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April plot summary for the USS Excalibur-A

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The crew of USS Excalibur-A continued their search for information pertaining to the mysterious spatial phenomenon in the area surrounding Erscyne Station. A plan to use chroniton radiation to discover information about what is inside the phenomenon, and the locations of missing crew are identified. An arrangement was reached with Erscyne Station to share information and work together to solve the mystery.

Soon after, Lieutenant Silveira attempted to fly a shuttle into the void to collapse it, against direct orders. After returning him to the ship and confining him within a security force field, Fleet Captain Nicholotti decides to try a similar approach herself. While the crew coordinated the transport of the missing crew back to the ship, she orders a fighter prepared for the mission and flies out toward the void. The crew are returned to the ship via mass-transport (leaving some crew injured upon arrival) only moments before Nicholotti flies into the void.

She successfully closes the void, saving Excalibur and Erscyne station, but in doing so, she is lost to Excalibur, eventually classified as Missing in Action, Presumed Dead. After a briefing to regroup, Lt. Commander Livingston orders the staff off-duty until a memorial service the following morning.

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