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  1. Hi all, Former member who left due to real life stuff a few years ago Stopped responding to emails because of stuff and got dismissed from the ship I was on. I'm back now and looking to start over but I recently sent a former members application in and believe I was told 36 hours response time. It has been over this time period (Nov 16th) and I was just wondering who to contact about it. Thanks
  2. Hi all, My wife and I are thinking of watching Star Trek tv shows starting of course with TOS and hopefully working our way through the rest. My question is that when it comes to the movies are they chronological as in should they be watched during the TV shows or should they just be watched individually. Hope that makes sense Thanks ☺
  3. Greetings all, I'm Matt from Australia and I'm a returning member although I don't think I got very far past training due to family issues. Anyway back now and looking forward to going boldly where I have never gone before. 😀
  4. Mattheus Fullus looked around as he stepped off the transport. The time was drawing near when he would graduate and officially become a part of the fleet. This was what he had always wanted but not to be a pilot or captain or something like that. His idea of serving in the fleet was to be a grunt, to serve as the first line of defense or offense when needed to protect those higher ups on missions. Standing at 6ft4 with a slim build he didn't look like a typical grunt but he knew he could handle it. His brown eyes searched his surroundings looking for somewhere to eat. As he pushed his shoulder length dark brown wavy hair out of his eyes (maybe a haircut at some stage) he saw what looked like a cafe nearby. Striding over he mentally prepared himself for the training to come.
  5. Hi, I've always been interested in RPGs and the like and have been recently looking at PBEMs to see what is around and found this one. Not a big Star Trek person but wanted to jump in and have a go and see what happens.
  6. Hi everyone, I'm Matt and I live in the Blue Mountains in NSW Australia. I work in retail at a petrol station and I found this site through Google. Looking forward to learning and playing here, don't know a great deal about Star Trek but keen to give it a go. Cheers
  7. Malcolm Flanigan stepped off the transport and looked around him at the goings on of the starbase. Shaking his head in amazement that he had finally made it here after what seemed like years of trying. He was 6ft4 with a slender build, dark hair and brown eyes with glasses. He was a researcher here to do exactly that, research. Moving away from the transport he started walking to no where in particular, just wanting to take as much of it in before his training started. He was a bookish kind of person so looking for a library or something like that would be high on his agenda.
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