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  1. You know you love her. Mothering a giant 7ft lizard man is no easy task I'll have you know.
  2. I am not exactly sure we want to know the answer to that question...
  3. Oooaky then. No on touch anything in Sal's office until he's disinfected the place post Bomba.
  4. Remember that 40 light years thing?? She WILL have her doctor senses tingling that someone is willfully ignoring medical advice.
  5. Dude, you are going to be lonely for a long while....I hope....::shudders::
  6. Can that be on his business card? Do they still do business cards...? I say they do.
  7. He'll only have himself to blame if he scratches the paint...
  8. This quip from Flynn: Five bucks says this isn't even the third time something like this has happened...
  9. Maxwell: Zel, believe me pal, there is no other time I’d ask you this. But you need to put your hand in my trouser pocket…. Oooh no, fool me once, shame on you. Fool me seven or eight times....
  10. Wrong sister lol. Although you're one to talk. Trelly Bear.
  11. He has a standing appointment with penicillin showers. He's good.
  12. Well if you people would stop unnecessarily hurting yourselves/losing visibility you wouldn't HAVE to fear the Mirra!
  13. Can Bomba be soaked in gasoline when Sal brings over that shiny bright candle...? Please...?
  14. Why does every assume she's scary?!?! Ooooh....right.
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