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  1. Terrorism In Star Trek - Part Two - YouTube
  2. Some other possibilities: The "death" of Tuvix from the Voyager episode of the same name "I want to stay...stay...stay...stay..." Charlie's last words before the Thasians take him away, in the TOS episode "Charlie X" The death of Lal in the TNG episode "Offspring" Tucker's death in the ENT episode "These are the Voyages..."
  3. Good day everyone. My name is Vanessa, and I was born and raised in South Dakota, but moved further south upon getting my degrees. This winter especially I've been accused of bringing the winters of my childhood down with me. I found your group at Fall Fest (a few months after your advertisement was posted) and was intrigued, hence the follow up. I'm a state park ranger who initially did public education, teaching both adult classes as well as being the one who led school field trips and summer classes for kids. Even though my background is in biology and wildlife management, I initially found myself being bounced between two archaeological state parks. But I thoroughly enjoyed the education that accompanied my assignment. As you can imagine, classes are on hold, so the public education aspect of my job is temporarily on hold, but only temporarily. I led a couple of classes at the gym as well as at the MMA school a mile away from home, but those were on hold as well. But again, only temporarily.
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