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  1. I went with the Odyssey Class. I remember when they first introduced that into the STO universe. It was spine chilling. With eighteen type-14 phaser emitters; six quantum torpedo launchers it is perhaps the most equipped ship in the Fleet.
  2. I thought the first two episodes were very good. I like what the executive producer when he said on Ready Room that Picard is a sci-fi drama while Discovery is a sci-fi action.
  3. Hello, I'm Katherine from the Chicago area in Illinois. I'm currently a cadet playing a female Trill named Tara Wilkins. I was a member of UFOP Starbase 118 little under twenty years ago, but I had to stop due to personal reasons. I was on Board Game Geek and they were talking about play-by-email games and it got me thinking about the fun I had with Starbase 118, so I signed up again. I'm currently retired, but might be getting a part time job sometime in the future. Right now I'm just relaxing. I first got into Star Trek when Star Trek: The Motion Picture came out. I've been a fan ever since. I look forward to simming and building a world with some other Trekkies.
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