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  1. Tasty travesties are the best kind of Travesties!
  2. "You see those two weevils, doctor?" "I do." "Which would you choose?" "There is not a scrap of difference. Arcades ambo. They are the same species of curculio, and there is nothing to choose between them." "But suppose you had to choose?" "Then I should choose the right-hand weevil; it has a perceptible advantage in both length and breadth." "There I have you," cried Jack. "You are bit - you are completely dished. Don't you know that in the Navy you must always choose the lesser of two weevils? Oh ha, ha, ha, ha!”
  3. The Nova class gets my vote, hands down. A little biased, as I used to sim on one in a different Trek game but there's something intimate about a small survey ship. I feel like you can get a really compelling story going since the crew compliment is so small. I mean, you could put a name and face to every member of the crew quite easily! And that adds to the peril of something happening to any of them! Defiant is choice number two because that thing hits way above its size, and the nose art potential (as mentioned earlier) is just fantastic. Also, it had the best concept patch ever.
  4. It's been a while since I've dropped in to see the new faces! Fantastic to see all of you and a hearty welcome to the fleet! Hopefully I'll have a chance to write with many of you!
  5. Fantastic job to all of this year’s award recipients! Keep being awesome!
  6. This is what I get for having made my own avatar a few years ago, using a stock photo rather than a well known public personality... I can never find any new images to use! One day I might need to find a new Ed Spears... Graphically at least.
  7. I’m going to go a little toward the unexpected here with a choice of “diplomat”, and let me explain why. Choices like “security” and “marines” elicit that knee jerk reaction when thinking of risk. The risk to their personal safety is great in most circumstances. But they are also trained to anticipate and mitigate the risk to themselves and their teams no matter how grave. It’s what they do. Diplomats can incur a whole other level of risk. There is still personal risk, which is harder to mitigate through their typical skill set. They are also considered valuable targets for kidnapping as they can be leveraged. But diplomats also incur risk on a galactic scale. A poorly chosen word. A careless gesture. The wrong offering. Wars can start over these, and can cost countless ships and lives in their course.
  8. Oh! And don’t forget to check in on the Medical duty post section of the forum! There’s some good stuff in there, plus a roll call to say hello on!
  9. Outstanding! I wish you many fantastic adventures in medicine! It’s an excellent duty post to sim here.
  10. Doctor Spears recently learned why even medical officers must undertake the famous test. He was faced by a practical no win scenario on his own operating table and it resulted in him losing a patient. The kind of personal characteristics that are assessed in a training setting by tests like the Maru can give an excellent window into the character of any officer. That said the idea of the test being more disguised in the current era makes sense, and also fits how my back story is written. I imagined medical officers would be tested with something catastrophic where none of their skills or resources would help them save the people they needed to. In Ed’s case it had been a simulated colony that was suffering from an unidentified disease. It would have been manageable, but part of the scenario had included the ship arriving a week later than planned due to warp drive malfunctions. End result: a terminal colony where only a handful could be saved, and a lot of shaken medical cadets.
  11. What an incredibly small world! My Opa grew up in Bielefeld before coming to Canada (where I live). Amazing!
  12. Indeed welcome to the fleet! Can we assume based on your user name that you might be playing a fellow medical officer?
  13. Excellent! Given how things go around here you'll never run out of things to do if you go medical!
  14. Nice to meet all of the new faces around here! It's been a while since I've been over here to the forums (something I need to change) so, hello to you all! If you ever find yourselves in the Constitution's neck of the woods, or if you'd like to chat about Star Trek medicine, look me up!
  15. Congratulations to everyone. Indeed, the citations show just how incredible this group of writers is. And there is more than just creative spirit and written expertise; there’s that core sense of community service that binds us all together. I cant wait to see what the next year brings!
  16. Hi Darren! Welcome to the group! You’ll find there are a decent number of us from Canada here. No one has held it against us yet!
  17. Welcome indeed! This community has been nothing short of amazing in the time I’ve been here so far. We’re glad to have you!
  18. I agree that a very specialized vessel might close some doors for story telling, but I think a good group of writers would be able to keep a lot of variety in what happens during those missions, or on the way to a mission. Plus it lets everyone get devious in designing disasters on a planetary or even system-wide scale. I wouldn’t force a crew of only science and engineering personnel. You still need all the fundamental staff positions to run the ship, so helm and ops are definitely in. And the ship would still have a security department. They might even specialize in crowd control since a panicked population could pose hazardous even if they don’t mean to.
  19. I’ve always been interested in the idea that Starfleet Medical and the Starfleet Corps of Engineers might team up to create a disaster relief team that can respond to emergencies across the Federation’s colonies and outposts. The Canadian Military has something just like that called the DART (Disaster Assistance Response Team) that we can deploy on very short notice to disaster sites around the world. A team like that would need a fast ship with ample medical and manufacturing facilities, and likely fully swappable mission modules in order to respond to a myriad of natural and artificial disasters.
  20. Hi there Michael! Good to meet you. This community has been one of the best I’ve been part of. Welcome!
  21. And here I was really excited for a dragon to join our ranks... Ah well... Welcome to the group all the same!
  22. Hi there Caleb! Welcome to the fleet! I play one of the medical officers aboard the USS Constitution. It’s always awesome to see a new face!
  23. Hello Tyler, and welcome! I’m an officer in the RCAF, so it’s always nice to see another uniformed member around! I’m just finishing training myself right now, but so far the format and community have been awesome. I’m sure you’ll enjoy it as much as I am right now!
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