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  1. Hello! I generally go by Jo, and I'm pretty excited to have found this group; I've done a lot of roleplaying before, but never anything to do with the Star Trek universe. I'm from the Netherlands, so English is definitely not my first language, but I feel I can work with it pretty well as it's used in most of my classes. I don't have a job yet, but I spend most of my rare free time on drawing (see icon ) and RPing. I'm looking forward to working with the character I made for here, and developing it a bit!
  2. With one arm positioned against the wall of the hallway leading away from the airlock, Shrega sh'Kaakror looked at the transparent aluminum, seeing her own reflection and that of the engineer behind her, who was frantically working on the doors to the turbolift. Her antennae were pointed slightly backwards, almost like the ears of an agitated animal. It had been extremely warm on the transport vessel, they'd said it was because of some minor technical fault in the system, but none of the other humanoids on board seemed to mind. Even after all the time spent away from her home planet, she had n
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