively over the helm console, not about to let him take it from her again. Ren held up his hands surrenderingly.::

RENNYN: Hey, I'm just trying to get off the ship. You have no idea if Commander Dickens went with the captain?

YZA: I don't know anything. I'm just watching the orbit. Have fun on your leave, and remember me sitting here. Just watching it spin...

::Ren made a hasty exit. Yza didn't seem to like him whether he stayed or left. He scanned the room for Mitchell, but didn't see anyone he recognized. Was it too awkward to ask the backup to the backup to the backup command officer to beam him down? Anyway, he had another idea.::

((Shuttlebay - USS Atlantis))


RENNYN: Why not? I don't want to take one myself. I just want to tag along if anyone else is going down by shuttle.

DECK CHIEF: Helm officer or not, you can't have one of my shuttles, Ensign. Not without higher clearance. You can try going through the command chain, but most of them didn't miss the first beamout.

RENNYN: I didn't miss th-- Okay, how did you know I missed the first beamout?

DECK CHIEF: Happens every time...

((Poseidon's Lounge - USS Atlantis))


::The kid stole Ren's fork and ran away into the crowded PL.::

REN: What th-- Nope, what?

::One time, back in Arnmere, Ren's family had packed into dad's old passenger shuttle to leave for a vacation to the Tenaran ice cliffs. Some of the cousins were there, so the typically high headcount of the nine Rennyn siblings was even higher. Mom and Dad both miscounted. As the hatch closed and they prepared for takeoff, a strange sound was heard from the house, like muffled cries of a wounded baby animal, or maybe a very distant siren and some hammers. Dad raised the hatch again and ran out of the shuttle back towards the house. He opened the door, and there, pounding from the inside and screaming at the top of her little lungs, was Ren's little sister Nila. She'd thought they were leaving her behind. She'd almost been right. She was too little to have access to the door controls yet. Their parents were horrified, and counted again very carefully before taking off.::

::Ren was beginning to feel he'd been left behind on the ship.::

CREWMAN: Hey Ren! Are you beaming down? The captain opened up the planet now that he and the first team completed the formal mumbo-jumbo. A bunch of us are going. Want to join?

RENNYN: ::jumping up from his seat.:: Heck yeah!

((Transporter Room 1 - USS Atlantis))

::Ren stepped on the transporter pad with the other crew. Now he knew how Nila felt when their dad opened the front door. They all settled and the transporter chief began to key in the sequence. Something flashed in the corner of Ren's eye and he turned to see Rover streaming through a bulkhead. Quickly, before he could be beamed away, Ren stepped off the transporter pad. The rest of the team beamed away without him.::


RENNYN: It's okay. It's just Rover. Hey, buddy! Where have you been?

ROVER: Learning.

RENNYN: I'm going down to the planet. I'm going to see if it's okay for you to live there.

::Rover glowed a shade sadder.::

RENNYN: Do your kind like living with the Grenushi? Will they be okay with the Krayav?

ROVER: Maybe. I don't know. I think so.

RENNYN: Rover, do you want to live with the Krayav?

ROVER: Nope.

RENNYN: Do you want to stay here? With us?

::Rover glowed a few shades brighter, and Ren took that as a yes.::

((((Veterans’ Square, Capital City Kuantan, Uzoka 4))

::Ren beamed down alone into the windy grey city of Kuantan. It was bleak. A few remnants of the formal greeting showed there, a few extra flags, several soldiers packing up for the day. The party had obviously moved on. Ren approached one of the grey-uniformed soldiers near the grey pointed obelisk in the grey central square.::

RENNYN: Excuse me. Will you please help me find the Presidential Palace?

SOLDIER: Yes. ::He pointed.:: See that building at the far end of this road that you can just barely see? The one with color on it.

RENNYN: Looks like a long walk.

SOLDIER: Yes. Your earlier beamdown parties were provided with ground transport.

RENNYN: Oh. Guess I missed that.

SOLDIER: Yes. ::The soldier was getting into his car, the last to leave the square.:: Perhaps we will meet again. I am headed to the Presidential Palace now.

RENNYN: Oh! Any chance I can get a ride?


Ensign Rendal Rennyn
Helm Officer
USS Atlantis

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