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    Yokohama, Japan
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    Sci-Fi novels, TV series, and movies (especially Space Operas like Star Trek), Ferrets (mammals in a family of Mustelidae), etc.

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  1. Thank you, Admiral! I look forward to simmimg with you all!! ——— Ensign Kteer Science Officer StarBase 118 Ops O239612K10
  2. Admiral, Captain, thank you! I hope I can be a valuable addition to the community! Yu-ri Luke Bando a.k.a. Kteer
  3. Commander, thank you so much for your reply. Yes, I remember the episode. That was so tragic. Commander Tucker must have felt so much pain inside. I would imagine J'naii would call a tri-gendered species, who consider their own third gender instruments for procreation, beyond primitive. Of course, it's not their place to criticize other species' mating practice; however, I myself consider such practice to be cruel. Anyhow, I'm so excited to try to develop my J'naii persona here. It will be a very interesting, different experience! Yu-ri Luke Bando a.k.a. Kteer
  4. Hi! I'm new here. So, I'd introduce myself to you. I'm Yu-ri Luke Bando. I currently live in Yokohama, Japan, about 20 miles south of Tokyo. I was born here. I went to a college in St. Louis, MO. I spent 5 years there working on my Psyc / Soc double major. It was that time I was introduced to the Star Trek Universe. Since then, I'm a huge fan of the franchise. I named my character Kteer. A J'naii cadet in training aspiring to become a science officer serving aboard a starship. As you know, they don't have gender, or "the strange divisions" as they call it. So, my character will experience difficulty living among species with binary gender for sure. But, being different will surely make nir life in Starfleet a stimulating experience. I look forward to seeing you aboard a starship, or on a space station! Yu-ri Luke Bando a.k.a. Kteer
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